My Thoughts On Twitter 5/23/19

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The Book of #Zohar is extremely important. It contains a force capable of leading us out of exile—a difficult, oppressive state, to a safe, favorable, good one.
If we use The Book of #Zohar, through it we will draw light that will correct us, unify us, and reveal in us the upper force, which is good and does good.

#LagBaomer is a day of Light when we rejoice about the Torah of Light’s revelation in the nation of Israel
Lag B’Omer is the remembrance day of the great Kabbalist, RASHBI, who founded a group of 10 Kabbalists that attained the highest spiritual degree and wrote The Book of Zohar.

While in #Monterrey, I was interviewed by Mexico’s biggest print and online publication, @elnorte about the revelation of the wisdom of Kabbalah in our days. (Full page)

From Twitter, 5/23/19

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