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Can We Learn How To See The Future?

laitman_928Question: I really can relate to your explanation about man’s place in nature, that as a result of his egoistic evolution, he becomes lower and more miserable than all the other creatures. Sometimes I look at my dog and envy his life. He isn’t troubled by any questions and has no problems. His only problem is what to eat right now.

In the past, when humanity was struggling to survive, it didn’t ask about the meaning of life. Now, when we have reached relative affluence and don’t have to struggle for our daily bread, the question of “Why do we need this whole game called life?” suddenly comes up.

It turns out that all of our wisdom, our evolution, and our brain are worthless because they don’t provide us with the answer to this basic question: what should the next phase of our evolution be? Can we see our future?

Answer: If there is a question, an unfulfilled desire, a deficiency, for seeing the future, then we probably can find an answer. There were people in our history who could foresee the future. Interestingly, the future exists! The question is whether we can connect to it.

If we evolve according to nature’s plan, then apparently we can discover, read, understand, and feel it. After all, it already exists in nature in the form of balanced forces. Astrophysicists who study life in space also say that the entire universe is one thought. Scientists who explore nature are quite materialistic, and, at the same time, they claim that we exist in a field of thought.

The software of evolution that operates us is embedded in nature. We are the product of this software, and we evolve according to this scenario. This software manages the balance between the forces of nature. As a result of this balance, elementary particles have connected into objects and bodies, and this is how our entire universe has evolved since the Big Bang until today.

How can we discover this hidden layer of nature? We know that the main law, and, in fact, the only law of nature that determines all our feelings, our understanding and our perceptions, is the law of equivalence of form. According to this law, if I feel something, it happens only because this attribute exists in me in some form.

If I see a yellow or a white color, if I hear sounds and feel flavors, it means that I discern something in my senses, which means that these forces, these attributes, just like the phenomenon that I perceive, exist inside me. This is actually the reason that I can feel that phenomenon. One thing determines the other; my internal model matches the external picture.

We can see that in children who don’t notice many phenomena around them until we explain these phenomena to them, give them suitable games, and help them see, feel and taste things. This means that a person can develop the feeling of the unknown future internally.

We can discover the future if we first explore nature that is above us. If the entire universe is a great software, like in a computer, and what affects us is this one thought, one idea, then we should learn how to become more familiar with it and learn its plans regarding us. How can we connect to it? Which senses, flavors, sensors or thinking do we need? How should we prepare our hearts and minds, which means our desires and thoughts, in order to feel the future?

Here, we encounter a very serious problem. After all, nature, being the upper thought that sustains us and controls us, is absolutely integral, round, and mutually connected. It doesn’t break up into separate components, still, vegetative, and animate nature, and man, or into separate colors and sounds. In nature, everything is connected into one whole that is tied internally.

As a result of the evolution of humanity on this planet, it gradually discovers the connection between people, which is growing stronger. This is despite the fact that we don’t want to connect, and each of us would rather sit alone and have no one disturb him. But it doesn’t work, and each day we discover our increasingly greater interdependence.

Even different scientific fields are becoming integrated today. The same laws, the same relationships, operate everywhere, but in a slightly different manner, and as a result, we divide them into laws that operate on solid bodies, on liquids, gases, and plasma. In fact, there are no differences in nature. We are the ones who divide it into different areas—biology, zoology, mechanics, electricity—and study each area separately. We simply cannot perceive everything as a whole, as one integral form.

We divide nature into different areas so that we will be able to understand it a little. However, there are already many trends that connect several areas, like my first profession, bio-cybernetics. We create more and more interdisciplinary sciences since we realize that, in reality, everything is unified.

In ancient times when science wasn’t so developed, scientists had universal knowledge in all areas, like Leonardo Da Vinci, for example. Each of these great men was a genius in philosophy because philosophy included all the knowledge about nature. However, later, we developed our knowledge of nature to such an extent that one person cannot perceive it all. This is the reason that we had to divide our knowledge into different areas, but it is actually the same system.

Therefore, we should learn, feel, understand, and know the upper plan that operates us at the moment that will operate us tomorrow and in the many years to come. When we get to know it, we even will know what will happen to us after we die. After all, our consciousness, our feelings, and our knowledge, will not die together with our protein body when it ceases to exist. It is an absolutely different matter. These are forces that don’t disappear. We will learn about life outside the body if we become integral like all of nature and become familiar with its plan.

In order to do that, we must develop an integral sense so that all of the people all over the world and all of nature, will connect into one unified system so that there will be no differences between them. If I build my perception this way, I will feel that I and all of the other people connect into one. I suddenly will feel that I live on a higher dimension than the one I live on today. I will begin to feel the plan of creation and the forces by which it operates all of us as one.

You may be afraid to lose yourself as a result and afraid to tie yourself to others, but you should know that it is actually thanks to that that you will begin to get to know yourself.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 2/23/14

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The Making Of A Good Year

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should we do so that this year will be a real new year for us?

Answer: It is very simple. The Torah says: “I have created the evil inclination.” And indeed all the division and shattering of our world, all the contradictions and the oppositions, the ego and unreceptiveness, the lack of understanding, everything that humanity has been through during its history, is of course, the Creator’s doing. So a person has to come out of his own ego in order to understand Him.

Weak or very egoistic people, who are ready to trample the whole world, are not attracted to this kind of work. On the other hand, they have big egos, are not satisfied with this world, and it doesn’t interest them. They want to control the whole of creation, know everything that happens, and discover everything so that there will be nothing that they don’t know, feel or control.

The revelation of such an ego in a person is indeed a gift from the Creator. This means that a person is ready for attainment and ready to pay everything he has to in order to reach that. Then he finds himself in the right group, where people like him get together.

This group is under the influence of the Kabbalistic method where people come and eventually undergo very serious states of resisting their ego, rising above it, and connecting to one another. They learn all the processes on themselves and feel, discover, scrutinize, integrate and do everything necessary. Eventually, the right picture of the world is formed within them. They build the Creator in the connection between them, because this is the only way He can be revealed.

It is impossible to reveal Him other than by this connection and other than this platform on which He is revealed. It is a force that requires matter in order to reveal Him within it.

Electricity, for example, can be revealed in something such as in the form of a dial moving, wires heating up, or an explosion. Only then can we say that there is some force there. It is the same with the Creator who is simply a force without matter. We have to provide the matter ourselves, so that this force can be revealed according to accurate physical laws.

There is nothing irrational or mystical here. It isn’t religion, but the science of Kabbalah. Therefore, all our attention and all our efforts are focused on how to create the conditions in which the Creator can be revealed. We need to put this matter together by its separate parts, combining the attributes of bestowal, mutual guarantee, and mutual incorporation so that the spirit will appear within this matter.

We sculpt it for a long time and suddenly our statue comes to life. Thus, a man is created out of the dust, out of still matter, becomes a corrected man into which we have poured life. We celebrate this wonderful opportunity we were given during Rosh HaShana.
From KabTV’s “Holidays. Rosh HaShana” 8/6/15

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A Taste That Cannot Be Compared To Anything In This World

laitman_572_03Question: What special Light should we feel during the holidays? Why have I been celebrating the holidays for twenty years, dipping apples in honey, fasting on Yom Kippur, but, at the same time, have never felt any Light?

Answer: We must correct ourselves into people who can discover the Light so that we will be able to feel it during the holidays and throughout our lives. We are in an ocean of love, but we need a vessel in order to feel it.

Each of us has only a shard of this vessel, so we need to collect these shards and put them together. When we adhere to one another, we will begin to feel the inner filling in our common vessel. If several people want to discover the Light, we can connect and unite, and then feel the Light in our unity.

Question: What is the feeling when the Light is revealed?

Answer: It is impossible to describe it just as it is impossible to describe the flavor of some exotic food that I tasted when I travelled in Latin America. If we speak about ordinary flavors, we can describe them somehow because we compare them to other flavors that are familiar to us.

But the Upper Light is unlike anything else in our world. We can say only that it is a pleasure that totally fills a person to such an extent that he loses the ability to speak. It is such a complete filling that a person doesn’t even want to move, to say anything, or to think about anything, just to totally enjoy this harmony. I wish everyone to become able to attain this.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/30/15

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Calling Out To The Creator For Help

The Torah, “Numbers,” 14:39 – 14:45: Moses related all these words to the children of Israel, and the people mourned greatly. They arose early in the morning and ascended to the mountaintop, saying, “We are ready to go up to the place of which the Lord spoke, for we have sinned.”

Moses said, “Why do you transgress the word of the Lord? It will not succeed.

Do not go up, for the Lord is not among you, [so that] you will not be beaten by your enemies. For the Amalekites and the Canaanites are there before you, and you will fall by the sword. For you have turned away from the Lord, and the Lord will not be with you.

They defiantly ascended to the mountaintop, but the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord and Moses did not move from the camp. The Amalekites and the Canaanites who lived on the mountain came down and smote them and crushed them [pursuing them] until Hormah.

Question: Why were the children of Israel punished? After all, they expressed their regret and said: “Yes, we have sinned?”

Answer: There was no sin. The Creator arranged everything! The problem is that they depended on their own powers, thinking that they had to overcome the mountain by themselves. They wanted to do it by their own egoistic powers, but the mountain is the attribute of bestowal, so how could they climb it? Where is the adhesion with the Creator? Where is the absolute bestowal? There is none!

On the contrary, if I say that I have sinned, it means that I take responsibility for what I do. Admitting the sin is the sin!

I am nothing and I have to constantly advance with my eyes closed following the force of love and bestowal so that they will gradually reside in me. Now I only gather levels of ascent towards the attribute of Bina.

The attribute of Bina is the attribute of complete bestowal, which reaches me only by an illumination from above. This is the Light that Reforms, which means the Creator’s force. In an ideal state I would say that I am ready for everything that the Creator shows me.

But I continue the sin of the spies. Why didn’t they call out to the upper force? “We have brought giant fruits but they are beyond our powers. How can we enter this land?” Why didn’t they demand the Creator’s help but instead turned to the people?” See what He does with us? He sends us to a sure death, tempting us with a wonderful land where an immense power lives and which will kill us. “Are these the nation’s leaders whom the most advanced people of the generation have chosen?” It turns out that they are all against the one force, the good and the benevolent, who wants to bring them to the Promised Land, but they cannot even approach the next level.

This was clear beforehand, because it is impossible to leap from the level of Malchut to the level of Bina at one time. The difference between Malchut and Bina is 40 levels. Therefore, when we look at Bina from Malchut, its attainment seems impossible!

But on the other hand, who brings us to this? The Creator. Who said that they should send spies there? The Creator. So why didn’t they turn to Him? Why did they begin to speak against Him?: “Look what He does with us; He sends us to certain death, luring us to a beautiful land with terrible giants that will kill us!”

Theoretically, if they had called out to the Creator, He would have raised them on wings to the level of Bina. But on the other hand, this is impossible because a person has to experience all this himself, to chew and process it.

This is the reason that Moses says: “Wherefore now do ye transgress the commandment of the LORD, seeing it shall not prosper? Go not up, for the LORD is not among you; that ye be not smitten down before your enemies.” He realizes that they are not connected to the Creator!

Comment: This is so complicated.

Answer: This isn’t complicated at all. It is a good thing that we discover the right and left lines and thus advance. This is our history, not the past or the future, but the history ahead of us!
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/6/15

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Rothschild States Investors Have Encountered The Most Dangerous Geopolitical Situation

Laitman_718_06In the News (RIT Capital Partners): “Lord Jacob Rothschild turned to his investors and informed them that the world is found in the most dangerous geopolitical situation since the Second World War.

“His annual report announced that the goal of investors at the present time is no longer short-term profits, now it is about preserving existing capital. Rothschild, the honorary president of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, wrote: ‘Today’s geopolitical situation is perhaps more dangerous than everything that we have seen and encountered since the Second World War.’

“The business partners of Rothschild are Warren Buffett and Henry Kissinger. It is thought that the Rothschild family is the only clan in the history of humanity that has assets that stand at trillions of dollars.”

My Comment: Nobody knows the reasons for what is happening except the Kabbalists, but no one is listening to them. Ahead of us is much suffering for everyone, without exception. As much as we can, we can make the suffering easier through the dissemination of the method of connection and unity to all of humanity, through the influence of the Upper Light.

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I Already Held Success In My Hands

Laitman_524_01Question: If a student goes against the desire of his Rav (teacher) and the spiritual faucet is automatically closed, does the student feel that the faucet is closed or is he under the illusion that the faucet is still open and everything is good?

Answer: There could be such an illusion.

Question: So what are the indicators here?

Answer: This must be clear to him. There are those who think that they are in connection with the Creator. They don’t hear or carry out the instructions of the Rav; they even refuse to try, for example, some kind of simple action that touches upon dissemination, and hide behind all kinds of calculations. All their calculations are materialistic, and so the person is not ready to do them correctly. He has the opportunity to realize the desire of his Rav, the teacher, but he doesn’t do it.

It is possible to say that he is opposing him, but he doesn’t have a connection with the Elyon (upper). I am not talking about a connection of Ruach Be Ruach (spirit to spirit) or mouth to mouth any more. That would already require true devotion. Only luck helps here. I can attest to this from my personal experience. A person is given so many possibilities to discover and acquire the spiritual world, to approach the Creator. But he doesn’t recognize his opportunities and move towards them, seemingly heedless of them. He simply lacks the sensitivity!

When he looks back on this path later, waiting a bit and acquiring experience, then he is amazed at what the Creator did for him. For I already held success in my hands, I received such care, support, and opportunity to do this and that and that. I missed such wonderful opportunities like these that will not return!

After that opportunities are given to him in the next incarnations, in the next situations, but really, here the group is very important for helping everyone because nobody is ready to nullify himself to the Rav; this is so very difficult. In my external life I can easily give things up, even for a person who is not important at all in my eyes. But here this requires great effort. And so a group is given to me that requires me to increase the importance.

And all of this must be according to the knowledge of spiritual laws, and not from the desire to do good, to look nice, to love or not to love. We must be directly integrated into a system, hold onto it like gears, and be adjusted to it.

What else can we do? According to my character, I would close myself off in isolation. I also thought of acting like that: close myself off with books, go deeply into the material. I didn’t think that I would have students and I would be connected to people, but without a choice…
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/27/14, Topic of Lesson “Teacher”

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