Dr. Michael LaitmanPassover means transition from the feeling of our world, inherent to every man in this world, to the feeling of the upper world. Only a Kabbalist can master it.

Passover, like all other Jewish holidays, is a purely Kabbalistic holiday. It recounts man’s leap from the state of not being able to unite with others to the state when his ego allows him to do it.

Men’s exit from the control of the ego to the unity with like-minded people is called “Passover.”

Question: What enables him to undergo such a leap?

Answer: The desire. After all, from the arriving to Egypt until exiting Egypt the enormous egoistic desire is continuously growing, not allowing the people of Israel to unite between them.

The people of Israel have to unite in order to reveal the Creator,  the quality of love and bestowal, in the connection between them. And when they see that they don’t have any ability to do so, they feel that they are in the darkness of Egypt. And now they are ready for anything just to break free from there! And this is called flight, escape from Egypt.

And if we consider it in the light of what happens to a person, because usually Kabbalah talks precisely about it, then we are talking about man’s property. A person is ready to do anything, even jump into the sea, just to break free from his ego, to rise above it and to reach the quality of the Creator, which is love and bestowal.

He throws himself into the sea and the sea parts before him. He crosses it, cutting himself from the ego and this way he, by being above the ego, becomes ready to start working with it, transform it into altruism.

This is the exit from Egypt we celebrate during Passover.

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