The Role Of Women In Spiritual Work

laitman_543.02Question: In spiritual work we rise above the oppositeness of our opinions. As a result, I become a specialist in clarifications and the opinion of the ten becomes as important to me as my own. I need to constantly absorb the desires of the friends and of the world, but are you saying that as a woman I do not need to do this?

Answer: In our time, there has not yet been a state that women in such numbers rush to the disclosure of the spiritual world. I welcome it and I am very happy about it.

This suggests that we really have risen to a new state when the world should be corrected. Yet, organizing women in tens still seems to me as an unrealistic action today.

It will still not work like with men. It will be much more fictitious, more artificial. There are such conditions between women that they are unable to overcome. They have a much more serious problem interacting with each other than men do.

A man does not have such natural antagonistic relations as women. Therefore, I do not know how to direct the relationship between women. We see from the Torah that men unite in groups, in tens, and women gather around them, not uniting with each other.

It was like this when receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai where the women stood behind the men, surrounding them. Allegorically, it is always said that women provide auxiliary work for men. They apply pressure on them, organize them, force them to progress; in this sense, they are not just great help, but strength.

We see how a woman is very quiet, but turns our world around. We are not saying that men shout everywhere—that is just a game, soon it will pass. Everything else in the world is determined by a woman.

So we need to find a form for female dissemination, female participation, female communication in Kabbalah, which we would understand and which would correspond to spiritual development. I still cannot express it clearly. I am saying it as it is.

I cannot imagine a women’s ten. Women are very artificially interconnected, not like men. And I cannot say the same thing to men and women because each of them feels completely isolated from the others. It is not so with men. They hug, sit with each other, and a sense of community prevails in them. This is nature.

We will develop further and become wiser.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/11/19

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