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Preparing A Place For Bestowal To Reign

laitman_938_02Question: Why does Baal HaSulam write that a person must give contentment to his Creator? Does each one have his own Creator?

Answer: Sometimes, we only say “Creator,” sometimes “your Creator,” and sometimes we say the plural, “Creators.” That is how the lower level perceives the higher. There are a multitude of higher Partzufim (Israel Saba ve Tvuna, Abba ve Ima), a multitude of forces that take care of the Tachtonim (Lower Ones). But all of them have one intention and one goal.

The person doesn’t turn to an abstract upper force but to that level to which he is directly connected now. So he can call these higher levels by the name, Creators.

The Creator has no defined image. It is forbidden in any way or manner to describe Him as something static that exists outside of us. There is no such thing, even though it is very difficult for a person to accept this. However, this is a problem that exists only in our uncorrected perception.

It is up to us to see ourselves as a property of reception. Who am I? I am this quality of reception, and the Creator is the quality of bestowal. There is nothing more than these two properties, and I want to become like the quality of bestowal.

A property is something abstract that has no physical image. The property receives a form only when it dresses in something concrete. So, the best way to protect oneself from making a mistake is to refrain from describing the upper force as some kind of permanent form or image. This is very important for clarification and the right attitude.

After all, what is the Elyon (Upper One)? This is something that is above that now fills me. A filling of reception is wanting only to receive everything, to feel good, to be healthy, to know, to understand, to attain, to control in some way. All of this belongs to the property of reception that is directed entirely toward self-benefit.

But there is an opposite property above me, meaning that I attribute it to spirituality and value it. It is above me and I want to attain it. If this higher property would clothe me, I would stop being concerned about myself, acting only for my personal benefit. But what would I think then? Would I think about anything? What kind of form will my property of bestowal have? How will it fill me instead of the property of reception that fills me now?

Therefore, we attain a Kli, the reason, the preparation for the property of bestowal, a place in which it must be clothed. To do this, we must prepare Arvut (Mutual Guarantee), the attitude toward your neighbor in which bestowal is clothed.

This is very practical, and it is up to us to try to bring them into our sensations. If everyone thinks about this, if there is general agreement, general thought, if we are ready to pay attention to this for a long time and not just a few minutes from time to time, then we will be strongly influenced by each other in the best way and we precisely clarify this attitude toward the Creator. This is our only work: to try to more clearly imagine His property and focus on the Creator.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/24/14, Question and Answers with Dr. Laitman

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Sukkot: Adhesion With A Single “Embrace”

laitman_276_03The Torah, “Leviticus,” 23:33 – 23:36: And the LORD spoke unto Moses, saying: Speak unto the children of Israel, saying: On the fifteenth day of this seventh month is the feast of tabernacles for seven days unto the LORD. On the first day shall be a holy convocation; ye shall do no manner of servile work.

Seven days ye shall bring an offering made by fire unto the LORD; on the eighth day shall be a holy convocation unto you; and ye shall bring an offering made by fire unto the LORD; it is a day of solemn assembly; ye shall do no manner of servile work.

The Sukkot holiday continues for seven days; in each one of them an ascent is carried out to the spiritual levels of Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malchut.

And on the eighth day a special gathering happens when a person receives filling by the Light of Hassadim (Mercy), the light of love, friendship, happiness, compassion, partnership, and mercy. This is called “embracing from the right side,” as it is said: “His left hand should be under my head, and his right hand should embrace me” (Song of Songs 8:3).

This means that Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur are “His left hand should be under my head,” and Sukkot is “and his right hand should embrace me.” And on the last day, on the eighth day of the Sukkot holiday, a partial coupling of the male and female parts of the Kli happens.

At this time, the desire of the person transmits illumination through the Upper Light, and so throughout all the days of the festival, the revelation of the greatness of the Light of Hassadim and great adhesion of the male and female parts of the desire to “embrace” one are expected.

So every day of the festival of Sukkot is important, those that are spent in a Sukkah that is specially built under the dome of heaven where a sacred gathering and feast are arranged.

A person who is in a Sukkah for seven days seemingly receives all the corrected Ohrot Ha Makifim (Surrounding Lights), filling and pushing him toward discovery, connection, and contact with the Creator.

And this happens on the eighth day upon leaving the Sukkah, so the eighth day is called Simcha Torah. Torah is the Light that corrects the person and fills him with happiness.

Comment: It is thought that every evening members of the Ushpizin (guests), visitors, arrive at the Sukkah according to the order: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph, and David.

Answer: All of these visitors symbolize the Lights of correction in seven spiritual levels. They are not historical figures but spiritual states. Each one of the levels possesses a unique character, and only when a person passes through them, meaning that he corrects himself in seven different states, does he become ready for the revelation of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/18/15

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The EU – Through Misery To Happiness

laitman_220In the News ( “The program that was voiced by the French economic minister Emmanuel Macron shook the politicians of the European Union: The monetary treaty must be reformed in the direction of financial solidarity; the wealthy nations must finance the poor; this is the only way to save the European Union.

“If the member nations won’t be ready for financial transfers in the monetary treaty, we can forget about the Euro and the European Union. The transfers must be realized and implemented in the framework of a single budget of the European Union, in which its implementation will be coordinated from Brussels. He vehemently opposes the ‘orthodox’ financial politics of Berlin.”

My Comment: There are voices calling for more solidarity and equality, but this won’t help any more; nature is activating a program for teaching people its laws through “blows” (the path of suffering). The time for gently learning the laws of nature (the path of Torah) through learning the wisdom of Kabbalah is running out.

By aspiring to understand the thought of nature, we learn how to do things correctly, without error, through the good instructions of the Kabbalists. This is because we cannot understand how nature is constructed integrally on our own.

The reason is that we have “gathered” together into a human society through an opposite egoistic principle, so we cannot understand altruistic union (gathering). Meanwhile, our world community is gradually becoming more integral and more united under the influence of the hidden forces of nature. In this manner we become like those who don’t understand the world we have found ourselves in, like those who don’t know how to orient themselves.

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The Best Healer

laitman_528_01Question: Nine years ago, you suggested that we don’t talk about our states. We have grown gradually, and now we are allowed to speak about them in workshops.

Answer: But I think you will talk only about what is beneficial for the group and not just spill out all of your states. After all, you have to be responsible for the group and raise it, even contrarily to what you feel at that specific time.

You can come to the group and ask your friends to sit with you, “Guys, I feel bad, but I don’t understand why.” The group is like a doctor. It can help you clarify things inside you, It must include you inside it and diagnose you and why you feel bad. There should be no secrets. No one is asking us to share intimate details. We are talking about spiritual details, and we are leaving all the corporeality aside.

When we advance neither the corporeal problems nor the spiritual ones affect our spiritual advancement. In that case, we must discuss them with the friends. We must clarify this so that we can be connected on a spiritual level.

You don’t have to tell others what is deep in your heart. You keep that only for the Creator. But you can discuss certain doubts, problems and descents in the group, and the friends will support you, cheer you up, awaken and raise you.

When the friends feel that you are not in a very good state, they must carry you in their arms like a child, rock you a little, calm you down, give you some pacifier, sit together and talk.

Your states are not yours. You must feel the state that the group is in and whether you are in it with the group. Align in this direction, according to this inclination, and don’t think about anything else. Try to worry about the group and think about it all day long. How are they getting along? Are they holding on to one another? Can I help them in any way? Should I call them? Should I do something? Try to get used to this state of worrying about the group as a mother worries about her children.

This is how you remove all the negative influences from yourself. Why should the Creator send them to you for you to uncover the ego if you are ahead of the ego looking for a way to be more connected to the friends? After all, the ego awakens in us only with regard to greater cooperation and stronger connection with the group, and you are headed toward such a connection and cooperation anyway. So, you never will feel any negative influences. You are looking for it yourself like an old man bent over who dropped something in the street.

Try to cultivate this state among you and you will see how suddenly everything goes smoothly. Turn you head away from all the other problems as much as you can and begin engaging only in this one worry, and 99% of your problems will be solved.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/4/14, Workshop 5

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 09.29.15

Preparation for the Lesson

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Writings of Rabash, “Rungs of the Ladder,” Article 23

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Vol. 6, Part 16, Item 162

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Teaching of the Kabbalah and Its Essence,” “Soul” 

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