My Thoughts On Twitter 5/17/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The Bnei Baruch World #Kabbalah #Convention begins today in #Monterrey (#Mexico). It will last three days, and will continue in #NewJersey (#USA). I believe that participants will come closer to the revelation of the true world in which we exist. All activities are available to all.

Baal HaSulam: I rejoice at the flaws that are revealed, and despair at those still concealed. For it is unknown when they will be revealed, and the help of the Creator is needed. They are revealed in their initial state, and one must rejoice at the revelation for it means that the time has come for its correction.

Advice: do not wait until you’re in decline, because you can raise Netzutzim to the correction yourself. Therefore, always search for how to further improve your state, provoke the darkness!

The way the breakage occurred as a result of baseless hatred, so the correction has to be the result of baseless love.

Restriction means not wanting more than there is, wanting to stay in this state forever, in which case it is an eternal adhesion. While desiring more is an overkill and a cause for sorrow. Progress is to achieve joy in a state of increasing lack of egoistic fulfillment in the mind and feelings!
From Twitter, 5/17/19

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