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A person is not required to carry out spiritual work, but to make efforts. It’s a game. Let him break things, but learn through it. A child doesn’t learn unless he breaks things in order to figure out what is inside. It’s the same on the spiritual path. But when doing so, one should aim to create and ascend.

David Ben-Gurion: “Love your neighbor as yourself” is Judaism’s higher imperative… #Israel will be deserving of its name only when its social, agricultural and political systems will be based on these 5 timeless words.

Kabbalah: “Love your neighbor as yourself” is the general law of nature.
Its essence is: we want to unite all together in a single soul, in one attitude to one another, to feel that we are one organism. By that we become a spiritual humanity and rise to the spiritual degree.

-The #Eurovision contest is taking place in #Israel. Will this affect the other nations’ attitude to us?
-So how should we be in relation to the nations of the world?
-We must ensure a good future for them and demonstrate that we exist for the benefit of humanity.

Initially, one aspires to Kabbalah by way of the Creator’s desire. However, having exerted efforts, one suffers seeing himself going in circles. Gradually, the Kli is getting created, along with the pain of being distant from the Creator through consistent disappointments and awareness of being increasingly distant from the Creator.

The correct alignment of the desire is equalizing ascents and descents in all possible states, in one’s intention to delight (bestow joy to) the Creator. After all, all states come from the Creator, and one must accept them as perfect.
And if one is unable to do so, he should ask for help!

If one has no strength to exalt the work “in the state of being a zero” without feeling the taste in it, above any other state, preferring Him to one’s feeling good, it means that one lacks the power of faith above reason.
Then one must pray, for a person cannot achieve this on his own, but only with the help of the Upper light.

To strive for the state of absolute zero is, in fact, to accept the Creator’s upper governance (Ohl Malchut Shamaim), meaning that only the Creator can grant the strength to be at the zero point and in any circumstance feel joy.

One must believe and feel as if he reached faith in his senses, that he feels the Creator ruling the world benevolently. And although he sees the opposite, he imagines perfection and adhesion above his feelings. As a result, one is happy. Meaning, he views the world as the Creator’s perfect work, and thanks Him for it.”

Bestowal means that one regards the Creator as good and His governance as constant in everything, and therefore one is always happy, regardless of his subjective feelings and thoughts, although he feels as imperfect. This is called working for the sake of bestowal. Thus, the goal is to achieve happiness in any state.

Day means light, but the day of the Creator is the light of faith above reason. That the faith in the good power of the Creator is above all. And one does not want to see it, but only to believe it, but with the same power as seeing it. And this is called the “Day of the Creator.”

Malchut is only a black point. But if a person accepts it as important, it is deemed that he raised Shechina from the dust. And he cannot fall any longer, and Shechina bonds with him forever. If light descends upon him, he receives it as having come not by his will.

Revelation is attained only after concealment, when there’s no difference between them, in the same joy, bestowal. If the Creator desires for the person to remain in concealment forever, he agrees. That is, if one accepts the upper one’s power unconditionally, with joy, by that he turns Malchut into Keter, bestowal.

Broken desires rise to correction each time. If conditions are right, an embryo appears. Katnut means one enters the work and realizes that he’s far from the Creator, he has no Kli. Precisely what is felt as dust—becomes spirituality. This means raising Shechina from the dust.

If one strives to feel himself as fallen to such an extent that he wishes for nothing more but only to submit to the Creator’s power, wishing to delight Him—this utmost humility must come with enormous joy because this is exactly work for the Creator.

The light reduces itself and shines according to the desires aimed at bestowal. Therefore, if there are no desires for the light to enter, then the light can shine without restriction. This restriction of self is called “absolute zero.” When one completely cancels oneself, the desire loses its grip, and one enters spirituality.

To be in a state of absolute zero means a state impossible to feel and understand, completely disconnected from sensation and thought. Because there is no light in it. And if there is still light, desire can come in contact with it, which means one hasn’t yet clothed the light in the desire.

In a state of smallness, be happier than in a state of greatness. After all, one can protect this smallness from external effects more reliably; hence, it is easier to achieve the Creator’s revealing Himself in it. And also, the Creator delights in one’s smallness more than one’s state of greatness, like delighting in a baby more than in a grown child.
From Twitter, 5/18/19

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New Life #57 – The Power of Good and Evil

New Life #57 – The Power of Good and Evil
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


We cannot live through reception alone. We must also learn to give. If we work together to rise above our natural, egoistic desire to receive, we will create a new force, a power of influence. If we produce this good force between us, we will raise war to the level of forces, the threats will be neutralized, and a positive attitude will come toward us.
From KabTV’s “New Life #57 – The Power of Good and Evil,” 8/13/12

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Get Close To The Upper World

laitman_259.02Question: If the desire to receive is our basis, then what is the quality of bestowal and how can it be separated from the desire to receive?

Answer: We have only one quality—to receive, to enjoy, to feel everything in yourself, in your egoism. We cannot even imagine what it means to feel not in our quality. How can this be? Where do I feel?

Therefore, a completely new quality, feeling, sensation, which is opposite to our nature, is being built over us, and it can be built only with the help of the upper light. We must do everything we can to attract the light, to somehow direct it toward ourselves, to get closer to it. That’s what we do.

If I try to directly experience the upper light myself, then I will fail. I would be dealing with mysticism, slander, conventions, maybe religious attributes. If I really want to start feeling the upper world, then this requires an upper force. I need to clearly address the Creator and demand from Him, and this is possible only if we turn to Him together.

I can study for many years Talmud Eser Sefirot or Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah (Pticha), but if I will not be directed through the group to the Creator, I will fail.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 4/4/19

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Latin America Convention 2019 “Building A Future Society” “Day Two” – 5/18/19

Latin America Convention 2019, “The Work in the Ten,” Lesson 2

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Latin America Convention 2019, Preparation for Lesson 3 

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Latin America Convention 2019, “There’s None Else Besides Him,” Lesson 3

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