A Person That Seeks His Brothers

Dr. Michael LaitmanA long time passes before a person finally begins to not only hear, but also feel and react internally for the need of support and help. And this is not the same support and help that he is used to in our world when he does something and others can help him with it.

The point is the support and help accepted by a person in a group is absolutely necessary for him because he achieves the desired goal not just by the friends’ help, but directly in them. It’s a little different from what we imagine.

A group is that one soul that we have to attain internally. And then we will understand why the Creator brought us all together, each one with his special traits, internally and externally. All of this is calculated and comes from the Reshimot (spiritual genes), which are revealed in such a sequence and connect together, so that precisely in their connection, we can achieve the correction.

There is no other way; the correction is precisely in the mutual connection. Therefore, that final system that existed already from the beginning is being more and more revealed, and we are in some section of its revelation. Therefore, we need to accept the friends as totally essential parts and that without them the connection is impossible in the path set for us. And if not, then as time goes by, it will turn out that someone will disconnect, each one according to his fate.

As long as such an opportunity is given to me, then “I look for my brothers,” and we need to connect with them. And when I begin to connect with them, then I see how much this affair is not simple, to such an extent that it’s revealed to me as the “Egyptian Exile,” egoistic slavery. But this is considered exile only to someone who wants to be connected with others, and then he discovers forces that oppose it.

These are the forces of exile because they disturb us in achieving connection, love, mutual participation, and self-annulment: everything that we consider to be our salvation. If a person is ready to work in such a way, then this is called a discernment of Joseph, the middle line of the Ten Sefirot. And this work is done in faith above reason, meaning in Sefira Yesod and not in Malchut. And when a person begins in such work, then he feels the interferences that come as help against.

Then the work in the right and left lines are revealed to him, until he finally comes to the middle line. Everything exists in one common inclination, which we must actualize.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/21/12, Writings of Rabash 

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