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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The people of Israel were selected as a group of people capable of being a connecting channel between the Creator and all mankind. The correction must be actualized precisely in the nations of the world, while Israel is a transition to the common correction and exists for the sake of the rest—in order to bring everyone to correction.

Independence is easy to attain: it’s when I come closer to others till the state “love the neighbor as yourself” while revealing the highest force in nature, which governs everything, and which I then govern. Then not only will I be independent, I will feel that everything depends on me.

On Israel’s #IndependenceDay, my wish for the people is: let’s try, all together, to help one another attain joy, connection, reciprocity, a good way of seeing each other, so we’ll understand that we really do depend on one another—and that is where our independence lies.

#Twitter has banned Israel’s Defense Ministry @Israel_MOD from updating its Tweets on the number of rockets fired from #Gaza—as these are supposedly “repetitive.”
In the near future, we will see growing #Antisemitism, limiting our participation in all the mass media as the Creator’s pressure to correct us.
@Israel @IsraelMFA @IsraeliPM @JewishAgency #Jews #rocket #Israel

Let’s arrange a “truce” within the state of #Israel for a month: we will not quarrel and hate, but try to get closer. Love will protect us from enemies. Let’s recall what mothers used to tell us: “Be good children, stop fighting, be friends!” And #peace will follow!
From Twitter, 5/8/19

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Somewhere Far Away

laitman_963.1Anti-Semitism in the world continues to grow. Last week in California, during the prayer at the end of Passover, a terrorist attack took place in a synagogue resulting in one person being killed and several others injured. However, it still fails to make people listen. It seems to them that this does not concern them; after all, it is happening “somewhere out there, far away.” This shows how much the Creator hardens the heart so that a person is indifferent even to such incidents. Just six months ago, a similar tragedy took place in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, but everyone has already forgotten about it.

Therefore, the Jewish people are called a “stiff-necked people.” A person does not respond to these warnings, thinking that this happened on a nearby street and cannot happen to him. We forget what happened yesterday, not to mention a few months ago, and do not notice that tension is building. To be stiff-necked means to receive a blow, wake up for an instant, and then forget everything as if it never happened.

The problem is that there is no sensation of an accumulative pain, heading toward a point when a person will be forced to respond. Everything disappears like water in sand.

It is most important to understand that this is not a random event, but a natural one, which proceeds from the foundation of creation. This process will continue and will not end unless we start doing something about it. Kabbalah explains this phenomenon on a scientific basis; it warned about the danger many years ago, while everyone laughed at such a possibility. Now it is no laughing matter, but still no one wants to listen to the Kabbalists. Time will come when there will be no choice and they will have to listen.

No matter how stiff-necked the people of Israel may be, the Creator nevertheless leads them out of Egypt by striking them and making them suffer. In our time it might be the same. Kabbalists continue to warn, but they do not believe, just like how they once did not believe Moses.

It is very symbolic that in just a few days the world will be marking the Holocaust Remembrance Day, and the same Holocaust is returning… Either Jews will unite or it will be very bad. Unity is a solution not only for anti-Semitism, but also for the general correction of the world, the correction of humanity, the growing global crisis, and the approaching world war, which are already being spoken about openly.1
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/28/19, Dissemination of The Wisdom Of Kabbalah
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The Role Of Women In Spiritual Work

laitman_543.02Question: In spiritual work we rise above the oppositeness of our opinions. As a result, I become a specialist in clarifications and the opinion of the ten becomes as important to me as my own. I need to constantly absorb the desires of the friends and of the world, but are you saying that as a woman I do not need to do this?

Answer: In our time, there has not yet been a state that women in such numbers rush to the disclosure of the spiritual world. I welcome it and I am very happy about it.

This suggests that we really have risen to a new state when the world should be corrected. Yet, organizing women in tens still seems to me as an unrealistic action today.

It will still not work like with men. It will be much more fictitious, more artificial. There are such conditions between women that they are unable to overcome. They have a much more serious problem interacting with each other than men do.

A man does not have such natural antagonistic relations as women. Therefore, I do not know how to direct the relationship between women. We see from the Torah that men unite in groups, in tens, and women gather around them, not uniting with each other.

It was like this when receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai where the women stood behind the men, surrounding them. Allegorically, it is always said that women provide auxiliary work for men. They apply pressure on them, organize them, force them to progress; in this sense, they are not just great help, but strength.

We see how a woman is very quiet, but turns our world around. We are not saying that men shout everywhere—that is just a game, soon it will pass. Everything else in the world is determined by a woman.

So we need to find a form for female dissemination, female participation, female communication in Kabbalah, which we would understand and which would correspond to spiritual development. I still cannot express it clearly. I am saying it as it is.

I cannot imagine a women’s ten. Women are very artificially interconnected, not like men. And I cannot say the same thing to men and women because each of them feels completely isolated from the others. It is not so with men. They hug, sit with each other, and a sense of community prevails in them. This is nature.

We will develop further and become wiser.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/11/19

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The Creator Is Not A Person

Laitman_161Question: Although you have already said that the Creator, as a personality, does not exist, you yourself continue to communicate about Him as a physical person who thinks, desires, experiences, rejoices, grieves, etc.

How can we understand your statements? Is there some kind of personality? Or is the Creator some kind of force? Forces do not have emotional components, so they cannot be used to describe any of their manifestations.

Answer: I once had an old car that gave me a lot of trouble. I tried to fix it myself and more than once took it to the repair shop. The mechanic who was repairing the car and I scolded it with unkind words, referring to it as a living being.

When we address something, we often impose on an object, on a force, on a phenomenon, our properties, our feelings, which, of course, do not exist in this object or property. The same is true of the Creator.

To the extent that I can create the property of bestowal, love, and connection in myself, I call this property “the Creator” and no more than that. But in fact, outside of this property that I have created, the Creator does not exist.

Here we need to position ourselves correctly and understand that this is why the Creator is called Boreh, Bo-Reh: Bo (come), Reh (see). You must come and see, i.e., reach the same state in order to discover this property. We also call this property Elokim. It consists of two parts of the soul. One part is called AHP, the other is Galgalta ve Eynaim.

If we are talking about the soul, what does the Creator have to do with it? Does it also refer to a person? We do not even talk about what exists outside of a person.

We are talking about attainment within a person when a person reaches the quality of bestowal, the property of love.

This property is above egoism, it is not easy to build and develop in oneself. When we acquire it, we call it the Creator. Then we can talk about perceiving the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/23/18

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