How To Avoid A Hopeless Situation

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus”, 22:26 – 22:28: And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: When an ox or a sheep or a goat is born, it shall remain under its mother for seven days, and from the eighth day onwards, it shall be accepted as a sacrifice for a fire offering to the Lord. An ox or sheep you shall not slaughter it and its offspring in one day.

This is speaking  about the corporeal part of a person’s desire and how it can be raised and corrected in relation to the previous level.

First, there is development in utero and then the period of suckling. A week is enough for an animal to receive and to adapt to a whole level of HGT NHYM, since an animal goes through only seven levels of development and not ten like man.

During the seven days (seven levels) the animal receives and adapts to everything from the upper level and detaches from it. It lives according to instinctive laws, and therefore a human being that is on the animal level works instinctively.

When you look at the world you see that everyone learns from others how to live and repeats what they see. Animals don’t have the three upper Sefirot that symbolize a head and therefore their head is on the same level as their body, not above it.

The same thing happens today, with a world that is currently on the animal level of development. Its head disappeared some ages ago when the real great minds disappeared.

Humanity evolves in a totally automatic manner, despite what scientists, philosophers, governments, bankers, or the masses say. They only pile up their meager  changes on every level of nature, but it does not at all change the perception of their evolution.

The critical moment was when man began to produce and earn more than needed. From that point onward, capitalism began to develop, but until that moment everything was simple and natural. Man lived by providing his basic necessities, not because he wanted to, but because there were no new technologies to help him.

But when man invented the plow that allowed him to plow deep into the ground, he began to engage in making pottery and metal working, which were opportunities to make greater profits than needed.

The added value inspired the ego and the ego began to spur the added value. Instead of the internal, moral, ethical development of man, the world turned in the direction of technological development and this was the turning point that determined the direction humanity would follow.

But today we are at the end of this path, where our technological development is collapsing and we are facing a hopeless situation. We must understand that we have to decrease our desires to a level that is suitable for a decent living. It is as in mathematics: a necessary and sufficient condition. This means that consumption should be sensible, while all our energy and options should be focused on attaining the upper goal and making ourselves human beings together with all of humanity.

Comment: It turns out that there is no choice, just like in Pushkin’s legend of The Fisherman and the Golden Fish. He should have stopped when he had the luxury palaces, but the old woman couldn’t and eventually she was left with nothing,. We are at that same point right now.

Answer: But we have the option of a soft landing. By using the wisdom of Kabbalah we can show humanity, in a good and sensible manner, what would happen if we don’t accept this method. Otherwise we will still fulfill the goal of creation, but in a hard way, through revolutions, wars, and problems.

We see how conflicts suddenly break out in a seemingly empty place. You just need to strike a match. There is great hatred in the world as everyone hates everyone else and therefore the tiniest spark can start a fire.

We have to do our very best to make the world understand that the Torah speaks about the improvement and modifications of man along a good, healthy, safe, smooth path of harmonious evolution. Haven’t we suffered enough that we don’t want that? Do we have to suffer a lot more in order to change our path towards positive evolution? Therein lies our problem.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/28/14

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