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Into The Arms Of The Creator

laitman_527_03Question: What is the right thing to do when we receive blows? Every state is different, so how can I understand what the Creator wants from me?

Answer: The Creator wants only one thing from you: that you keep getting closer to Him, either individually if there is no other option at the moment, or together with the group. The Creator has intentionally opened His arms to you and has sent you blows so that feeling frightened you will run to Him.

But the moment your adhesion to Him grows weaker, like a child initially adhered to his mother wants to break away from her, new disturbances immediately come along and give you the opportunity to adhere to the Creator.

This is how we should look at our whole life! If you try to get closer to the Creator by changing your nature before the blows arrive, you will not feel any pain or troubles and will simply feel that you are bathing in the Upper Light! All the sufferings result from the lack of connection between us and the lack of feeling the Creator.

The moment we feel Him in the right connection between us, all the sufferings will disappear and the whole world will be filled with goodness,

Question: What does it mean to get closer to the Creator?

Answer: Getting closer to the Creator is adapting to His attributes, which are qualities of bestowal and absolute love.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/14/16

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France Prefers Muslim Refugees

Laitman_727Comment: France is a Christian and Catholic nation, yet mainly accepts Muslim refugees, while Christian refugees standing in crowds at the border of Iraq seeking entry to France are refused.

The newspaper Figaro conducted a study and found that the left wing of the ruling Socialist party doesn’t want to look as if France prefers Christians.

Answer: A corrected humanity should consider everyone absolutely equally, yet this is not happening anywhere in the world. A Christian, Catholic, or Protestant nation must first and foremost take in the Christians who are suffering throughout the Middle East before they are killed. Their number there is not so great.

Comment: They are killing masses of Yazidi families who have fled Mosul.

Answer: The Muslims are intentionally killing Christians; so they should be taken in first.

Comment: They are sitting in Iraq and waiting for exit visas, but they aren’t getting them. Instead, the authorities conduct rigorous testing and require proof of the vulnerability of their position.

Answer: In the meantime they are accepting right-wing extremist Muslims.

Comment: The newspaper Figaro asks: “Why does such a large nation like France, which agreed to accept thirty thousand Syrian refugees according to the German quota, refuse to bring Christians in?”

Answer: They want to portray themselves as liberal, but in the meantime Christians are being killed. How is it possible to understand the world of today? People are playing a double-sided game: Even though I am like this inside, on the outside I need to look otherwise. This is a very interesting paradox, I will accept those who are murdering and those whom they are killing I will leave behind.

So we have nothing to be indignant about that among the Jews living in the Diaspora, the same thing happens. They are against Israel and in favor of the nation ceasing to exist, that the people of Israel would completely dissolve among the other peoples so no memory of them will remain.

It is believed that within just one or two generations American Jews simply “die,” i.e. become completely assimilated among Americans.

It is more accurate to say that specifically within one or two generations we will feel very serious blows in America and among the American Jews when the Creator will return them to their root with the help of a brutal force.

This will be revealed in the form of a holocaust or bigger problems. The Jews will begin to return to their roots because they will have nowhere to escape.

Those who reject Israel and are disconnected from it are decreeing upon themselves very great blows, and their return to the land will happen through an intractable power. This is mentioned in the Torah: “Even if your exiles are at the end of the heavens, the Lord, your God, will gather you from there, and He will take you from there.” (Deuteronomy 30:4).
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/10/16

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The Jews Are Responsible For Anti-Semitism

Laitman_049_02Comment: According to a recent survey in France, about 60% of French citizens believe that the Jews are partly responsible for the growing anti-Semitism in France. 56% believe that the Jews are very influential and that they are richer than the average Frenchman; 40% say that their presence in the media is exaggerated and 13% claim that there are too many Jews in France. Generally speaking, the French don’t like the Jews.

Answer: Of course, that’s the way it has always been. The French dislike the Jews more than all other nations. But now the inclination toward anti-Semitism will grow all over the world because the world has reached a state in which it is obliged to correct itself and this cannot be delayed any longer. The general global egoism cannot develop any further, and so it begins to devour itself. And consequently more and more hatred is manifested.

People will suffer from the growing egoism and will not find a way to get rid of it. They will instinctively feel that the Jews have the key for the correction, but are not fulfilling their mission. Therefore along with the growing egoism, the subconscious hatred toward the Jews will grow, indicating that they are responsible for everything. The truth is that they are to blame, not for the sufferings, but for the fact that they don’t heal humanity of their sufferings.

Comment: But the Jews themselves don’t really understand that.

Answer: The Jews don’t understand that and neither do the nations of the world.

Question: So what do we want of the Jews?!

Answer: Nothing. We want Kabbalists who understand the essence of egoism to explain it as soon as possible to everyone, even to those who don’t want to hear. We have to go out and cry out on every street corner, everywhere, and in every possible way, through the media, in every language, all over the world, both to Jews and to the peoples of the world.

This is the only way that we can make people gradually listen to us. There will be more and more blows; we will feel bad and they will feel bad, and eventually everyone will listen to why the nations of the world hate the Jews, and especially the Jews will hear why the nations of the world hate us.

Then the Jews will begin to study the wisdom of Kabbalah and will unite, setting an example for the other nations of the world, which will gladly begin to unite around the Jews. It is like sourdough that you add to dough which begins to ferment. And the Jewish people perform the role of the sourdough. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah says and we cannot escape it.

But now the starter is not performing its function, and so people feel natural hatred towards us. When one of the nations calls out to a Jew: “I hate you and I will kill you,” they mean” just show us how to connect and unite and we will follow you.”

Question: Why do the people of the world believe that the reason for their troubles is the lack of connection between the Jews?

Answer: It is instinctive; they don’t actually know why and how.

Question: What is the magical thing?

Answer: The source of power is in this connection, the wellbeing of the whole world, because it is actually in the connection between them, between all the parts that are opposite from creation, especially on the highest level, on the human level, that there is a great force that will bring goodness, warmth, and wellbeing to our world. This connection reveals perfection and eternity.

The Jews have to be the first to unite and set an example for the whole world that demands it from them. This is exactly what we Kabbalists have to tell the whole world. We should show, teach, and set an example, which means to be Light unto the nations of the world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/3/16

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The Benefits Of Stress

Laitman_182_02Comment: Research about stress has become very popular today. Scientists at the University of Wisconsin followed 30,000 people for eight years and discovered that stress increases the mortality rate by 43%, but only when the person believes that stress was harmful his body.

As it turns out, the majority of the subjects had narrow blood vessels, but those who were told stress was a beneficial result of threat, blood vessels relaxed and everything was in order.

The scientists reached an interesting conclusion; if during stressful situations you decide to team up with other people, receive the decision to unite with other people, then you create a solid defense against outer influences.

Answer: Of course, that’s natural.

Comment: At the same time, stress kills a lot of people.

Answer: People die from stress because they don’t know how to use it correctly. After all, even in animals a natural protective reaction to stress is to unite, not to separate. People, on the contrary, retire, go into themselves, keep away from others.

At the same time, things become even more restricted, not only blood vessels, but also the ability to think and to make correct decisions. People withdraw into themselves, close, although it should be just the opposite.

Our problem is that we incorrectly use the initial data. We need to be interconnected with each other. And the more we feel a mutual repulsion between us, the more we need to engage in mutual attraction.

It’s about this attitude to life, that the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about.

Comment: In the state of stress, a person begins to work more in the “ I. “ He says, “I am suffering, I feel bad.” He looks for a niche to hide in, or he might try to withstand the stress.

Answer: This is from the incorrect organization of the society. We are not prepared for the fact that now raining down on us is stress, depression, problems with our attitude to the world, to life, to itself, to the home, etc.

We run away from the problems, don’t want to raise a family, don’t want to have children, are not interested in friends, in anybody, and sit alone in front of the computer. A person’s constant attention to his smart phone is a measurement of man’s depression. People don’t want to interact with each other.This is a terrible problem.

Question: Are these pressures given to us on purpose so we will begin to connect to others?

Answer: Yes, of course, the issue will come to an end, either in a good way or through a way of suffering. It could bring humanity to a great war or people will understand that they must unite and adapt the wisdom of unity, the wisdom of Kabbalah, because it very quickly becomes evident that all the other means do not help.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/6/16

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The Effect Of Kabbalistic Books

Laitman_165Question: How should we use the power of Kabbalistic books?

Answer: There is no special force in the book itself. The power is in the person who connects to what is written in the book and who tries to attain the internal essence, the spiritual level, that the letters and the words in Kabbalah books represent.

For example, take two words: “steak” and “Malchut.” We know what a steak is and we immediately feel its flavor in our mouth and understand what it is and when we need it, but we don’t know what Malchut is. Therefore, from our perspective this word is like tasteless grass that invokes no feeling.

Kabbalistic books were written in such a way, in such terminology, and in such a language that do not invoke any thoughts or feelings.

How do we connect with them, because they tell us about the upper world, our management, and our destiny? In this case, it is necessary to do what Kabbalists tell us. Kabbalists advise us to unite with a group of ten friends and to study together in a circle.

By studying Kabbalistic books together we must feel we mutually connect to one another, and will reach a state where our desires and thoughts are compatible, when each one annuls himself before all the friends and everyone feels as one unique whole.

This means that we have to resemble the Upper Light as much as possible in our corporeal world, the Light, which is one and unique, and then it will shine on us according to our efforts.

Question: On the one hand, we say that the wisdom of Kabbalah is not mysticism, but is drawing the Light a mystical act?

Answer: There is nothing mystical here. The self is the physical body that has certain forces of attraction and rejection. Drawing the Light is not mysticism but a physical action.

Question: How will we discover that the books influence us?

Answer: It isn’t the book that influences you but your common desire.

You will feel it as the warmth toward the friends according to the common force that appears between you and connects you. You will begin to feel what the Kabbalist books say about merging, connection, the qualities of Bina and Malchut, and the force of bestowal between them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/7/16

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New Life 715 – The Children Of Israel In Egypt, Part 1

New Life 715 – The Children Of Israel In Egypt, Part 1
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

How does Egypt represent a person’s ego? How do the figures in the story about the exodus from Egypt illustrate forces that operate in a person, and what is the analogy between the slavery in Egypt and the crisis the world is undergoing today?

The story of the exodus from Egypt in its literary sense is well known all over the world, why is unclear. However, if we wish to penetrate the inner meaning of this story and understand the forces that build the figures in it, we must get away from the simple description of the characters in the story. Our world is managed in the same way that different forces create the display on a computer screen. Reality is made of two forces: the force of bestowal and the force of receiving, the Creator and the created being.

The Creator’s hand turns the images from inside, and it also motivates Batya to pull Moses out of the Nile. Moses symbolizes a special force that should correct all of the other desires that are in the attribute of receiving and take them out of Egypt, which symbolizes the ego. Moses was raised as a prince in Pharaoh’s home, egoistic system of healthy capitalism where everyone cares only about himself and everything revolves around money.

Money (Kesef) represents the ability to cover (Kisuf) (same root in Hebrew), the ability to pay for the fulfillment of my desire, while Egypt symbolizes the same dream that we have in our world today. Today, we can no longer manage our world in this way because it is against the Creator, the quality of love and bestowal, and so we must advance to a system in which everyone examines what he can give to others and not receive.

When the children of Israel fled from Egypt, it was because they did not want to live according to their lust for money, according to the desire to receive, and felt that it meant death for them. The alternative is to live in love, not in pride, and this is what Moses represents.
From KabTV’s “New Life 715 – The Children Of Israel In Egypt, Part 1,” 4/14/16

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 04.27.16

Preparation for the Lesson

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Writings of Rabash “Dargot HaSulam,” Article 877

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Writings of Baal HaSulam Igrot,” Letter 14

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Writings of Rabash “Rungs of the Ladder,” “What Placing the Chanukah Candle On the Left Means in the Work”

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