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Mutual guarantee speaks of coming out of oneself, out of one’s ego into bestowal, into the Creator, because in relation to us the Creator is the quality of connection in the group. For we can only feel Him as the quality of unity between us.
On His own He has no quality, no name or taste, everything can be felt only through the group.

The Creator cannot be felt in regards to an individual but a group as a whole, because He, the Light, can only fill 10 friends when they become as one. After all, this is a sign that their egoism has been corrected and they become similar to the Light; they want to bestow and be in mutual guarantee between themselves.

The right connection in the group is called Arvut—mutual guarantee, when each and everyone is responsible for all. Each person in the measure of his development, which the Creator is embedding him with. Therefore, everyone is different, but all are necessary.

1. There is just one force in the world and only it governs everything. We have been given the chance to reveal its omnipotence and almightiness. By attaining it, we absorb its qualities and become similar to it.
Hence, one who hasn’t attained equivalence to the Creator is on the animate degree.

2. Annulling oneself in similarity to the Creator happens stage by stage:
-annulling egoism—the intention for oneself, but not the desires,
-acquiring the intention for the Creator’s sake over desires that are liberated from the intention for oneself,            receiving the Creator’s revelation, the fillings prepared for us, into desires with intentions for His sake.

3. Redemption from the ego, the intention for oneself, happens by a struggle, a spiritual war, where we have to imagine ourselves on the Creator’s side against our ego, our nature, ourselves. This differentiates Kabbalah from other methods. We must push the “self” outside of us and place the Creator in its place.

4. Kabbalah’s main difference from other methods is that we do everything to free up a place for the Creator to carry out His work—Avodat Hashem—a place in us! Each one must feel what and how much he frees for the Creator to make changes in him.

5. Identifying a place, desires with intentions “for oneself,” for one’s egoism, which the Creator will change to intentions for the Creator, is possible only by discovering egoism, the intention for oneself. This is identified only in the group, when a person aims to recognize where he thinks about himself instead of others.

6. You must attain a state where you feel yourself as a judge, and the Creator and egoism as opponents—and it is up to you to determine who will win. To feel how you gradually take the Creator’s side, till reaching adhesion with Him.
From Twitter, 5/20/19

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