Judging Yourself

Laitman_183_02The month of Elul is the time for self-examination. Did you fulfill the instruction that was given at Mount Sinai and, even before that, at the time of Abraham, which is to attain connection?

The Upper Light will be dressed on us and will reveal the upper world to us to the extent that we begin to unite, and we will feel that we are living in a corrected, round, upper and harmonious world.

Therefore, a sin or transgression is what stands in our way of achieving unity among us. Anyone can examine himself from this perspective and find out how full of sins, of egoistic attributes and desires, he is, which makes him resent others.

The month of Elul is called the time of repentance, which means the return of the created being to the Creator, to resembling and being equal in form to His attributes, to love and bestowal.

Discovering our sins and transgressions is already a correction. All we must do is to acknowledge our corruption. People try to conceal their evil and hide it, while the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us to bring out your evil because, you are a complete egoist. The moment these sins and transgressions are discovered, they immediately will be corrected.

We are divided and immersed in our ego, but we must connect like the parts of Adam’s one soul. Our role is to find the way to connection and unity. We look for the way, but each time, we discover that we really don’t want to unite, and we don’t yearn for connection. This is actually our only sin, and simply discovering that is the entire correction.

A prayer is judging yourself, the desire to discover and bring out all your sins and transgressions so that they can be corrected and will disappear. Regret and repentance is not tears but the recognition of the need to unite. We see that the world is beginning to realize that without connection and unity we simply will not be able to survive.

Every time we discover different sins against connection and unity inside us, they will be corrected thanks to our revelation. We cannot correct anything by ourselves and it is our duty only to discover the evil within us and to point out the egoistic attribute of our character. This is called a prayer, judging yourself.

Question: Why is it enough to simply discover and highlight our egoistic attributes, which already is the correction?

Answer: When we discover and highlight our evil, we realize to what extent we need correction. The correction itself is done by the Light that Reforms.

When we discover our ego and our sins, we draw the Light of correction. It is written, “’I have created the evil inclination, I have created the Torah as a spice’ …since the Light in it reforms it.”

The Torah is the general Light that is around us, but it operates on us only if we discover the attributes inside us that stand in the way of our connection and unity, which means our sins.

The main thing is to determine the diagnosis because the remedy already exists! The moment we discover the ego inside us that doesn’t allow us to connect, the Light that Reforms, called the Torah, immediately operates on it and corrects this desire.

The correction allows us to connect with others, but to the extent that we connect internally and begin to feel close to one another, the Upper Light can be revealed to us and let us feel the upper world.

Our work in the month of Elul comes down to revealing the evil that doesn’t let us unite with others. During this time, the evil only is revealed, but it is corrected when the new year begins on Rosh HaShana.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/30/15

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