A Boomerang Always Comes Back To You

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn all the groups there are sometimes problems, and there are people who do not agree with what is happening and believe that they have to advance differently. There are those who act that way simply because it is their nature to be altruists or philosophers. It has nothing to do with the path of correction and they have no point in the heart. They arrive and they begin to decide how things should be run and think that everything should be done in an opposite manner because naturally it is against their egoistic nature.

There are different cases in which a person sometimes acts this way because he likes to be dominant and cannot restrain himself until he acquires some knowledge and understands the method. It takes years, sometimes 15-20 years, and until then a person is unable to give the “half a Shekel” that he should, his half of the work, so that the Creator will complete the other half, but thinks that he can turn his life around by himself.

It is foolish pride, but we usually don’t perceive it with our corporeal senses since a person in this world does everything according to his corporeal feelings and mind. But if he begins to approach the spiritual work with these feelings and mind, then it is a totally naïve and childish approach. He tries to work with systems that are opposite from his from which he is totally detached and doesn’t even know in what way he is opposite from them.

If at the same time he also begins to feel proud, then sadly he causes harm not only to himself but also to others. Eventually it comes back to him like a boomerang and hits him whether in this life, if he is still alive, or in the next life.

A person should take into account that all the harm he causes the environment will be many times greater and will come back to him! So the group has to guard itself from such people the moment such deviations appear. Usually it happens if the group has no strong leadership or if for different reasons it doesn’t want to share information with other groups. Then other groups don’t know what is happening in that certain group and cannot help it and support it.

Such people have a strong ego and being foolish they assume that they know and understand what should be done and begin to drill a hole in the general boat, thus endangering the whole group. This can eventually lead to great problems in the group’s advancement.

So all the groups should openly share among them what happens in every group. Everything should be known, like in one family, in one body. We should organize and establish a committee that will fulfill the ideological leadership of all the groups as one group. The committee should be above all the local groups and should always know what is happening in every group and be able to decide what and how things should be done in every group according to our criteria and our principles.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/28/12, “Conversation About the Group”

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  1. yes i agree…

  2. I hope nothing too chaotic is occurring… There is but order, chaos is perceived deviance from a plan.

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