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“Between the Straits”

Laitman_006We have entered a special period called “Between the Straits,” from the 17th of Tammuz when the first Tablets were broken, till the 9th of Av when the Temple was destroyed. Looking back at history, we can understand many things about this time. We can see how difficult it is to accept the method of unification and to implement it. This is to what the days “Between the Straits” testify.

We received the Torah, the method of correction, symbolized by Moses who rose to the mountain for forty days and brought the method of unification from the degree of Bina (Bestowal), but the people were unable to accept it. Even though everything has been prepared and given from above, we are unable to receive it.

And in reality, this is not our fault. It is simply because our desires still have not sufficiently integrated with good and evil to enable us to correct one through the other. The integration occurs precisely by way of the breakage. Only an explosion can help to break the boundaries between two opposites that reject one another and force them to integrate.

This integration must be completely chaotic and disorderly, under the pressure of an explosive force because there cannot be any order in the integration of good and evil. Order can be established only after they have been integrated. Within that integration, with the help of the upper Light, everything can be discerned and sorted out, and then the proper connection and construction can be attained.

There is a complex process allowing opposite things to unite in harmony and mutual complement. This is precisely what happens in the process of the reception of the Torah.

It is impossible to do this faster with the egoistic desire that just came out of Egypt and has only a weak inclination to be corrected. It understands that it needs to be corrected, but does not realize the extent to which it is opposite to the corrected state because there is no mutual integration yet.

As long as we are under the power of Pharaoh, egoism, we do not feel that we are its slaves. Our exodus happens by virtue of an external force that pulls us out of there, showing us that this is worthwhile. However, the desires are not corrected by it.

We see this happening to us: Every day we decide to finally come out of our egoism and start thinking about the group so that our concern won’t be for ourselves on a personal level, but so it will be for everyone. However, we do not succeed.

We make greater and greater efforts, but small breakages keep taking place. This is happening to us as we are a consequence of many destructions and corrections that have already taken place in our root.

The Torah tells us about the preparation for correction. The entire path lasting six thousand years that humanity transverses was just preparation. Correction is attained only at the very end, on the day of absolute Light. All of these states have also been realized in matter: the destruction of the First and Second Temples and the horrible wars within the nation of Israel. All of this was the material incarnation of the spiritual degrees.

After the complete integration, which was achieved at the cost of many wars, shards of the broken will to enjoy and will to bestow become completely integrated with one another and fall even lower, to the very bottom. After four exiles and three redemptions, each of which was necessary, we are reaching the end of the last exile and the beginning of the final redemption.

Looking at this process, it is obvious that the Torah cannot be received all at once. And this is indicated by the day of the 17th of Tammuz, the breaking of the first Tablets. Only after the breaking and mutual integration of spiritual desires with material ones has occurred is it possible to ascend to acquire a different form.

The first Torah was “incorrect.” It was necessary only in order for the Tablets to be broken and to reach correction. The second Torah was corrected, able to fix the integration of bestowing desires with the receiving ones, which is what happens with the help of the second Tablets. This is a unique process, testifying to how opposite our qualities are to the qualities of the upper force.

We should have a balanced attitude to these days, seeing them not just as days of mourning and breakage, but as something inevitable that we have to go through. The whole world will have to go through this destruction in one form or another. However, if we know why we are doing this and for what purpose, we will be able to go through everything by the path of Achishena (hastening), as humans.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/11/17, Lesson on the topic of “The Period of “Between the Straits”

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“So That You Will Be A Holy People”

laitman_746_03Torah, Deuteronomy 26:18 – 26:19: And the Lord has selected you this day to be His treasured people, as He spoke to you, and so that you shall observe all His commandments, and to make you supreme, above all the nations that He made, [so that you will have] praise, a [distinguished] name and glory; and so that you will be a holy people to the Lord, your God, as He spoke.

“To make you supreme, above all the nations,” means to elevate within yourself the quality that is called Yehudi (from the word “Yihud” – adhesion, connection with the Creator) above all your other desires that are called the nations.

We see this in history. The people of Israel never, even in the best years when they had strength, engaged in any conquests.

Only in ancient times, did King David have to protect Israel from enemies. Then, the so-called “Kibush David” was carried out—the conquest of the territories from the Nile to the Euphrates—in order to keep all the tribes that inhabited them under control because otherwise these tribes were constantly raiding Israel.

Therefore, when the Torah speaks about the people who are chosen, praised, and great, it is referring to the work to annul yourself. Then, you elevate the part of Israel within yourself that is directed to the Creator above all the rest of your egoistic parts. This is only about the inner state of a person.

In addition, it is about serving the world in order to be, as it is written in the Torah, the Light or, in other words, an example for all the nations of the world.

The same applies to the Temple. It is written, “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples” (Isaiah 56:7). After all, from ancient times, not only Jews went there, but absolutely everyone. A person could go there from any place, from anywhere, in order to pray, to ask something, or to participate in the classes. This is how many non-Jewish scholars appeared among us.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/9/16

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Why Did The Great Kings Of Israel Come From Non-Jews?

laitman_947Question from Facebook: Why was the origin of the greatest kings and teachers of the people of Israel, like King David and Rabbi Akiva, from among those who were not Jews?

Answer: A person who yearns for the Creator is called “Yashar-El” (Yisrael, Straight to the Creator). A person who wants to unite with others is called a “Yehudi” (Jew) from the word “Yechud” (Unification). This is what determines if you are a Jew or not. Today every person in the world, whether he is Spanish, French, Italian, or German, no matter who, can come and say: “I want to be a Jew.” In the wisdom of Kabbalah, they don’t divide the world into nationalities.

To be a Jew, a person must carry out what the Torah says. Namely he must yearn to implement the law “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18). If he agrees to this, it means that he has become a Jew, a person who yearns for unity and unification to adhere with the Creator.

The term “Ivri” (Hebrew) is derived from the word, “L’Over” (to go over), moving from the principle of egoistic existence to altruistic existence. This is the foundation of our people, a group that accepted upon itself the principle, “And you shall love your friend as yourself.” As soon as a person accepts this principle, he becomes a Jew and everyone else, not.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/22/17

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Wonder Woman, Part 5

laitman_553Question: If people become super-heroes who give instead of take, then what are they going to derive pleasure from? Success is always determined in relation to others: you earned $100 and I earned $150 that means that I am more successful. If this relationship no longer exists, then what will be the source of pleasure?

Answer: Pleasure will come from the fact that you give to the entire world and feel it as your own soul. The entire world is you; you express yourself through everyone. You span the entire world and feel the upper force, the upper world, through others. If I relate to others with love, then within them I reveal my upper world.

I exchange my egoistic desires for altruistic desires, death for life, and begin to feel that life is eternal, without limits, full of pleasure. I see the entire world from end to end, rising above material existence and identifying myself with the upper force, with the Creator.

Question: Does this super-hero live in a super-world that no one other than him experiences?

Answer: It’s a world that can only be sensed within the desire to bestow. Right now we experience reality only from the point of view of constant reception. But if we change our perspective from egoistic to altruistic, without any regard for ourselves and only with the intention to give to others, then from that perspective we will begin to experience a new world, an upper world.

Right now, in our desire to fill ourselves and receive only for our own benefit, we sense only the lower world. But as soon as we change our desire from benefitting ourselves to benefitting and fulfilling others, then in this intention we begin to sense an opposite world, the upper and limitless reality because in reception we are limited, but in bestowal we are not!

The upper world is eternal because our experiences and our abilities within it do not have limits. That’s why we experience ourselves as living an eternal life, limited by nothing. All depends only on our ability to give, which begins to open up within us more and more.

This is the type of correction we need to make in our lives, separating ourselves from this egoistic reality. Israel must do this first, because in the Torah it is written that we are obligated to come to love of others. And within this love, we will then reveal the upper world.

We existed in this state at one time and fell from it, that is why we possess hidden strengths that permit us to return. The world waits only for this from us, hoping to receive the method of correction from us. That is why as life in this world becomes harder and crises grow everyone will increasingly blame Israel.

The film about the Israeli saving the world awakens hope in the world that the nation of Israel will fulfill its mission and realize correction. But is this what we are doing? We are obligated to start progressing toward love of others, about which it is written, “All of Israel are friends.”

We are the only ones who are able to correct the evil in the world because we possess the methodology called the science of Kabbalah. The movie is portraying a particular character, a super-hero; however, the entire nation of Israel is called “chosen” by the virtue of the mission laid upon it. We are not yet super-heroes, but we are obligated to become them and care for the entire world, rescuing it from the egoism in which it is drowning.

The program of correction is actualized in two stages. First, the nation of Israel must correct itself. And then, with the strength accumulated through that correction, we will be able to correct the entire world.

Israel must become a nation of super-people, bound to each other by love and mutual guarantee. This correction will impact the entire world and all nations will join with Israel as one man with one heart. As it is written, “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.”

Question: Do you really think this is realistic?

Answer: It is inevitable! Either we come to this as a result of tremendous pressure and an even greater Holocaust than the one that took place during WWII or we carry out the correction willingly and consciously. This is our obligation.
From KabTV’s “A New Life, #865,” 6/8/17

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Wonder Woman, Part 3

Laitman_632_4Question: The movie Wonder Woman in which an Israeli actress saves humanity awakens thoughts about the correction of the world, about the Jews having to be the Light for all the nations. People understand that this correction is needed, but how do we actualize it?

Answer: First of all, the nation of Israel must actualize its own correction. We are connected to all of humanity and that is why as we correct ourselves, we pass this awakening, this aspiration for correction, to all others. Kabbalists are obligated to teach the nation of Israel the methodology of this new unification, this method of correction, the achievement of love of others. We don’t need to pay attention to those who speak against Kabbalah because by they are obstructing people from uniting, they are simply committing a crime. Then later, this example of unity must be demonstrated to the entire world.

If the nation of Israel, being the biggest egoists, is able to correct itself and demonstrate to the others how to move from hatred to love, from separation to unity, then it will serve as an example and will give strength to the entire world. The whole world will follow the Jews toward unity.

Furthermore, the nations of the world will help the Jews in this correction, as is written by the prophet Isaiah, “the nations of the world will lift the nation of Israel onto their shoulders and deliver them to the temple in Jerusalem.”

Question: The heroine of the movie saves the world from various evil people and external forces; you are speaking about the need for us to save ourselves from our own egoism?

Answer: Egoism is the only evil. We don’t have any other enemies. The whole nature of man is evil from birth. There is nothing in creation except the evil principle. And this is exactly what we need to correct. If Israel corrects itself, the entire world will be corrected.

Egoism is my desire to build my success on the failure of others. This is a completely natural desire for every person because it is inherent in our nature. But we must rise above this nature to bestowal to others, to concern for their welfare instead of our own. A person who is ready to make this correction within himself is called a super-hero.

He overcomes his egoism, his inherent nature, and that is why he is called super-human. By doing this, he corrects the entire world, a world that is in such bad shape only as a result of human egoism because we project our negative relationships onto all of nature.
From KabTV’s “A New Life #865,” 6/8/17

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Wonder Woman, Part 2

laitman_570The movie Wonder Woman in which the main character superhero who saves humanity stars an Israeli actress caused a huge wave of excitement and pride in Israel.

But I am sad to see that our people, like little children, are still waiting for a good magician who will come and arrange our life, instead of arranging it by ourselves.

Is it possible with indifference, laziness, and confrontation tearing up the Israeli society, we are still waiting for a magician? We ourselves must change. Is there anybody who can come from outside and change our evil nature?

Question: The film encourages us to come to love, but does anyone know how to do this?

Answer: There is a method that teaches you exactly how to come from hate to love; it is called “the wisdom of Kabbalah.” This is why Kabbalah is revealed nowadays. The Kabbalists of all generations talked about our time, and we need to take up this technique and begin to study it in order for all to rise to the level of “super-human.”

Question: Why is it not so easy to love?

Answer: It is not easy because our nature is pure egoism that causes us to ill-treat others. Egoism does not relate to the fact that I want to eat, drink, and sleep more, to lie in the sun on the beach and swim in the sea.

Human egoism is the desire to improve one’s state at the expense of others—our evil attitude toward the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, and most importantly, to people.

Egoism is when I enjoy not from my own achievements, but from the fact that I belittle others; that is, I do not just care for my own good, but I wish evil to others. Even if I do not want to harm them directly, I still measure my success only in relation to others.

When I look at the people of Israel, I see a people who had the opportunity to build a new state and a new society, but who still remain a “gathering of refugees.” The country is divided into lots of factions and communities that hate and oppose each other.

If this situation continues, the time granted to us will soon run out and we will have to leave this land. In fact, if those living here had the opportunity to leave Israel, many would do so.

It is possible that the movie about an Israeli wonder woman awakens a hidden hope regarding Israel in the nations of the world. They understand that Jews are a special people. The biggest anti-Semites in the world, such as Hitler or Henry Ford, wrote a lot about the mission of the people of Israel and accused Jews of not fulfilling the role assigned to them.

Therefore, the world makes serious accusations about Israel, although it does not understand their true cause. But the wisdom of Kabbalah explains it in all sincerity: Israel is obliged to be a Light for the nations of the world, that is, to show everyone how to unite and come to love one’s neighbor as oneself. Such a love the people of Israel must achieve within themselves and thus set an example for the whole world, to become a Light for the nations of the world.

But we do not fulfill this mission, and therefore, the nations of the world rise against us, wishing to destroy us. This is what is written in the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar.” It is worth reading about what is written there and to understand that we have no other way out, neither the people of Israel, nor the whole world—the only solution is that Israel realize its mission.

The people of Israel should be the superhero who saves humanity—the Messiah – Mashiach, that is, the power that will pull out (Moshech) all people from the evil, egoistic nature to the good and altruistic, from hatred to love.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/8/17

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Wonder Woman, Part 1

laitman_547_05Question: The movies about superman always have a great success. Now Israel has a reason to be proud, the movie Wonder Woman, which the entire world is talking about: an Israeli actress plays the main role. Her entire role in the movie is dedicated to saving humanity.

In thesraeli viewers comment, “The heart fills with pride every time when we see an Israeli woman do a heroic act and save people.”

Jerusalem Post columnist Herb Keinon wrote about “The wonder of Israelis watching Wonder Woman. …

‘The collective chest of those in the audience seemed to puff up as we all watched an Israeli woman – who in real life is very proud and open about here Israeliness …

“No shades of gray in this storyline, it was black and white … . It was the good against the bad. And Gadot – and through her, all the Israelis in the theater – were clearly, unmistakably on the side of the good.”

This symbolizes how the small, relative to the big world, people of Israel must bring Light to all of humanity. Is there a deeper meaning in the fact that it’s now the Israeli woman who saves the world, at least in the movie?

Answer: The problem is that this is only in the movie. After all, we, the people of Israel, really must be the Light for the nations of the world and save humanity from the deep hole we are sitting in now, from our egoism that is killing us. Unfortunately, we are setting a bad example to the whole of mankind of how to use our egoism skillfully in order to succeed more, to win, and to surpass everybody.

It is no accident that humanity hates us, because instead of being the Light for the nations of the world, we became darkness for them. Therefore, when we rejoice at the release of such a movie, we should understand that we really must be such superheroes who will show everyone how to achieve a good life.

A good life will come when we rise from our egoistic desire, which keeps us in slavery from birth, to the desire to bestow, to love instead of hatred, to unity instead of separation. We must show the entire world an example of how to do this. And the entire world will learn from us, will accept this method, and will correct the relationships between people, between countries, and between nations.

No tricks can correct the world, the whole world must change, and people must change. How is it possible to save a man if he does not change? So, where is the salvation, in receiving a palace instead of a small house?

The correction is only possible through a person’s inner change, his relationship to others. This is when we’ll turn hell into heaven where there will be love instead of hatred and bestowal instead of reception. In this way we will really come to a kind world. The wisdom of Kabbalah obliges us to fulfill this mission.

But it is pointless to wait for some superhero to come and save us; this won’t happen, this includes the Messiah. After all, the Messiah, Mashiach, is a force that pulls (Moshech) us from our egoism toward bestowal, love, and connection. Thanks to this, we reveal our new sensory organs and begin to see the wider world.

The people of Israel should lead humanity exactly to this by passing the method of correction to them. Until we do this, everyone will hate us. Such beautiful movies won’t help us. I think that it awakens very unpleasant feelings in the other nations.

On the one hand, they subconsciously expect that we will bring salvation to humanity and we aren’t doing this. In addition, we show them movies about superheroes, as if mockingly demonstrating that Israel can bring correction to the world, but for some reason isn’t doing it. So I don’t think this movie will have a positive impact.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/8/17

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2,000 Years Before The Creation Of The World

The further away we drew from the Torah throughout our history, the closer it got to us.

How Did the Torah Become a Book?

“And when He desired and thought of creating the world and it was revealed in a desire before Him, He would look at the Torah and create the world.” (The Book of Zohar, “Toledot“)

Just think about it, the world did not even exist but the Torah already did. He did not look at a book when he created the world. It wasn’t the book that was given to the people of Israel at Mt. Sinai.

The Torah is a comprehensive development program, a complete guide to creation. This is the matrix we are all part of. It is impossible to overcome it or to run from it. But once, at a certain moment of growing up that was predetermined by it, we will know about it. We will not simply receive information, but we will be conscious of where we are and what is happening to us.

It is the same with a small child who after the first “unconscious” years begins to understand that he is living in a vast world and this world requires his participation. In the evolution of man, there comes a time when the matrix awakens him from his infantile oblivion. He says goodbye to his crib and the nursery, opens the door, and leaves his home.

At that moment, everything changes: the world acquires volume, sound, colors, and meaning. It turns out that life is a path that has an eternal goal, and we can advance toward consciously, through our free choice, together. Then it isn’t only the matrix that impacts us, but we too impact the matrix.

Thus, we become acquainted with the general plan and with the force that operates us. A couple of thousand years ago humanity reached this level. People who called themselves Kabbalists discovered the only system of reality and began to study its laws, to connect to it, and to describe it.

Thus, they attained the Torah, wrote books that reflected its attributes and laws and most importantly—the direction it shows us. They saw the general picture and understood the general process, just as we understand the general phases of the development of a baby.

“Before the world was created, the Torah had preceded the world by two-thousand years.” (The Book of Zohar, “Truma“)

At the peak of the attainment of the plan, a whole nation lived by being conscious of its laws in a reality that was much broader than ours. But one day everything disappeared. It fell from its height, and with it the hopes for the whole world collapsed. Then the Torah became merely a book, which tells us how we should live on Earth, a special holy book. But we have already forgotten the structure of creation, the method of ascending above ourselves, the tool for attaining unity in the world.

The door was closed and we returned to the nursery where we have been living until this very day.

The Disruption of High Frequencies

There are 54 Parashot (sections) in the Torah, 613 commandments, 79,976 words, 304,805 letters. It is read in synagogues during the year according to the weekly Parasha. It includes the history of the Jewish nation, of its leaders, starting from the forefathers until Moses, the Tower of Babel, the land that the Creator had shown Abraham, the wandering in the desert, the slavery in Egypt, Mt. Sinai that shook in flames and smoke…

If we read the Torah this way, if we understand it this way, the main part is missing and it is a wrapping without a filling. Read this way, it is detached from the roots, projected in print on our ordinary consciousness, and is fixed under the title “Holy Scriptures.”

This is how it is transmitted through the egoistic perception of the world and ceases to be the plan of our development. It is not moving; it isn’t attractive; it doesn’t develop us; it doesn’t reveal new worlds, and does not give us the power to reveal them, but actually calms us and puts us to sleep. For some, it may be a tradition; for others, it is a collection of absolute laws of our corporeal existence. In the past it united the nation, but now it divides it, breaks us apart, and puts people on two sides of the fence.

No, this isn’t the Torah, it isn’t the force that changes a person that pulls us out of our primitive ego that is limited to our corporeal life. In the past it called us upward, and now it has become a means of pressure on people, compelling, demanding, and limiting them. People study it by heart, verify it by different historical findings, and undermine its ideological basis. Religions grow around it, mysticism and cynics gather around it, philosophers quote it, and scientists study it trying to decipher its code.

It has turned into the best seller of all times and of all nations long ago. Those whom the Torah calls “homeowners” wave it because they don’t want to step over the threshold and leave their “home” for something greater.

“Small, limited people come along indifferently filling us with different drugs and mainly keep the drug of life out of our sight…in order to suffocate the Creator’s voice calling us from the depths of the soul and filling all the worlds: demand Me and live.” (Rav Kook).

When the great holiday of the giving of the Torah arrives, we once again reject it, which leaves us with the book again. Even if it is special, even if it is holy, it is a book and not the great tissue of the creation into which we are woven, whether we like it or not, a book, not a huge world, and not a majestic system that surrounds us because for us it was created.

We reject it. Why? Because it lives in bestowal and teaches us the same thing.

Poison at the Tip of the Blade

“The major principle of attaining the Torah is unity, as one man in one heart.” (“Maor Va’Shemesh“)

At Mt. Sinai we were given a common approach to the general system and we were allowed to consciously come in contact with it, to study it, to explore it, and to be incorporated in it in our mind and feelings. The access code is love of others, the software interface is a relationship with others that is based on bestowal. The Torah is meant to reveal the conglomerate of the forces that operate on us, impact us, and enable us to be mutually and effectively connected with them. Thus, we use the Torah—we leave the nursery, grow up, and mature.

The transformation does not take place in our fantasies, not in the next world, but here and now, in ascending above the ego, and this is the reason that it is so easy for a person to check himself and whether he receives the Torah as a pain killer or as an excuse. The criterion is simple: we use the Torah just as we treat each other, either as a medicine or a poison.

Judging by the current situation, we find ourselves at an impasse, divided, crushed, quarreling, and accepting all that as inevitable. It isn’t the positive force of the Torah that accompanies us on the way to our goal, but the negativity of our own essence, which we are used to, but which is just as destructive,

In the meantime, the world is growing in its diapers and reaches situations in which it will not be able to manage without a wise teacher. It is only in theory that a person is able to soberly assess the situation and come to the right conclusion. In practice, our desires are much stronger than us, and even on the verge of an abyss, we will continue to carry on with our childish acts. This is our nature.

The sages use the clear and bitter metaphor of seeing the angel of death with a drop of poison at the tip of the blade of his sword and the “obedient” man opens up his mouth and swallows it. It is because we cannot do things otherwise. Even our wise nation has fallen into this trap of the ego, and it seems that once again it is ready to head toward the “slaughter” judging by the conflicts in Israel and among the Jews abroad. For them, Israel is becoming a useless liability from which they will be happy to cut themselves off once and for all.

This outcome is inevitable unless we accept the Torah, unless we become responsible for each other despite the mountain of doubts and hatred that is looming over us. This is where our free choice is, since the Torah, unlike the angel of death, works only if we want it, if we need it, not only in words, but in deeds, if we regard it as a medicine for our divisiveness, as the wisdom of bestowal and of the right mutual cooperation with the general system.

Hurry Up to Love

We are all different and we see the world differently. This is quite normal. The Torah doesn’t require anyone to give up his principles and beliefs. It does not need artificial socialist compromises. It raises us to the level in which only the hearts and the connection between them remain. Then everything merges together.

“Hurry to love, for the hour has come.” (Rabbi Elazar Azikri)

No one is right or to blame. We all find ourselves before our mountain of hatred, at some point, facing the need to make a common decision. Its essence is the birth of man, the birth of a new society, of a new attitude to life and to each other. When we yearn for that, the system will help us, guide us, and answer our questions. But if we don’t, it will make us face the facts that are presented to us at the tip of the blade of a sword.

Therefore, if the question is whether to receive the Torah or not, we will receive it. The next question is whether we hasten love.

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Why Do We Hate?

laitman_293Question from Facebook: If we, the Jews, are chosen, then why do we hate each other so much?

Answer: Because we are chosen to be the first to correct our egoism. In order to push us to correction, this egoism evokes mutual hatred in us. This is called “the stiff-necked people.”

As for the rest of humanity, they do not have unfounded hatred for each other.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman”

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America Attacks Syria—Details About The Decision

laitman_273_01Comment: After Syria used chemical weapons that led to great casualties, America decided to attack Syria.

A photo of the cabinet that reached this decision appeared in Facebook. The Jews who make up half of the cabinet of ministers were tagged with the Star of David on the photo. They were the ones who forced Trump to attack Syria.

My Response: I think, on the contrary, it is detrimental for Israel. What’s the point, that they bombed a couple of old planes? If they would hit the weapons coming to Hezbollah, then it’s another matter, but for now, there’s no sense in it for Israel.

We welcomed the supposedly decisive steps, and we cannot but welcome them.

Question: The photo with the six-pointed-star reminded me of how the Jews’ homes were once marked. This is quite an anti-Semitic action. Nobody talks about who was making decision—good people or bad—all that is said is that they are Jews. How do you feel about the fact that a person wants to say: all decisions, one way or another, are made by Jews?

Answer: He is absolutely right. The Jews turn everything in the world, but they are wrong.

I’m constantly talking about this. Jews must be corrected, and then all the affairs in the world will revolve according to the extent of their correction, and the world will become better. But all the same, it will be a reflection of how the Jews act, and first of all—among themselves. The more they are apart from each other, the worse for the world. The closer they are to each other, the better for the world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/13/17

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