A Day Of Mourning, A Day Of Joy

Laitman_167Midrash Raba, Shlach: The evening of the unfortunate complaints will be the ninth of Av. And the Creator ruled: you have cried in vain, for no reason, and therefore I will give you a reason for your weeping. The ninth of Av went on to become a day of mourning for the whole nation. It is actually on this day that the first and second temples were destroyed…

This is actually what has happened until this very day. If we review all of our history, we will see that the hardest events occurred on the ninth of Av: the expulsion from the countries the Jews lived in, like Spain, for example, and the plans of Hitler’s supporters to destroy the Jews, and so forth.

Every spiritual root has a parallel branch in our world. All of this takes place in the spiritual world in the opposite manner from the corporeal world, and so in our world the ninth of Av is etched as a day of mourning.

We don’t even study the Torah on the ninth of Av because the Surrounding Light cannot be conveyed unto us during this time.

The root of the ninth of Av will exist until the end of correction, and only then will it become the greatest day since it is actually the revelation of the greatest ego that will take place that day, and we will be given the greatest urge, the revelation of the world of Ein Sof (Infinity) in our world.

The deepest descents will turn into the greatest ascents. The two worlds, the uppermost and the lowest, will connect.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/15/15

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What Makes The Human A Human?

laitman_423_02Opinion (worldcrisis.ru): “Human children raised by animals don’t become people. This testifies that the person is not a natural reality, but the product of a particular cultural environment.

“We are not born human, rather we become human as a result of difficult cultural work. The society produces the person; the person is a social phenomenon. If during the formative stage, a person leaves society, he will not become a person; human consciousness is not recreated by itself.

“The Formation of a Human – The formation of a particular cultural type happens within appropriate social groups. Common interests and meaning unify, creating a stable social group. This meaning must transcend merely practical goals, otherwise it will not be able to connect anything. It is difficult to transform people into a group, the opposite can be accomplished by the destruction of social connections, meaning through a social war according to 4 trends:

  1. The separation of a person from other people, the reduction of his area of interests to a daily minimum, putting him into a struggle for survival, into life problems that cannot be solved without help from the nation and society.
  2. Through the escalation of drug addiction, alcoholism, drug abuse, prostitution, the propaganda machine working on human degeneration, television and the communications media giving examples to the impoverished population of the need for unlimited wealth, criminal behavior and disparagement of the norms of morality and law.
  3. Undermining all forms of social integration, citizenship, work and family.

The family, the last bastion of morality – transfers from generation to generation through the family the arrangement of spiritual priorities and values of life. Precisely because all of the communications media are now working on the destruction of the institution of the family, the matter is heading towards a global crisis in the institution of the family. The growth of individualism in society (instead of family, freedom; living for yourself instead of having children), the weakening of moral factors that protected the family in the past; this is the true reason for divorce; people have forgotten how to live together.

  1. Increasing the distance between the top and bottom line, splitting the society with incitement and the encouragement of forms of aggression and violence.

“A process of transformation of the population into laborers, the lack of social, professional and physical communication in life, in geographic location, without a profession, occupation and a stable place of employment. Students without profession.

“The Collapse of Humanity – Hevrah (society) is derived from the word “Hivrut (socialization)”. An idea and a common purpose create the collective. The human is shaped and grows only within society; the human is a social being. If the society is destroyed, the person begins to degenerate, to withdraw, and this is a comprehensive process. The national culture disintegrates, the human face is erased, and as a result of this, a subhuman person appears.

“Salvation – We need to establish our own social groups, build bridges with each other. The society must be built by our efforts from below, without waiting for the government to begin to be involved with this. If we don’t restore our society, death is inevitable.”

My Comment: We are seeing a widespread phenomenon that has been carefully planned by nature. We need to pass through this stage in order to create a new society, on different principles. We will not succeed in holding onto the past and there is no reason to hold onto what is already obsolete.

Society must acquire and accept its next form, full integration, until “And you shall love your friend as yourself” becomes a reality. But this imperative appears specifically as a result of the inevitable feeling that disintegration is happening!

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