Guarantee Of Happiness

laitman_285_01Question: It was discovered that the social ties in our lives have a very strong influence on how happy we feel in life. If optimistic, joyful people surround me, they influence my mood and I feel happy.

The more friends I have, the better I feel. It even has a positive effect on health. It is clear that in having a lot of friends one can count on their support, such as assistance in applying for a job as well as with money.  Yet, why do public relations occupy such a central place among all of the factors influencing happiness?

Answer: That is the law of nature. All of its parts—starting with the smallest elementary particles in atoms to the enormous accumulations of matter, stars,  the entire, integrated ecological system, the whole symbiosis of still, vegetative, and animate nature—live and move only in one direction: toward increasingly sophisticated and complex compounds.

A degree of connection and communication between all of these parts of nature determines the level of life, feelings, impressions, and the ability to survive, to protect ourselves. The more developed communication is in the society, the greater is our ability to compensate and correct the problem in some systems at the expense of others.

We build them in the likeness of our body, which is able to balance itself and overcome problems, diseases, and viruses, and all of this is due to the large number of links. In any cell of the body, there is nothing special when viewed separately.

Since all of these cells are connected together by multilateral, reciprocal links, they always can support each other. There is always the opportunity to help troubled parts of the body within the system to overcome disease by restoring the balance in it.

The body constantly monitors all of its parts and allocates resources according to the degree of importance in each of them and the need for its existence. If we could move to the same form of relations in human society, it would reach complete equilibrium, a social and psychological well-balanced economy and a harmonious family.

There is a lack of the right connections in order to accomplish this. And, vice versa, you can see what other systems we need in order to make up the overall harmony based upon the links already built. Thus, the reciprocal connections begin their work in allowing us to know which parts of the system require more development to improve our environment, society, and the people in it.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/17/13

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