Worship Or Attainment?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If all religions appeared after the destruction of the Temple, what did people worship before its destruction?

Answer: Anything and everything! In ancient Babylon, people worshipped various natural phenomena: trees, the sun god, etc. It is not considered religion.

Response: But nevertheless, the Temple itself was established by a particular religion…

Answer: No, the Temple embodies the non-religious zeal of people who were on the level of clear attainment of the upper force, the general force of creation, overall nature.

It is not what we understand as religion today. Our modern Judaism is a religion of exile from the spiritual world, exile from the Temple, exile from the land of Israel. It is a religion of exiles.

Kabbalists have a completely different view than religious people of the world about the challenges of the people of Israel, the challenges of humanity, and what we need to bring to the world.

Question: Can you share the secrets of Kabbalah with others?

Answer: In Kabbalah, there are no secrets.
From an Interview in Toronto with V. Kanevsky, 8/5/14

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