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My Thoughts On Twitter 5/7/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman, and @EMichaelJones1, a Catholic, discuss the reasons behind #Antisemtism and solutions for this and other world problems. Hosted by @LioSpiegler (April 22, 2019)

From Twitter, 5/7/19

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Matza: In Order To Escape

laitman_962.7The Passover holiday stands at the head of all holidays and all times in the spiritual process because it symbolizes the exit from the desire to enjoy to the desire to bestow or more precisely from the desire to receive for your own sake toward the desire to receive for the sake of bestowal. That is why Passover is so important; after all, it is an entrance to the spiritual world, to the sensation and understanding of spirituality.

Before this, a person goes through many states, starting from his original nature when he is inside the desire to enjoy and does not even realize it. Then, he begins to ask why he lives. That is, a simple animalistic existence does not satisfy him and he wants to understand the meaning of life, its source, its cause and purpose. An animal does not ask such questions; this is the beginning of the birth of a human.

Entering spirituality begins with the fact that a person suddenly feels that he can no longer think about himself and wants to perform actions outside of his egoism. Passover symbolizes the entrance into a new world, the beginning of a new state, Lishma, the beginning of bestowal, faith, acquiring the property of Bina according to which we begin to work.1

Only when a person feels and understands that he is unable to act for the sake of bestowal can he be considered in exile. It is an exile from the property of bestowal, which he wants to acquire and cannot. Only this measures the extent and severity of the exile.2

Humanity is divided into three parts. The first part are those in whom a point in the heart has already manifested and it leads a person to Kabbalah or makes him search for it. The other part still does not understand why all this is necessary. The third part fights exclusively for corporeal realization, without touching the intention, for maintaining the intention for their own sake. On this basis, humanity can be divided into many groups, nations, and all kinds of currents.3

The Egyptian inside of me convinces me that the main thing is to perform the actions that the Torah demands of us without paying attention to the intention, that is, exclusively corporeal commandments. If I do not ask about the results of my work, it means that I am an Egyptian, that I work according to the Egyptian inside of me. If I start taking care of the intention, then I find myself in Egypt as a slave, in exile from the spiritual world.

There is a spiritual reality in which everything is for the sake of bestowal, but I exist in my egoism. The extent to which it bothers me, more or less, determines my place in the spiritual process until I reach the state when such a life becomes worse than death for me and I feel that I have to exit the selfish intention. This means that I am already on the verge of liberation, at the exit from Egyptian exile.

My inner Egyptians are holding me and convincing me that I must continue as before and everything will be fine: the main thing is the action and the intention doesn’t matter. If I agree with this, I turn into an Egyptian. But if the inner struggle for intention arises in me, then I see that I am under the power of the Egyptians and I wish to get out of this slavery. I realize that the main thing is not the action, but the intention, and I must get rid of the intention for my own sake. This means I need the light that reforms and to flee from Egypt.

I am ready for anything, just not to remain in the egoistic intention. I do not need anything but the ability to perform this action. I have already broken away from the intention for my own sake, but have not yet reached the intention for bestowal. I still do not know what bestowal is and to whom to bestow, but I am already at the exit.4

The shift from an Egyptian to Israel means that I no longer have the strength to perform an action. I do not want to perform it for the sake of the ego, but I still do not know how to perform it for the sake of bestowal; therefore I do not know what to do. This is the exit from Egypt, in total darkness, when we do not know what to do. Then salvation comes.5

It is written that the Egyptians work with white bricks without a single speck or dirt. If I egoistically add brick after brick to my work every day, then I build a beautiful snow-white building without any dirt or shadow of doubt, feeling completely holy. The Egyptians in Egypt cannot experience any awareness of evil because they take an example from what the whole world is doing; what else does a person need?

These are seven years of satiation—when a person joins the work of Egyptians self-righteousness and secure about one’s success. He does not even realize that he is acting egoistically. Such awareness is already the result of the impact of the light that reforms that constantly illuminates in small portions, gradually promoting him. “Many pennies join into a great amount.”6

If there is no strength to work, then only one thing remains: a prayer. Appealing to the Creator solves all problems. After all, the purpose of everything that happens with us is to oblige us to contact the Creator. In Egypt we acquire all sorts of means and methods of connection with the Creator. We must find the solution to every hardship that Egypt poses before us through new connection with the Creator.7

The severity of the work depends only on the intention. If the intention is for the sake of the Creator, for the sake of bestowal, then you fly like on wings, feeling no heaviness in the work, as if you’ve left the Earth’s field of gravity and soar in space. If the work is hard for you, then you are carrying the wrong suitcase and are not aiming at the Creator.8

We receive the influence of the Creator through the whole broken soul of Adam HaRishon. The Creator perceives only the whole soul together. Meanwhile, I can have an initial, personal, and very limited connection with the Creator, but it still reaches me through the common soul.

“… the upper Light is in complete rest,” that is, it fulfills the common Kli. But I attain a connection with the Creator in the measure of my connection with the common soul. Suppose I have connected with one of the twenty billion, to this extent I attain a contact that always goes through the common connection. The Creator is inside all the created beings in a perfect form because everyone has already reached the end of correction, and I connect with this state.9

What is the difference between Matza and bread? Matza is also bread, only bread of poverty, made solely from flour and water. Even the water in it is in limited quantities. You cannot make bread without water at all, and therefore, water is added in a minimal quantity, just to knead the dough and not let it sour. This is a sign that we still cannot work with our desires for the sake of bestowal, but we no longer want to work for the sake of receiving. That is, it is a kind of intermediate state: neither there nor here. Matza symbolizes fulfilling in order to escape.10
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/21/19, Writings of Rabash, Vol. 1, Article 14, “The Connection between Passover, Matza, and Maror” (1987)
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“Eva Could Be Me” (The Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “Eva Could Be Me

Germany 2019: “More than 12,000 neo-Nazis are active and prepared to use violence,” reads a recent German official report. It’s chilling to realize that this document sounds like it came from the early 1930s when a tiny Jewish girl took her first breaths in Budapest, Hungary. At age 13 during the spring of 1944, young Eva Heiman kept a personal diary like many teens now do on social media. Until three months later, she was taken from her home to her death in Auschwitz. 75 years have passed since then, and “Eva Stories,” a brilliant project on Instagram, traces her life and provides a “modern” glimpse at the dark days of the Holocaust. Tragically, those gloomy days have returned with the rise of anti-Semitism in America and the world, and these are signs, as our sages foresaw it, for us to unite as the one and only deliverance of the Jewish people.

While our cultural world has shrunk to a smartphone screen, our inner world has to expand. Although some would push the Holocaust to the margins of historical memory, we must instead strive to investigate our past and our future. We should demand answers in order to gain insights and shed new light on our reality.

If Eva was actually alive now, she would wonder, ”How could it be possible that anti-Semitism raises its ugly head in 2019 in every corner of the globe and in every language after all that happened? How is it possible that Jews are still the most persecuted people in the world? How does that burning hatred erupt in Hungarians and Germans, as well as Americans and Russians? How can it be that the brilliant Jewish mind—the one capable of flying a spaceship to the moon, of creating an artificial heart, of winning Nobel prizes and Oscars and building social media platforms—has not managed to defeat the hatred toward us over thousands of years?”

In spite of her graceful manners and her innocent smile, Eva must have been experienced enough to say, “No, the hatred toward us does not stem from jealousy. People do not hate us because we are the smartest, the most successful and inventive, and not because they think we control the media, banks and commerce.”

Eva would ponder the deeper reason for the incomprehensible hatred: “Could it be that maybe anti-Semitism is a law of nature, a phenomenon impossible to erase? Are blows from nature begging us to stop and ask a deeper question?”

Certainly, after all she experienced, she would want to listen to what the haters have to say, “Jews are to blame for all human evil. They only take care of themselves.”

She would also return to our sources to learn from our sages and she would discover that, indeed, there is a close, internal connection between Israel and the nations of the world. She would rush to find out exactly what that means: that Jews are obligated by nature to pave the way for unity over all differences. Attainment of human unity is the only solution to all the evils of the world, including anti-Semitism.

Eva’s story might just become our own if we do not bear active witness to how and why bigotry and hatred unfolds worldwide. Eva’s story should underscore the stark dangers of anti-Semitism and how its magnitude and intensity can rapidly evolve and spread. The hatred persists and strengthens day by day. When we are united and become exemplars of loving brotherhood will we be able to enlighten the world toward unity and eliminate all the threats against us. Maybe then Eva would finally post on Instagram the words she wished could have been written in her time: “In Israel lies the secret of the unity of the world.”

Collect All The Sparks Of Love

laitman_938.03Baal HaSulam, Letter 13: This happened to you due to negligence in my request to exert in love of friends, as I have explained to you in every possible way that this cure is enough to recompense for all your faults. And if you cannot rise to heaven, then I have given you moves on earth. So why haven’t you added anything in that work? 

A person cannot be constantly directed at the Creator and constantly strive to Him as the foundation of all one’s feelings and thoughts. However, friends can elevate you to this level and then you will not have to make great efforts and have excessive inner tension in order not to break away from the Creator, because the group will be supporting you.

However, first we must try to go through this by ourselves for some time. A person will then realize that with the help of the group, one can easily, even without effort, solve this issue: the group will work for you and you for the group. This is much easier.

Baal HaSulam, Letter 13: Besides the great cure that lies within it, which I cannot interpret, you should now that there are many sparks of holiness in each one in the group. When you assemble all the sparks of holiness into one place, as brothers, with love and friendship, you will certainly have a very high level of holiness for a while, from the light of life, and I have already elaborated on that in all my letters to the friends.

Sanctity is bestowal, love, and reciprocity, which is manifested between the friends because it is a spiritual quality.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/11/19

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 11/25/18

laitman_962.8Question: Why is the path to the first spiritual level not limited by physical time and dependent only on the readiness of a person?

Answer: It is not limited in time because there is no physical time in spirituality. Everything depends only on the development of your desire, how much you can get an answer to it.

Question: What is the meaning of the thousands of previous incarnations if a person always begins working for his own sake?

Answer: Every time it begins on different levels. Nothing ever happens in vain, we are constantly moving forward.

Question: There is an opinion that the Creator does not send a person trials that are beyond his abilities. Is there support for this in the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: Certainly. As a rule, a person does not have a chance to fail completely. One is sent only what one can tolerate.

Question: It is said: “If you change your place, you will change your luck.” Can a person change his location on his own or does this also come from the Creator?

Answer: A desire is called a place because it is the place for receiving the light. By changing one’s desire, a person necessarily changes one’s luck, one’s fate, because one’s spiritual state changes immediately.

Question: How does a person advance and what does one achieve by creating conditions for advancement and revelation of the Creator for other people?

Answer: Everything that passes through him to other people and what they attain, he attains in himself first.

Question: Are there exercises in the wisdom of Kabbalah for maintaining a correct perception of the world, for increasing efforts, and for focusing the intention?

Answer: There certainly are. I am very sorry that you have not seen this yet. You need to learn this methodically and seriously.

Question: Is an environment of eternally present souls of Kabbalists from the past and present not a sufficiently strong energy field?

Answer: No, because we need to act in mutual cooperation with those who are similar to us so that we are changed in relation to them and we obligate them to be changed in relation to us.

Question: While going through all the levels of the wisdom of Kabbalah, is it possible to achieve physical immortality?

Answer: There cannot be physical immortality because it is an imaginary state and it only seems to you that you exist in it.

Question: If one of the friends corrects one of his properties, will this property also be corrected in all of the friends in a group?

Answer: Yes, that is absolutely correct. This is the law of a closed system, otherwise he cannot correct this property in himself.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/25/18

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New Life #229 – Happiness And Security

New Life #229 – Happiness And Security
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe


Our happiness depends on the support that the environment provides to us and with the knowledge that our future is secure. How do we acquire the security that will bring us happiness?

A great need has awakened to build new relationships within the society that will give us warmth, security, and the freedom to flourish. A social safety net must be constructed to provide general assistance and protection for those in need. Everyone must participate in the building of this secure society. It is impossible to buy security with money or achieve it alone. Paying taxes is not enough. People need to emotionally invest themselves in the lives of others and learn how to overcome mutual rejection through devotion and responsibility in order to build connection above everything.
From KabTV’s “New Life #229 – Happiness And Security,” 9/12/13

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 5/7/19

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “Memorial Day & Independence Day” 

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Discussion on the Topic “Dissemination of The Wisdom Of Kabbalah” 

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