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A Bridge Between Two Infinities

laitman_936Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Halevi Epstein, Maor va Shemesh (Light of the Sun): The writing implies that the goal of the creation was that no bestowal should descend unless by intervention from below and the raising of MAN, which the assembly of Israel awaken, and, by raising MAN, all the worlds thus ascend and add to the desire to adhere to their root.

This is the main delight for the Creator, that Israel purify themselves from the depths of corporeality and yearn to adhere to their Maker.

There is the Light of Ein Sof (Infinity) and the vessel of Ein Sof. The vessel of Ein Sof is all of humanity, and there is a pipe between them with a valve or a tap, which is us. The more strongly we unite, the more we open that tap, the greater the flow of the upper abundance that reaches the vessel of Ein Sof, all of humanity, through us.

Therefore, everything depends on the assembly of Israel, on the connection of the people in whom the Reshimot (reminiscences) have awoken that oblige them to yearn to the Creator, which means to look for a special connection with Him. On the other hand, they can be connected with the whole, great vessel of all of humanity.

We must determine a mutual connection both with the upper level and with the lower level in order to connect them through us. To the extent that we unite in this work, we will attain bestowal.

At first, this work is depicted to us as if there is the Upper Light above and a big vessel below, and we are in the middle like a pipe that conveys the Light. When we connect, we open the pipe and the Light and abundance flows through them to the lower, corrects, connects, and fills them.

But it is only now that we believe in this schematic form. Later, we will see that it’s a bit different, that the Creator is already in the big vessel of humanity, and therefore we enter that vessel in order to meet the Creator.

It is by our connection that we allow Him to be revealed in the created beings, but He is already in them. All this work takes on a different form. We begin to feel that the Creator and the created beings are adhered as one, and only we are external to this connection and unity. This is the second phase of the work, and then there is also a third phase.

In the meantime, we must picture this work this way, as if we were a pipe with a tap and that, according to our connection, we are rewarded with conveying the Light from the Surrounding to the surrounded, which means from Ein Sof of the Light to the Ein Sof of the vessel.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/25/14, Talk about the Importance of Unity

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Not Just A Faucet

laitman_276_01Question: How does a person need to revive himself in states of descent?

Answer: Above there is a tank with Light from which two pipes with faucets extend and connect to the soul. The Creator turns on the faucet in one pipe and begins to stream Light into the soul. From this, a person begins to live, acquires the meaning of life, works, and everything is completely okay.

Not Just A Faucet
Suddenly, the Creator turns the faucet off and a person feels powerless, without any vitality. Everything is colorless, tasteless, and everything is gray. Where are the colors of life? Where are the tastes? The world has faded and fallen asleep.

The Creator does this so that the person will turn on the faucet himself and begin to fill himself. This is because in this way a person will make himself similar to the Creator. He will get the mind and heart, understanding the higher management and providence. This is not just a faucet. Rather, this is a system of management of the entire world, all of reality.

Through equivalence of form, he achieves correction and transforms into a man (Adam). So, the Creator sometimes closes the faucet and sometimes opens it, each time in different ways, and accordingly a person must open or close his faucet until he achieves equivalence with the Creator in all of his characteristics.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/21/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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A Clean Home And A Clean Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it customary to thoroughly clean one’s home before the Passover holiday?

Answer: A person’s thoughts and heart are called his home. The home—a person’s heart—needs to be cleansed of all the bad thoughts about other people. This is called the Passover cleaning.

Try thinking about this and imagining what we have to do to all our desires with regard to other people, society, relatives, neighbors, one’s spouse, and generally—with regard to our entire lives. How can we correct and improve them, or at least clean them of all the garbage?

Passover (Pesach) means a passage (Pasach) or transition from the egoistic state of love only for yourself—to love for the neighbor, where you consider others, even if just a little.

Question: And why is there a custom to clean everything with bleach?

Answer: Unfortunately, there is no other cleaning agent that can clean you out from the inside other than “the Light that Reforms.” If we hear, learn, and talk about the corrections that we have to perform inside of us, about the desires that we need to get rid of, this gradually cleanses us.

The force of the Light is the only means capable of cleansing us. However, it works only inasmuch as we desire to correct ourselves. And in order to desire this, we need to read about what awaits us after we unite with everyone.

Then we get rid of all the misfortunes and problems, and rise to a level of development where there is no evil or injury, but only boundless goodness.

That is how a person feels after coming out of Egypt. This is the reason why this holiday is called Passover (Pesach—a transition), when we cross the Red Sea, going from one nature to another: from the nature of reception to the nature of bestowal.

It’s similar to completely replacing the program inside a computer. Likewise, we have to replace our inner program, which will change our outlook on the world, our entire life paradigm. We start looking at the world through completely different glasses.

This allows us to see how the right connection with other people brings us goodness, and that revelation changes us. This is the meaning of coming out of Egypt.

Question: And where are we when we come out of Egypt?

Answer: We come out into new relationships, unity, bestowal. By uniting and being together, we are saved from our enemies and come out from exile to freedom.

Question: So right now my heart is dirty, loving only itself and caring only for itself. But if I clean it and start caring for others, I will see a different world around me?

Answer: Yes, this will be a world beyond the boundaries of Egypt. It will be the world that we see through our connection with each other, the quality of bestowal, or through integral glasses. Through those glasses, we start seeing the network connecting us together.

That world is called the upper world because we reveal the force that influences everyone, the network that controls all of us. We start to understand our past, present, and future, and we actually rise above time. We also know what the result of all our actions will be.

Question: How does this affect our regular, day-to-day lives?

Answer: A person knows what is happening to him and what will happen if he acts a certain way. He starts seeing all of the causes and consequences, which is called opening his eyes. He is no longer in a state of darkness and uncertainty.

Question: And how does it affect our relationships with one another?

Answer: We find out about our own intentions and others’ intentions, so our relationships become absolutely transparent, without any hard feelings or misunderstandings.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 15.03.2015

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Like A Bundle Of Reeds—Plurally Speaking, Part 3

Like a Bundle of ReedsLike A Bundle of Reeds, Why Unity and Mutual Guarantee Are Today’s Call of the Hour, Michael Laitman, Ph.D.

Chapter 9: Plurally Speaking
Affecting Social Cohesion Through the Social Environment

From Me, to We, to One

With our current knowledge of human nature, we cannot avoid this competitive and alienating attitude because it is coming from within us, a dictation of the fourth, speaking level of desire. We also cannot stop the evolution of desires, just as we cannot stop the evolution of the whole of Nature. Moreover, if we are to achieve the purpose of creation of becoming similar to the Creator, we will need a robust desire as the fuel thrusting us forward, which means that we must not diminish or oppress our desires, or we will not attain our life’s goal.

And yet, not being able to stop the heightening of our self-centered desires does not mean we must yield to a trend of worsening human relations on all levels. Our society does not have to decline to a point where all we can do is to stock up on supplies, take cover, and lay low in wait for some miracle to save us from our fellow men and women.

In fact, even if we chose to try to shield ourselves, our nation’s mournful history indicates, and the law of Nature dictates that the nations will not permit us to remain passive. When troubles ensue, it is guaranteed that the Jews will be blamed for it once more and consequently tormented, perhaps worse than ever. However, contrary to past ordeals, there is much we can do to prevent this from unfolding.