Rothschild States Investors Have Encountered The Most Dangerous Geopolitical Situation

Laitman_718_06In the News (RIT Capital Partners): “Lord Jacob Rothschild turned to his investors and informed them that the world is found in the most dangerous geopolitical situation since the Second World War.

“His annual report announced that the goal of investors at the present time is no longer short-term profits, now it is about preserving existing capital. Rothschild, the honorary president of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, wrote: ‘Today’s geopolitical situation is perhaps more dangerous than everything that we have seen and encountered since the Second World War.’

“The business partners of Rothschild are Warren Buffett and Henry Kissinger. It is thought that the Rothschild family is the only clan in the history of humanity that has assets that stand at trillions of dollars.”

My Comment: Nobody knows the reasons for what is happening except the Kabbalists, but no one is listening to them. Ahead of us is much suffering for everyone, without exception. As much as we can, we can make the suffering easier through the dissemination of the method of connection and unity to all of humanity, through the influence of the Upper Light.

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