The Secret Of Our Happiness

Dr. Michael LaitmanGenuine beauty of life, warmth, love, support, and a sense of security, all this comes to us from the mother, then from the family, then from our loved ones, and after that, from the environment, we build ourselves. We strengthen this environment, having once entered it as young couples, and secure it for our children.

All generations: grandparents, mothers and fathers, children, and grandchildren, all connect with each other, together forming the “fabric” of mutual agreement. In this manner we come to unity, to a feeling of wholeness and harmony, which liberates us from all misfortunes and problems. Moreover, it allows us to understand how to structure the entire human society correctly, within a country and in the world.

In the creation of a harmonious family, I see the recovery of a human being. And in order to sow this seed, we need a fertile soil: a caring and loving environment. Then let us all together start to “till the soil,” to learn how to build a society where we would feel good, on which we could lean in order to create strong families and to mutually support each other.

We will find everything here: confidence in the present and the future, health, education, culture, and good relationships. Here, everyone will be well and happy, because this form of human interaction is the closest one to nature.

The family is most closely adjacent to the central point, from which we evolved to become human beings and to build the rest of the circles more and more widely, ultimately embracing the entire world.

Only in this way will we succeed in handling all the challenges of modern times: the rehabilitation of a family will stimulate us to change other areas as well. We will start, at last, to make contact with our souls, to smile at each other with our hearts, and after that, we will live in a new way. A true bond with a beloved person will help each of us to extend threads of connection toward others.

Without this, we are flawed. This is why I wish for all of us to avoid theft – not to steal from one another the warmth, which a mother once bestowed upon us. We can maintain the fire in that hearth so it will warm our life’s partner, our kids, close and distant people, everyone without exception. Therein lies the secret of our common happiness.
From KabTV’s “A New Life,” 7/22/13

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