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Egoism Comes Out Of Concealment

laitman_293The attitude of the nations of the world is a projection of the internal state of the people of Israel. Even egoism of the nations of the world is caused by the fact that Israel is not corrected. If the people of Israel corrected themselves, then no evil would be left in the world. All the nations would be imbued with the good force of this correction, which would be enough for them.

However, as the people of Israel descend lower and lower, anti-Semitism rises. This is especially evident now, when the time has come to make corrections and we do not make them. Our desire to enjoy is already ripe for correction and has come out of concealment.

Egoism manifests itself as requiring correction, and instead, we drive it inwardly. We thus reveal hatred in the nations of the world. However, we created this hatred within ourselves, and we reveal it from the outside. There is no evil in the world. All evil emerges from us, and then we see it in front of us.

The whole world is a projection of my qualities. So how can I demand someone to become kind? I must correct myself so that kindness is inside me, then there will be nothing bad on the outside, only good.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/7/18, Lesson on Topic: “The Israeli Nation’s Day of Unity”

The State Of Israel—The Place For Revelation Of The Creator

Laitman_417From the writings of Baal HaSulam it is apparent what tremendous meaning he gave to the State of Israel, the people of Israel, and its land being united. In this union lies a very powerful spiritual charge. That is why it should not be permitted to separate the people of Israel from the State of Israel, from the land of Israel, or from our international, global Kabbalistic group, which represents all people and nationalities.

How is it that the entire world relates to the State of Israel? All acknowledge that the land of Israel is unique since it is considered holy by all three main religions. But why is the State of Israel, which just turned 70 years old, so important?

For Baal HaSulam, the concept of the state of Israel was holy, he even had a Shabbat knife with the inscription “State of Israel.” In returning to this land and to Zionism, he saw another very important step toward the revelation of the Creator.

It is because a place appeared where real unity and brotherly love “as one man with one heart” could be established. Initially, it applies to the people of Israel, who must realize this unity first in order to serve as an example for the entire world.

The world demands this from us without realizing it. This is the sole reason for the existence of anti-Semitism, which doesn’t disappear from history’s stage as time passes, but instead strengthens and becomes sharper. The success of the people of Israel and its existence in the land of Israel depends on this understanding. Without it, there is no place for us here.
From a “Talk During the Meal” 2/2/18

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Breaking Israel News: “Kabbalist: I’m Bringing The Biggest Gift Ever To The Israel 70-Year Anniversary Party”

The largest portal Breaking Israel News published my new article “Kabbalist: I’m Bringing the Biggest Gift Ever to the Israel 70-Year Anniversary Party.“:

“For you are a people holy to the Lord your God. Out of all the peoples on the face of the earth, the Lord has chosen you to be his treasured possession.” – Deuteronomy 14:2

As Israel gears up for a massive 70th-anniversary party this Independence Day, I hope it will be ready to receive the greatest gift ever.

70 years is indeed a special period. It marks a person’s average lifespan—a period when we need to reflect on what we have accomplished in our lives. Likewise, the time has come for us to reflect on what we have accomplished as a nation:

Did we progress toward a tangible, unified goal?

Do our achievements in high tech, science, medicine, and defense truly benefit others?

Granted, any nation that has achieved the likes of what we’ve achieved with the means that we have had over the last 70 years would be very satisfied with itself.

However, the question remains: should we be measuring ourselves with the same sets of values as other nations?

We, the people of Israel, are unique. Whether it’s the Torah describing our uniqueness as a “chosen people” (Deuteronomy 14:2) and as a people who “bring Light to the world” (Midrash Rabba, Song of Songs, Portion no. 4), or the nations of the world pointing it out with increasingly intense anti-Semitic pressure, we are shown that we cannot simply rest on our laurels. On the contrary, we need to be alert to the fact that because of our uniqueness, we are held to a higher standard.

Our history, both inside and outside the boundaries of the State of Israel, is tainted with genocide, war, exile, and anti-Semitism. Even today, a UN vote on the existence of the State of Israel could very probably eliminate the State of Israel just as quickly as it was admitted in 70 years ago.

Therefore, we need to explore our ideology, our Torah, our history, our destiny, the attitude toward us from all the nations, and then examine whether we are making the right introspection in this special year.

Why don’t the same sets of values apply to Israel as they do to other nations?

While Israel continues to seek global recognition for its progress in high tech, science, medicine and agriculture, Israel stands for a completely different set of values. Therefore, no matter how much Israel exports cutting-edge technology to the world, the world’s stance toward Israel just becomes all the more bitter and harsh.

The Jewish nation was established in ancient Babylon by Abraham the Patriarch. Abraham united the people in Babylon who came to him to join the first ever “unity above differences” movement. People who refused to simply flow with the decadent Babylonian zeitgeist, and who saw the truth in Abraham’s call to “love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18) gathered around him. Abraham united that first group of people called them “Israel” (Yashar El) (Drush, Ramchal), and guided them to the land of Israel, the land of Canaan.

The unique vision of that group was their willingness to unite based simply on common brotherly love. It was very difficult because each individual’s ego was burning with its demands. Nonetheless, they put in efforts to unite according to the tenet, “love will cover all crimes.” (Proverbs 10:12)

The method Abraham taught is called “the wisdom of Kabbalah.” This is a method that guides people through a process of uniting above differences. Once unity is implemented in one group, it can then spread wider and wider until it reaches humanity as a whole.

However, after we returned to the land of Israel, we failed to accept the unifying principle of “love your friend as yourself” as the essential method we needed to continually sustain and grow, that this unifying principle is what identifies us as the people of Israel in the land of Israel. We left it, and it disappeared over the generations.

In our times, when the social division is rampant and unity is needed more than ever, we don’t know how to show the world the method of uniting above our differences, the method that can fix not only ours but humanity’s problems.

Why does the world hold a growing grudge against Israel?

Since unity is a growing need, and our identity is based on being given the method to implement and pass on unity, then by not fulfilling this function for humanity, we attract a negative attitude from the world.

Subconsciously, the nations of the world feel that we hold a special key for success, which we are withholding from them. On face value, it might be seen as a disproportionate power in finance, politics, business and the media, but the deeper root of these feelings, which both Israel and the nations of the world cannot yet point directly to, is that we’re expected to bring the method of correction to the world. Therefore, anti-Semitism will only continue compounding until we do.

So, where’s the biggest gift ever for Israel’s 70th-anniversary party?

Along with the celebration, we can add awareness of our true identity, our purpose, and role in the world. We can concentrate on what is needed in order to make progress in our ability to unite in the future, thereby adding unity to all the progress we’ve made up until today.

The wisdom of Kabbalah, a method for uniting people and nations, is really the biggest gift we can give to the Israeli people on its 70th anniversary, as it holds the solutions for literally all the problems we’re experiencing: solutions to unite above our internal political, religious, and social divisions; solutions to our complicated security situation and relationships with other countries and peoples; and all the way to solving our domestic and personal problems.

Moreover, by uniting, the nations of the world would stop feeling that we are withholding something from them.

They would start feeling an upgrade in consciousness, a positive change in their lives and the tendency toward anti-Semitism would invert: we would be treated with reverence as we would be felt as the conduit of the good that fills people’s lives.

The gift is the wholeness, abundance and boundless fulfillment we can feel when the light of unity enters our lives. And the means to receive this gift is to cover all of our differences, divisions, and conflicts under a common umbrella of love.

My organization, the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute (Kabbalah L’Am in Israel), will also be conducting its own celebration of Israel’s 70-year anniversary with the World Kabbalah Convention on February 20-22, 2018. The convention will be a celebration of unity above differences, with over 7,000 people attending from over 50 countries in the Tel Aviv Convention Center. I warmly invite anyone who wishes to experience the true essence of Israel’s identity, culture, and uniqueness to join us. Anyone who feels even the tiniest curiosity or attraction to the wisdom of Kabbalah or unity as a solution to any problem is welcome to attend.

The Choice Everything Depends On

Laitman_006If a person has a choice and does not use it, it leads to disaster. After all, the Creator always emanates a positive force that is meant to raise us to the next degree. If we do not want to accept the Creator’s invitation to rise to this stage, then we feel the same states in the reverse form.

If only European Jews had listened to Baal HaSulam’s warnings in the 1920s … He urged Jews to leave Poland and move to the land of Israel immediately because their destruction was about to begin and of the 3 million Jews who lived in Poland, not a single one would be left. But they did not listen to him.

They had a choice, but they did not use it. We all know what happened next, and we still remember it today.

Afterward, Baal HaSulam tried to talk with the leaders of the state of Israel, urging them to introduce the correct education system to create a spiritual state of Israel. This is how it should have been after we got the right to return to this land.

Today, the State of Israel is 70 years old, but it has still not become what it is supposed to be. Inevitably, this will not end well because we ourselves turn others into our enemies by how we relate to the purpose of creation. In fact, this is our only free choice, and everything depends on it.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/15/18, Writings of Baal HaSulam,“Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Item 17

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Love Of A Jew

laitman_938.02Question from Facebook: Does “Love your neighbor as yourself” only apply to Jews? Is it important for a Jew who studies Kabbalah to love all the people on Earth, for example: Ukrainians, Russians, or only Jews?

Answer: The Torah speaks about the general structure of the world. As it is written: “My house shall be called the house of prayer for all peoples.”

Question: So, you call the Torah a world book?

Answer: Of course. It is a world book and it is a world religion that was provided to all of humanity in ancient Babylon in the form it existed at that time. But only a small group of people accepted it; they were a few thousand people from all over Babylon who joined Abraham. Therefore, we can say that it exists not only for Jews and must apply to everyone.

The law of “love your neighbor as yourself” is the main law of the Torah. But first it must be realized by the followers of Abraham’s group, and then the whole world will accept this idea. The world has no other choice because everything is so connected in nature that we will still have to act in this way among ourselves—to lead ourselves to good mutual understanding.

Question: Who should love the one who studies Kabbalah? Who is the neighbor?

Answer: The neighbor, in the end, is everyone. But the realization of this idea should begin with a small group that will expand more and more.

At the same time, nationality is not important. After all, a Jew is not a nationality, but a gathering of all the small nations who lived in ancient Babylon and followed this law. This is an ideology.

Therefore, today, if a person, let’s say a Frenchman by origin, becomes Jewish, how does he change? He becomes Jewish by his spiritual purpose.

Yehudi (Jewish) comes from the word “Chibur,” “Yichud” (Unity). Israel means straight to the Creator. If a person aspires to it, he can be called a Jew. It is enough for him to accept this law. Nothing else is needed.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/9/17

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What Do Want From Us, Laitman?

laitman_566.02Question from Facebook: You are always talking about the egoism of Jews, about the Jews being chosen to bring all nations to the love of others. But we are not that bad. We help each other in military conflicts, we sympathize with those who are victims of terrorism. Our military helps everyone. Right now we are saving people’s lives in other countries. What else is required of us?

Answer: The thing is, if we are choosing how to act according to our own understanding of what is “good” and what is “bad,” then, ultimately, we will achieve nothing. We see that the nations of the world continue to hate us more and more, no matter how good we are. We can help other nations, but they don’t take that into consideration and do not welcome it, they take it for granted.

It’s true, we try to get along with each other, and we fight to protect our country, our nation, our land. But all of this is merely self-preservation: I do good not for others, but for myself, for my children. That’s why none of this counts as altruism; it is not what is referred to when we speak about the quality of bestowal and love of others. This is simply self-preservation, an absolutely clear egoistic action.

Therefore, I urge you to understand what it really means to “love your neighbor as yourself,” what altruism is, what nature demands of us, in what manner it wants us to start interacting with each other; then all will be different.

We cannot live like the rest, because first of all, I don’t even see that the rest are living so peacefully. It is not pleasant for them either. But because we are responsible for the overall correction of the world, there is a special calculation with us. It is demanded that we settle the account first and to a greater extent than all the rest.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 11/9/2017

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My Facebook Page: “Drought In The Middle East”

From My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 12/24/17

There’s a drought in the Middle East. But Israel, The Startup Nation, seemed to have found a solution for that. While most countries in the region are drying up out of lack of water, Israel is in a more encouraging situation, leading the way in desalination facilities, which greatly alleviate the shortage of rainwater, bringing desalinated water to one third of Israeli homes!

So perhaps Israel should work to solve the water crisis of neighboring countries and help build their technological infrastructure for water supply? Simply put, this is not Israel’s role. Our role is to provide a very different kind of technology: one that enables all people to unite above their differences. To be a “Light unto the nations,” or as The Book of Zohar describes it: “Israel is the first and foremost recipient of all the abundance, and from them it will spread to the entire world.”

Therefore, praying together for rain, as some Israeli leaders have suggested, is not going to help anyone. Instead, we must wish for only one thing: Unity above all rifts and factions, to embrace and support each other, and feel as one. By virtue of the unifying connection between us, we will feel the harmony that flows in nature itself, and come into balance with it.

The wisdom of Kabbalah does not deal with miracles or mysticism. It explains the balancing laws and forces of nature. Because what drove nature out of balance and caused water shortages, among other things, are forces of separation that stem from the human level. As long as human society is in any type of conflict, planet earth will necessarily stay imbalanced. Surely, this is not a standard explanation, but it’s the very root of the crisis, and hence the key to the solution as well.

Though we are providing many water related high-tech solutions, the key to the right connection between people, deeply embedded in the foundation of the Jewish people, hasn’t been given to the world thus far. When we finally activate it, writes the greatest Kabbalist of the 20th century, “the springs of reason and knowledge will rise above the borders of Israel and “water” all the nations of the world.” (Baal HaSulam)

Dispersion Of The Jews Among Other Nations

Laitman_419Question: What is the spiritual meaning of the dispersion of the Jews among other nations following the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans?

Answer: The spiritual meaning of the Jews’ dispersion is for them to dissolve in the other nations, as written in The Book of Zohar. This refers to the spiritual and mental penetration, rather than the physical one—it refers to culture and one’s approach to everything.

The Jews are not a nation, but parts of all the nations living in Ancient Babylon. Those that Abraham gathered comprised only 5% of the people of Babylon. The other 95% of the residents of Ancient Babylon dispersed across the whole world.

Now, after the Jews have gone through great suffering in the Egyptian and Babylonian bondage, the destruction of the First and Second Temples, and 2,000 years of exile, their mixing with the nations of the world is complete. In the process, their Reshimot (spiritual informational data) have completely dissolved in the other nations. This is why the wisdom of Kabbalah is already being revealed as the method of correction of all humanity.

It is open to any person who asks the question about the meaning of life. And there is no difference between people of different nationalities.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian on 7/16/17

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To Shake The Jews

Laitman_510.01Question from Facebook: Why do you constantly put Jews above other nations?

Answer: I do not mean Jews by nationality. A Jew is someone who passes from our world to the upper world. The word “Jew – Yehudi” in Hebrew comes from “Yihud – unity.” It is a person who aspires to unity. Israel (Yashar El) is someone who is directed to the Creator.

We do not speak of ethnicity. Jews have no nationality. They are special and unique people and do not genetically originate from one’s parents like other nations.

Jews are representatives of various ancient nationalities that inhabited Ancient Babylon, Mesopotamia 3,500 years ago. Abraham gathered them in a group and started teaching them Kabbalah. That is how people that he called “Israel,” which in translation means “straight to the Creator,” appeared. They were people who wanted to attain the Creator.

Question: So, you only have a demand to this group, who does not want to return to its original state, called “the group that followed Abraham”?

Answer: Of course. I do not extoll this group, but on the contrary, I would like to sort of shake them so that they would come to their senses and understand that they face a huge task. I also do not want them to be self-satisfied and think that they have already fulfilled the commandments and the program of creation that was assigned to them.

They should show an example of true unity to the whole of humanity and become the “Light for others.” Then the people of the world will stop treating them with disdain and hatred. They will understand that this group of people, called the Jewish people, will bring the whole world closer to its best condition by performing their function.

Remark: In fact, the phrase “God’s chosen people” irritates everyone.

My Comment: But God’s choice is that we must fulfill a certain task! And nothing more.

And if today any Frenchman, Spaniard, German, Russian, Tatar, Englishman, etc., wants to become a Jew, then please, he can become one. To do this, he must only recognize that he is striving toward the Creator. That is all. So, try to think: do you need this?

Aspiring to the Creator means that someone wants to be like Him, that is, to gain an ever-increasing quality of bestowal and love for one’s neighbor.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 10/2/17

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While It Is Not Too Late

laitman_293We are facing a task of double complexity. First, we must convince the people of Israel that we need to achieve unity, even though they are opposed to correction and unification.

Apart from this, it is also necessary that people understand that unification is only possible through studying the wisdom of Kabbalah and the Reforming Light that is attracted by this study. That is, the problem is to convince them to accept both the goal and the means.

The goal is that “All Israel are friends,” in other words, the complete unification of the people within which the Creator will be revealed. Not only is it necessary to achieve love between us, but also through the wisdom of Kabbalah, and this is even more repelling. However, we need to understand that our unity is an absolute necessity if we want to avoid extermination.

Remark: When the situation becomes threatening, then the people of Israel will rise as one man and unite.

My Comment: Then it will be too late! Why didn’t the Jews escape this way during Hitler’s time? Today the fire can flare up instantly, as if on dry chips. Back then Hitler’s plans were implemented over several years. Laws against the Jews began to emerge about ten years before concentration camps appeared.

The situation was getting worse gradually, but no one rose to protest. The world turns a deaf ear and heart to what is happening to the Jews. This deafness comes from nature, from the side of the Creator in order to oblige the Jews to fulfill their mission. The Creator does not consider animate bodies and egoistic desires; the most important thing for Him is the desire to bestow that is called a soul.

However, we can avoid blows through awareness and understanding in order not to receive them physically. It is written that “Everything will be clarified in the thought.” If we are aware of our mission, then this is enough and we will no longer need suffering. A clever child understands everything through one glance of a parent and there is no need to shout at him and, all the more, to beat him.

Therefore, it is worthwhile even now to think where the blows come to us from and their cause. Who controls this world and sends us these sufferings? If the people want to sort out this question and listen to the opinion of the Kabbalists who wrote about this at all times, then they have an opportunity to reveal the truth.

We all witnessed the conflict that erupted around the metal detectors installed by Israeli security services on the Temple Mount, which eventually had to be removed. However, in fact, they were not at all important to Arabs, for them this was just a reason to protest.

Look how they united around this trifling reason and inflated a big flame from it. However, we have nothing to say, after all, we passed them the reigns of control of the entire universe. We give the Arabs the right to control the world by our disunity.

If we continue in this way, it will become worse. The UN, UNESCO, and various commissions will start issuing anti-Israeli decrees one after another. First, they will tell us to leave the Temple Mount, then Jerusalem, and then the land of Israel. We will have nowhere to go, nobody will accept us, just like it once was in Germany. After all, we have not learned from the past mistakes.

The entire universe is one spiritual system and the people of Israel can only affect its head. It is not without reason that Israel is called “My head” (Li-Rosh). If we start to perceive current affairs correctly and influence them wherever we can, then we will be able to change reality.

This is the only way to correct the situation. We rely on our missiles, weapons, and strong army, but this will not help. It may happen that with all our military power, arsenal of rockets, and atomic bombs, we will not be allowed to take a single shot from the smallest pistol. Therefore, we must explain to the people that we do not have any other way to save ourselves from this dangerous situation, except for unity.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/28/17, Lesson on the Topic: “On the Merit of the Study of Kabbalah, Israel Will Come Out of Exile”

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