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Between A Rock And An Abyss

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah),” Items 3-4: Since we were commanded: “Love thy friend as thyself.” The word ‘thyself’ tells us, love your friend to the same extent you love yourself, not one bit less.

In other words, you must constantly and vigilantly satisfy the needs of every person in the Israeli nation, no less than you are always vigilant to satisfy your own needs. … And now go and see if this Mitzvah is in any way feasible.

We are required to study extensively in order to acquire two discernments:

  • We have to reach the love of others in its true from, which means that whatever we do, in every desire, in every way, in every moment, we have to look for the method of how to do good unto others, and I do my best to achieve that, just as I do everything in my power now working for myself, trying to do the best for my own good. This “self service” is fulfilled naturally, instinctively, knowingly and by purposeful efforts. But now I have to act in the exact opposite manner: both consciously and subconsciously on the scale of from zero to infinity I have to constantly bestow upon everyone.
  • Can I do that? Is there anything that is more antagonistic and hateful to me? How can I live with that, with such a commandment that the Torah tells us about?

We have gotten used to nice words; we teach our children to be kind; that’s true. If I want to be respected, that people will endorse me, I have to speak accordingly. Everyone agrees that the “love of others” is right, but no one seriously intends to fulfill it. Besides, no one has checked whether it is actually possible.

So we have to try to actually fulfill this. Then we will see the truth, we will reach the deepest point of clarification: It turns out that our nature is opposite from this demand. The two types of nature, in order to receive and in order to bestow, are placed one opposite the other and we are in between. On the one hand, we can’t do anything, and on the other hand, by looking for the way to reach this recognition, we draw the Light that Reforms. We really want bestowal, but we can’t bestow, as it says in the Torah, “and the Children of Israel sighed from the labor.” If internally we face these two discernments, we will find ourselves on the verge of the exodus from Egypt.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/22/12, Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah)”

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Can We Understand The Study Of The Ten Sefirot?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should happen so that I will finally be able to understand something in The Study of the Ten Sefirot?

Answer: In order to understand what The Study of the Ten Sefirot is about, I have to feel these phenomena inside me. They don’t take place somewhere on the moon or in outer space. It isn’t about some external systems. All of reality is inside us, in me, and in me I have to feel all of reality. If I imagine it to myself, I think about how to perceive it and about how I can change it, about how the upper force comes to me and changes me. Thus I divide all of reality into myself and to the source that created me, that designed me, and that influences me, which means the Creator.

In me there is a desire to receive, and in Him there is a desire to bestow. His desire bestows upon my desire, and my desire can evoke His desire in response. Thus we begin to work together like partners.

There is nothing else but that. So it turns out that the friends are inside me. These are the attributes that are closest to me, to the part of the desire that I feel as myself. They make up that part of the desire in me, together with me, from which I can turn to the Creator and manage my fate. I also have to correct all my other desires and add them to this part until I am totally incorporated in the mutual work with the Creator.

This will happen when I receive the right desire for it and want for all of us to constantly feel this. I won’t separate myself from the world externally anymore, thinking that the world is somewhere outside myself, in the form of different countries, nations, and friends; I have to constantly imagine that everything is inside me according to the right perception of reality. Then I will begin to gradually approach that perception.

At the beginning, the world will remain in duality for me and I will see it outside of me, but imagine inside. However, gradually, thanks to the Returning Light, I will start to connect these two approaches into one picture. It won’t be the kind of split like schizophrenia. I will begin to feel the goodness and the indivisible unity of the picture. A person reaches his perception gradually due to obtaining the middle line.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/22/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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Playing The Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to draw the Light that Reforms?

Answer: When I read The Zohar, I want to see changes inside me, as if a stream of energy enters my internal system, a light, powers, new discernments, new attributes. Something influences me, and I want to feel what it is that influences me and performs changes in me. I want to know this and to feel the flavors and see how these changes take place in me and where inside me I can imagine everything that I read about in The Zohar so that it will not just be imagination, but that I will really feel it in my attributes. This is what I expect, the changes in my desire to receive.

We have to make collective efforts, in mutual help, and then the Light that Reforms will be much stronger than when it influences a single person. Then it is much easier to achieve something. But this is only if a person works with others, in connection with them. By that, he approaches the Light since his desires for the Light are not egoistic any more, but are similar to it in some way.

Of course it is still for himself, but a person tries to resemble the Light in some way and to seemingly become equal to it. This is called a “game.” Of course, I am asking for myself, but to some extent it is like the real and correct attribute of bestowal.

In what way is it similar? Several thousand egoists come together, all of them want to bestow, although deep in their soul everyone wants for himself and disrespects everyone else, but they make collective efforts, as if connecting, as if yearning, as if for the Creator, for bestowal—this “as if” is called a “game.” They “brainwash” each other’s minds as if it is really something great and important. In fact there is nothing real here, but this is what should be done in order to attain the upper level. This is because there is an abyss between the levels, and you cannot be in an upper level before you ascend to it, and in order to ascend you play it.

So we have to connect more strongly and to want to feel that that Light changes us. In the meantime it just changes us, but later our intention will be more accurate, so that it will change us in our connection, in unity, but this will come later. Now at least we have to aim at the influence of the Light.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/22/12, The Zohar

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Under The Infusion Of The Upper Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhile reading The Zohar, we first of all aim at the Light that Reforms. I think only about it as if I go through some healing process connected to an IV infusion with the upper force constantly flowing through me.

If I think about it, I can already advance. It says that the Torah is the essence of the holy names, which means the acts of bestowal, the Creator, the Light that Reforms, which brings me good thoughts and desires to bestow.

So I try to locate them inside me now while reading The Book of Zohar: “Perhaps something is happening in me?” I want to adhere to the same actions that the Light performs. I want it to perform them in me; I am ready to become Nukva, to receive everything. Let it come and dress in me and do whatever it wants with me.

This is called to “discover the holy names,” “to want to know what one studies, “to study the Torah,” to study the actions of the Light upon my desire to receive—how the Light reforms.

I don’t feel that the Light influences me, but I want to feel it! Being connected to an ordinary infusion a person can lie either unconsciously or consciously just looking at the drops dripping.

But we want to feel how the drops of the Light heal us and what each drop adds. I want to feel it because I want to learn about it, about how to act, how each drop changes my desire to receive; a drop here and a drop there, with relation to one thing or another. By that I learn how I can use every slight change in my recognition, in my understanding, when I get up after this healing process.

The main thing is that I expect to see the actions of the Creator in order to learn from them, in order to know what they are, who I am and how I can resemble the Light that influences me now. I have to perform actions that are identical to the Light’s, to learn from them, as it says: “From Your actions we shall know You.”
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/22/12, The Zohar

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Awakening With The Help Of The Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When will it be possible to say that a person is working with “three lines”?

Answer: We have still to arrive at this work, and then we will learn it thoroughly. In its simple, general form, it is possible to say that man simultaneously is able to be found in both a feeling of the greatness of the goal and also in the lowliness of self in that he is acquainted with all of his ego at the same time and also annuls it. All of this connects together, and above all these states, he is in a state of examinations with the Creator, in that he justifies and thanks Him.

But in the meantime, these are just words and one needs to attain the feeling of the phenomenon. And here it is impossible to jump above the levels. It is impossible to reach a sensation through someone else’s words. One needs to slowly “chew” it, so that it will begin to enter us, and we will begin to absorb these states in that we will begin to gradually feel the inner movements. And then, at the end, it will be revealed as a shared feeling of a certain amount of data that in total will be called the “middle line.” We need to make this happen.

This is why we discuss these states in the group, in order to accelerate their approach. Everything depends on that, on how much this goal will constantly be in front of our eyes to that extent we awaken each other, and that it won’t let us rest day or night.

If a person awakens alone, on his own, it isn’t enough. It is said that he received “an awakening from above.” But if he receives an awakening from the group, that is already good. That is exactly what is needed. And when he awakens alone, that is simply a present from above, which isn’t so useful for his advancement.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/21/12, Writings of Rabash 

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A Person That Seeks His Brothers

Dr. Michael LaitmanA long time passes before a person finally begins to not only hear, but also feel and react internally for the need of support and help. And this is not the same support and help that he is used to in our world when he does something and others can help him with it.

The point is the support and help accepted by a person in a group is absolutely necessary for him because he achieves the desired goal not just by the friends’ help, but directly in them. It’s a little different from what we imagine.

A group is that one soul that we have to attain internally. And then we will understand why the Creator brought us all together, each one with his special traits, internally and externally. All of this is calculated and comes from the Reshimot (spiritual genes), which are revealed in such a sequence and connect together, so that precisely in their connection, we can achieve the correction.

There is no other way; the correction is precisely in the mutual connection. Therefore, that final system that existed already from the beginning is being more and more revealed, and we are in some section of its revelation. Therefore, we need to accept the friends as totally essential parts and that without them the connection is impossible in the path set for us. And if not, then as time goes by, it will turn out that someone will disconnect, each one according to his fate.

As long as such an opportunity is given to me, then “I look for my brothers,” and we need to connect with them. And when I begin to connect with them, then I see how much this affair is not simple, to such an extent that it’s revealed to me as the “Egyptian Exile,” egoistic slavery. But this is considered exile only to someone who wants to be connected with others, and then he discovers forces that oppose it.

These are the forces of exile because they disturb us in achieving connection, love, mutual participation, and self-annulment: everything that we consider to be our salvation. If a person is ready to work in such a way, then this is called a discernment of Joseph, the middle line of the Ten Sefirot. And this work is done in faith above reason, meaning in Sefira Yesod and not in Malchut. And when a person begins in such work, then he feels the interferences that come as help against.

Then the work in the right and left lines are revealed to him, until he finally comes to the middle line. Everything exists in one common inclination, which we must actualize.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/21/12, Writings of Rabash 

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Integration At The EU Summit

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Euronews): “European leaders come together today in what is being billed as a summit to strengthen economic and monetary union.

“But at this, the fourth meeting this year, the debt crisis is as usual set to colour discussions as the 27 EU leaders look for a way to restore confidence in the euro.

“But the EU Commission is resting many of its hopes of securing the euro’s future on the setting up of a single banking supervisor under the ECB. It’s part of the banking union plan aimed at binding the 17 eurozone countries more closely together. But while the EU commission wants it in place by next year, agreement still has to be reached.”

My Comment: Integration will lead to conflicts at all levels without the implementation of integral education!

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Buckle Up, The World Is Landing

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Euronews): “Germany has cut its economic growth forecast in as the country finally starts to feel the effects of the eurozone credit crisis.

“The slowdown prediction comes as companies postpone investment, and the economy minister warned that turmoil in Germany’s main trading partners could hit exports in the second half of the year.

“Philipp Rösler said despite the stormy economic waters Germany is standing its ground and remains on track for growth.

“But he added: ‘The environment for the German economy has become more difficult overall, due to the eurozone debt crisis. The growth forecast for next year is therefore one percent. That is less than the 1.6 percent forecast in the spring.”

My Comment: This is the immediate future of the world. Everyone needs to prepare himself for the landing, so that it does not become an uncontrolled fall. Through the implementation of integral education for the population it is possible to make the descent with the benefit for everyone, and although in the end, consumption and the economy will shrink to a reasonable level, the population will feel more comfortable than it ever has.

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Fulfilling Your Mission

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: For many years, you have been warning people that there are two ways of development, one of which is the path of suffering. Can a person hear this? Should we talk about this?

Answer: I feel as a parent with respect to children about this. Even if they do not hear, you must tell them about this. You must do your duty, your mission. It is not up to you to decide when this works. Try to do this by any means. Always look for new opportunities. This is what I think because I have no other choice. Maybe I sound boring, constantly repeating the same thing, which everyone wants to dismiss, maybe it is true. But I do not think so, at least not according to the response I see.

Perhaps, there was a time when my words seemed strange, but not now. Now, at least, people see that if they enter current websites that address these problems, they suddenly find themselves on my Internet sites, where I talked about this 10-15 years ago.
From KabTV’s “Building a Social Environment” 9/25/12

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