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Resolution No. 2334—Reasons And Implications

Laitman_175In the News (The Jerusalem Post): “Resolution 2334, approved 14-nil by the UN Security Council on December 23, 2016 with only the United States abstaining, has generated a tsunami of media comment.  …

“The truly unique aspect of resolution 2334 is that it seeks to modify Security Council Resolution 242, the accepted and agreed basis for the Arab-Israel peace process.  …

“Emphasizing the need to establish ‘a just and lasting peace in the Middle East,’ it maintained that Israeli armed forces should withdraw ‘from territories occupied in the recent conflict’ and that there should be an ‘acknowledgement of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every State in the area, and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force.’…

“These areas, now referred to in resolution 2334 as ‘Palestinian territories,’ were governed by Jordan and Egypt respectively for 19 years ­– from 1948 until 1967 – without any attempt by either Arab state to establish a sovereign Palestine.  Then, as now, recognizing a sovereign Palestine in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza meant recognizing a sovereign Israel outside those areas – something the Arab world was not prepared to do at the time.”

Question: Fourteen states voted for the resolution and one state abstained. It seems that the whole world is against Israel. Is that really so?

Answer: The whole world has always been against Israel, ever since the days of Abraham. Once the Jews left ancient Babylon and the split between the nation of Israel and the whole world occurred, the hatred of Israel emerged.

Resolution No. 2334 is an example that the whole world is against us. No one supported us; all the nations of the world united against Israel and unanimously accepted the resolution. If all the nations of the world, billions of people, censure us, claiming that we don’t behave properly and in a desirable manner, we should look deeply into this matter since perhaps something is indeed wrong.

Imagine what would happen if the UN proposed to vote for or against the establishment of the State of Israel today, just like it did 67 years ago. If they had to vote on Israel’s right to exist today, the outcome would probably be negative.

The UN would probably vote on totally detaching all ties with Israel and we would not be able to do anything about it. How could we exist after such a resolution? It is impossible to exist alone in the modern world. Such isolation would ruin the state even without war. We have to take such an option into account and find out the reason for the general hatred the world feels toward Israel.

The great minds of humanity looked for the reason for the hatred that has been felt toward the Jews for ages, but only the wisdom of Kabbalah provides the reason and the solution. We have to unite and it is our duty to pass on the method of unity to the whole world. The world desperately needs it and is waiting for us to do so. As long as we don’t do it, the world will unite in its hatred around us more and more and will not accept our existence.

Let’s hope that in 2017 we will acknowledge our duty to the world and fulfill it! Then the whole world will calm down, as it is written in the prophets, it will reach the wonderful corrected state.
From a “Talk About 2016 Results,” 12/25/16

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The New Exodus

Laitman_727In the News (Haaretz): “Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman lashed out Monday at France for its attempt to organize an international peace summit on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and urged France’s Jews to come to Israel.”

My Comment: Lieberman is absolutely right. France is a very religious Catholic country where at one time they carried out pogroms and wars. Of course, it is not for the Jews. It will be get worse and worse.

It is possible that they will issue laws forbidding Jews to export capital or preventing them to settle in other European or American countries. Then only Israel will be left for them.

But today there are difficulties with work and housing in Israel. And the French Jews are mainly people with quite moderate means and so they will have to start from scratch.

The fact is that the departure of the Jews from France will throw the country to the level of a third world country, both spiritually and financially. I am sure of it! The exodus of the Jews from any country has always been a disaster for the country, and it will be a disaster for France.

Question: I would like to ask you as a Kabbalist: will the action of the upper force, the Creator, lead the people of Israel from all countries of the world?

Answer: Eventually, of course. And it will happen in a heightened state of hostility and hatred toward Israel. The nations of the world will make Jews leave their homes; they will be squeezed out. So they must leave while it is possible. By and large, the exodus of the European Jews has begun.

Question: Is this an optimistic note?

Answer: I am always an optimist. If the end is good, everything is good.
From KabTV’s program “News with Michael Laitman” 12/28/16

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A Hundred Million For Security


In the News (Jewish Press): “Israel’s two new ‘Adir’ F-35 stealth fighter jets landed in Israel on Monday evening, with great pomp and circumstance at Nevatim Air Base in the Negev. They were received with great ceremony by Israel’s leadership, including President Reuven Rivlin, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot, Israel Air Force Commander Amir Eshel and top IAF officials.

“’The Adir aircraft redefines Israel’s abilities of deterrence. It re-defines the IDF’s long arm. It redefines the realm of our ability to operate,’ noted President Rivlin.

“’Anyone who thinks to destroy us puts himself in danger of extinction,’ the prime minister said during the welcoming ceremony for the ‘Mighty’ Adir aircraft.”

Question: What is your opinion of the great hopes that are hanging on this acquisition?

Answer: I don’t think that any great hopes are connected to this. These planes constitute a deterrent, just like a nuclear weapon. On the other hand, it is dangerous because when you have a weapon of this kind, it encourages you to use it. But a deterrent like this is truly imperative to have with you and not with your enemies.

In principle, it doesn’t indicate anything. We will become stronger only when we strengthen our spirit. After all, the people of Israel survive not because we have a foreign weapon or something similar, but because we are connected with our roots, which we must bring to their final state, meaning that we must bring all people in the world to a good connection between them.

So the planes will not help us; the proper understanding of our ideological tasks will. If we specifically go out with this weapon and with the power of the spirit, we can win against all the evil forces and bring the world to the correct state.

Comment: In spite of everything, this relaxes a person somewhat. He thinks, “We already have airplanes, we have the Iron Dome. Generally this is some kind of protection.”

My Response: Indeed, but this is a very small compensation for spiritual damage we are causing ourselves. We cannot cover this up with that because we need to bring the world to a good connection anyway. 

And we are doing just the opposite. So the hatred toward us will grow, our opponents will become stronger; they are getting closer and closer to our borders and are equipped no less well than we are. So we need to think about what we are doing with all of this. I would turn the one hundred million dollars that has been wasted on the plane toward education. This would yield much greater benefits and security.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/14/16

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 2/2/17


Why do people hate Jews? Watch Into Truth: Cracking the Jewish Riddle documentary


We, Kabbalists, do not resent our critics. Their opposition advertises us. The ego cannot discover Kabbalah otherwise. #SPIRITUAL

Since Kabbalah becomes revealed out of concealment, the deceitful world can discover it (and us) only through slander, lies and opposition

Join our live Zohar lesson from Israel


Since the nature of creation is entirely egoistic, becoming an independent creation means rising above the ego

UC Berkeley’s student outrage: like children, desperate with the world’s unfairness, these “tolerant pluralists” smash and burn the campus

The True Face of Liberalism


The postwar bloom of liberal democracies and economies is over. Time gave birth to change. Donald Trump has become the symbol of it.

Although most Jews voted for Clinton, they now receive threats for “supporting Trump.” Evidently, hate needs no reason!

Israel must show the world how people can unite above their ego. This is its mission of being “a light unto the nations.”

It’s advisable for EU leaders to realize: with Trump they will solve their problems peacefully, without him—by war.
From Twitter, 2/2/17

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New Life #338 – The Ideology Of The Israeli Nation And The Next Revolution

New Life #338 – The Ideology Of The Israeli Nation And The Next Revolution
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


What makes the ideology of the nation of Israel so special? What can we learn from leaders of revolutions throughout history and how can the Israeli society affect the future revolution?

Since the days of Abraham, the ideology of the nation of Israel has been the fulfillment of “love thy friend as thyself.” Two thousand years ago we broke away from that and since then we have been going downhill.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, our ideology is “love thy friend as thyself.” This is our constitution. This ideology is the internality of the nation, and it is time we return to it. Then we will be a light unto the nations of the world. Baal Shem Tov began spreading the love of others among the nation of Israel, and then Marx continued this ideal.

We don’t understand how this connection works, but it exists. The seed of Israel is found in every revolution.

Abraham was the first revolutionary. He brought a new force into the world, a force of giving, mercy above the force of receiving. The Jews have the hidden tendency to develop into something new.

Today only the nation of Israel can lead a social educational revolution in the world. The correction of the world is the transition from egoistic relations to relations of love and connection. This is the ideology.

The next revolution will not involve a dominant part and a part that is dominated. The connection between us will prevail, the upper force.

God is the upper force that dwells in nature, that connects everything, that develops everything. The next revolution will be according to the ideology of the nation of Israel.
From the KabTV’s “New Life #338 –The Ideology Of The Israeli Nation And The Next Revolution,” 3/4/14

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What Does The Future Hold For Israel?

Laitman_414In the News (Ynet): “According to a report by Credit Suisse, 17,000 Israelis became millionaires in 2016 alone, an increase of 19% from 2015; However, while the average Israeli’s wealth has doubled since 2000, income inequality has steadily risen.

“According to a report published by Credit Suisse, approximately 2% of Israelis have holdings in excess of $1 million, while 32% total between $100,000-$1,000,000, 42.5% between $10,000-$100,000 and 23.5% under $10,000. …

“According to the report, in the last 16 years, the average Israeli citizen’s wealth has doubled from $92,589 to $176,263. The median wealth of an Israeli citizen stood at only $54,384—about a third of the average wealth.

“The Gini Index, which measures income inequality in countries, measured Israel at 77.2%. The index is measured on a scale of 0-100, with 0 representing perfect equality and 100 representing perfect inequality.”

My Comment: This is true and there is a vacuum in the middle. This is a global trend, which will continue until the world transitions to fascism or communism.

Question: What will happen to the Israeli millionaires or billionaires then?

Answer: They will immigrate to other countries and live there. Only the poor and the idealists will remain here. But I don’t know how long they will be able to exist here if we don’t pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and establish the correct Kabbalistic society in which everyone lives thanks to the force of goodness that dwells among us. If this doesn’t happen, the whole world will advance toward a terrible world war.

Question: Do you call the new society “Israel.”

Answer: I call it “Israel” because of the yearning of Jews to unite according to their natural Kabbalistic method, which is the only way they can become a nation. The role of this nation is to show the whole world how to unite, something that humanity lacks.

Question: Are you sure that only such people will remain in Israel?

Answer: Yes, I am sure. Only Kabbalists will remain in Israel and will fight to the end because it is actually in this state that the point of connection between our world and the upper world is. All the others will escape if we don’t manage to establish the spiritual basis in time, the spiritual basis that will draw Jews and non-Jews, most importantly those who have the point in the heart and understand that this is the future of humanity.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/5/16

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New Life #800 – Social Class

New Life #800 – Social Class
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


Throughout history, class division has existed in different forms because it is human nature.

The people of Israel, in spite of a general altruistic direction, was still divided into tribes. People demand someone to be higher, that there will be a hierarchy; hence, there were kings and nobility. It is important for a person to know who he belongs to, what his position is, what role he plays. That is how the desire to receive is constructed.

In capitalism, wealth, money, controls. Today it is felt that a new control must come.

If a person is completely free, he has no point of reference; he must know the origin of his fulfillment. The need for freedom is relative; it is the freedom to determine the framework I want to exist in. Ultimately we evolve into a higher framework, which is the divine.

Throughout history we have only exchanged frameworks, we must find the form that will satisfy everyone. Different people have different tendencies, most people naturally don’t aspire to anything higher. Struggles between classes stem from our not knowing the direction nature pushes us to evolve. There should be a round pyramid where each person finds his place, but everyone is mutually connected and complements each other.
From KabTV’s “New Life #800 – Social Class,” 12/8/16

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America: The Change Of Presidents

laitman_426Question: On the first day of Chanukah, Barak Obama pulled a nasty trick on Israel by allowing the UN to accept a resolution against the Israeli settlements. How do we cope with this situation? What will happen now when a new administration replaces Obama who spread chaos in the world?

Answer: We must wait a little. About six months after Obama leaves the office, the outcomes of his eight-year reign will be summed up, and we will be able to reach more accurate conclusions.

Question: Will the Israeli government be able to cope with the current situation? There were rumors that before the UN Security Council meeting Prime Minister Netanyahu had a conflict with Obama.

Answer: This is totally irrelevant. Barak Hussein Obama is an avid supporter of Islam. His mission is to spread Islam all over the world. This is the reason he did everything to allow millions of Muslims to enter the US during his presidency. In addition, he sowed chaos where on the basis of such chaos, Islamists could rise to power and destroy everything.

Question: What can you say about the new administration?

Answer: I don’t know what President Trump will do, but I think that as a businessman and the boss, he will be able to impose order. On the other hand, he should realize that the world today is not based on egoism and money.

Question: If capitalism, as a system, has exhausted itself, how will Trump impose order if he is a capitalist?

Answer: Obama doubled the US debt, unemployment rates soared during his administration, his recovery plan actually got stuck on the way, and what did he do with the world? He ruined countries in the belt from Morocco to Pakistan. After all, small countries are always dominated by big countries. Trump can, at least ideologically, choose a different approach.
From the webinar “The Year in Review” 12/26/16

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Ynet: “The Right In Europe—A Ticking Time Bomb”

From my weekly column in Ynet: “The Right In Europe—A Ticking Time Bomb”

The last referendum in Italy and the resignation of Prime Minister Renzi announce the strengthening of fascist movements and prove that it is time for Europeans to unite. Currently, the winds of nationalistic protests are targeted at the establishment, but they might soon be targeted against millions of immigrants, and later, as has happened in the past, against the Jews. Rav Laitman explains how to defuse the ticking nationalistic bomb that threatens the fate of the Jewish people.

In my latest articles, I have gone into great detail discussing the current global changes and have explained that it all stems from the laws of nature, which the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches. The world is changing, the economy is taking on a new form, regimes are changing before our very eyes, and the voice of the British people who chose to leave the EU and the voice of the Americans who lead Trump to the White House were echoed in the voice of the Italian people who said no to the referendum and strongly opposed reforms in the Italian constitution, a real rebellion in the faltering EU.

The winds of nationalistic protest in Italy are now targeted at the political establishment, but they may change direction and target the millions of foreign immigrants and later, as always, the Jews. This dangerous fascist, anti-Semitic trend could affect the fate of Europe, the fate of the Jewish people, and the fate of humanity as a whole.

The Collective Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Fascism is part of the Italian DNA. In 1919, about a year after WWI, fascism as a world view led to the emergence of a dictatorial regime in Italy, which replaced liberal democracy. Italian fascism attributed great significance to the idea of the eternal state and demanded the mortal individual to sacrifice himself, his aspirations, and his goals for the greater good: there are no social classes, there are no individuals, and the nation is a live and breathing body.

Through coherent nationalistic ideology emphasizing hatred of foreigners, the purported founder of fascism Benito Mussolini rallied his countrymen to extricate them from poverty, social problems, and unemployment—the same issues Italy faces today.

Mussolini himself came up with the term “fascism,” which stems from the Italian world “fascio,” meaning bundle or unity. It is an ancient Roman symbol of a bundle of wooden rods as a representation of strength through unity in contrast to the weakness of the individual. It is an egoistic and exploitative connection whose sole purpose is to gain power and control, and it eventually lead to the destruction of the “united nation.”

A hundred years after it faded away, the nationalistic parties are reawakening and indicate the real need for unity. It is perfectly clear that the unity that stems from narrow egoism is concerned only about its own nation. The question is whether there is another option. Is it possible to lead the growing need for unity onto a new track and, if so, how?

The Jewish Logo

Unlike the fascist logo, hundreds of years ago, the large Israeli force unity of the Jewish people was likened to a bundle of reeds: “If someone takes a bundle of reeds, can he break them all at once? If taking them one by one, even a baby can break them” (Tanchuma). The story of the unity of Israel goes back to ancient Babylon about 3,500 years ago. In those days, the primitive society was like one family where everyone understood each other “Now the entire earth was of one language and uniform words” (Genesis 11:1). Suddenly, man’s egoistic nature erupted. The same desire to receive pleasure which motivates us through pleasure or suffering demanded greater pleasures at the expense of others. The mutual exploitation led to a deep social crisis that split the Babylonians and led to a civil war.

The frustrated Babylonians looked for a way out of the thicket of the social crisis, and salvation appeared in the form of Abraham, the great Babylonian priest of the time who gathered them around him, taught them the wisdom of Kabbalah and how to be connected and love each other. A group of once-estranged Babylonians connected as one man in one heart and were called Israel because of their desire to resemble the Creator, “Yashar El,” to attribute everything to the one force of nature that is whole and eternal. From the moment the nation of Israel was established, it had one goal only: to serve as an example of unity for the other parts of divided humanity, to be a Light of the nations of the world.

The Jewish nation has undergone many changes. After the destruction of the Second Temple, egoism grew and unfounded hatred intensified. Brotherly love and the sublime value of unity ceased to illuminate the spiritual vision, and the nation dispersed all over the world for two thousand years of exile.

The Jews cannot wander all over the world and assimilate with the other nations forever because they have a great responsibility and an obligation to bring to the world the method of connection. Every time the Jews tried to deny their role, they soon were reminded of it in the form of anti-Semitism, which is the law of nature.

Anti-Semitism in Brief

At the beginning of the 20th century, Henry Ford, a great anti-Semite, published a series of booklets called “The International Jew” in which he wrote, “The Jew has gotten used to thinking that he is the only proprietor of society’s humanism for too long. Society has a great demand from the Jew, that he should cease to be aloof, that he should stop his abuse of the world, that he should stop relating to Jewish groups as the goal of all his profits, and that he should start fulfilling the ancient prophecy, since it is by that that all the nations on earth will be blessed.”

Ford is one of many examples. In 1364, Polish King Casimir III said that the Jews were always scheming, wanting to harm the Christians, to exploit them, and impoverish them financially. In 1885, German philosopher Paul de Lagarde offered the German people a detailed plan as to how to get rid of the loathsome Jewish race living among them. He said that one doesn’t negotiate with “pests and parasites” and one doesn’t educate them, but they should be destroyed “as speedily and thoroughly as possible.” Adolf Hitler, the odious, wrote “For the Jewish spirit is the product of the Jewish person. Unless we expel the Jewish people soon, they will have judaized our people within a very short time.” We all know how his words were made into actions.

But even after the Holocaust that hit European Jews hard, the winds of hatred are blowing again. The French writer and diplomat Jean Giraudoux wrote “that the French racial stock was being threatened by hordes of Eastern and Central European ghetto Jews descending upon France. These Jewish barbarians inclined toward lawlessness, and their corruption undermined the native artisanal traits of precision, perfection, and trust.”

Unity Heals the Wounds of Humanity

Hitler, Ford, and many anti-Semites throughout history have subconsciously felt that the Jewish nation has a meaningful role in the world, and that it doesn’t fulfill it. When unity among the people of Israel weakens, fascism and Nazism grow stronger, so it is no wonder that in this generation all the destroyers among the nations of the world are raising their heads and mainly wanting to destroy and kill the children of Israel. As the sages said, “no calamity comes to the world unless it is for Israel since, as it says in Tikunei HaZohar, Israel are the cause of poverty, killing, robbery, and destruction all over the world” (The Writings of Baal HaSulam).

On the other hand, if we act responsibly and unite as one man in one heart, as the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us, we use our egoistic nature correctly, spurring the positive force of connection in nature and radiating it through the network between us to the entire world. Baal HaSulam wrote, “the Israeli nation had been constructed as a sort of gateway by which the sparks of purity would shine upon the whole of the human race the world over … until they develop to such an extent that they can understand the pleasantness and tranquility that are found in the kernel of love of others” (Baal HaSulam, “The Arvut“). The unity that spreads through us to the global network softens the hearts of mankind and brings them closer to each other and defuses the evil thoughts they have as to how to harm themselves through fascist regimes and, all the more so, how to harm the Jews.

“When there is love, unity, and friendship, there is no room for any calamity” (Maor VaShemesh). In other words, the choice is ours. We only have to show the world how to properly connect. A loose connection between us will bring the rise of fascism, whereas a tight connection will lead to its fall.
 Ynet 12/8/16

New Life #797 – The Lost Tribes Among Us

New Life #797 – The Lost Tribes Among Us
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe


There is no connection between the division of the people of Israel into camps today and the division into the tribes of Israel in Biblical times.

• When the children of Israel work on the connection between them, it will be revealed who belong to which tribe and how they will reunite into tribes.
• The central motive for the method of connection is “Love covereth all transgressions” (Proverbs 10:12), i.e., we connect above all differences.
• To connect, we must first learn what human nature is, what the goal of creation is, and how to implement it.
• The connection is similar to the reconciliation process in a couple, beginning with what is good and then adding the bad.
• If we want to live well, we must learn how to connect, otherwise troubles will obligate us to connect.
• Connection will summon a power from nature that will shape us into a desired form, which is unknown to us from the start.
• Nature is the upper force, the system in which we exist, and it moves us forward in our development.
• In a state of “connection,” all are very different from each other, but we seek to complement each other.
From KabTV’s “New Life #797 – The Lost Tribes Among Us,” 12/1/16

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