A Remedy For Depression

laitman_600_01Question: Scientists from Yale University have found that helping friends, acquaintances, and even strangers can reduce the impact of daily stress of emotional states on a person’s mental health.

Does being friendly help really lower pressures?

Answer: Of course, a good environment always helps, and even more so if the environment operates psychologically on a person so that he doesn’t feel it, but it’s in the air.

Today many studies are being conducted on this subject, and I welcome them because they align with the wisdom of Kabbalah. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the most important thing are the relationships between us.

Not only do they prolong our life and make it better, more comfortable, safer, and more pleasant, but they also make us feel positive vibes from nature that surrounds us—from the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature—so that we can be incorporated in all of the levels of the general good integral connection.

When this happens, we begin to feel good inside the integral connection between us and the surrounding nature, the inner force that has created all four forms of existence—still, vegetative, and animate nature and man—and sustains them in the right mutual balance between them. We feel a new state, the next level of our evolution.

Reaching the next level, the new dimension is the feeling of the upper force that has created, sustains and manages all of nature that we must reveal.

Question: Does this revelation happen through our positive attitude toward one another?

Answer: It is expressed in our feelings in an attitude we call good. However, in fact, it is an attitude that complements and balances us even without any feelings.  In other words, it is a mutual complement between all parts of nature; through our attitude to everyone else we bring the whole of nature to balanced, harmonious, mutual connection.

And then you discover a new and higher power that lies within this context. We need to achieve it and to reveal, because that way we will find the key to our lives, how we should manage our lives and everything that happens to us.

Question: I tell people about it, and they don’t understand what connection or what mutual relationships I am talking about. People regard you as a dreamer, an idealist.

Answer: That’s all right, but we need it in order to oblige ourselves to look for meaning in life! How can it be that the entire world was created and exists in the wickedness that humanity generates?

After all, there is a form of life other than this world that we must discover, and the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that it depends on us. This is how we are pushed and spurred with a stick toward happiness.

I am not a dreamer and have no illusions, but I simply know how everything works and is revealed to a person. I have students who actually fulfill this.

So, I offer you a real, practical method, and if you implement it, you will not feel that you are dreaming or fantasizing. Others may see you as such, but you surely are not. And if you have come across this article, let’s try to do it together.

Let’s advance and make our lives better. Seize this opportunity instead of sitting and complaining.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/16/15

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  1. We are trying to atleast organise ourselves around Africa through a localised site like the europe kli. What would you suggest for a questionaire programme on the site that would end with ‘its as if we were dreaming’?

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