I Already Held Success In My Hands

Laitman_524_01Question: If a student goes against the desire of his Rav (teacher) and the spiritual faucet is automatically closed, does the student feel that the faucet is closed or is he under the illusion that the faucet is still open and everything is good?

Answer: There could be such an illusion.

Question: So what are the indicators here?

Answer: This must be clear to him. There are those who think that they are in connection with the Creator. They don’t hear or carry out the instructions of the Rav; they even refuse to try, for example, some kind of simple action that touches upon dissemination, and hide behind all kinds of calculations. All their calculations are materialistic, and so the person is not ready to do them correctly. He has the opportunity to realize the desire of his Rav, the teacher, but he doesn’t do it.

It is possible to say that he is opposing him, but he doesn’t have a connection with the Elyon (upper). I am not talking about a connection of Ruach Be Ruach (spirit to spirit) or mouth to mouth any more. That would already require true devotion. Only luck helps here. I can attest to this from my personal experience. A person is given so many possibilities to discover and acquire the spiritual world, to approach the Creator. But he doesn’t recognize his opportunities and move towards them, seemingly heedless of them. He simply lacks the sensitivity!

When he looks back on this path later, waiting a bit and acquiring experience, then he is amazed at what the Creator did for him. For I already held success in my hands, I received such care, support, and opportunity to do this and that and that. I missed such wonderful opportunities like these that will not return!

After that opportunities are given to him in the next incarnations, in the next situations, but really, here the group is very important for helping everyone because nobody is ready to nullify himself to the Rav; this is so very difficult. In my external life I can easily give things up, even for a person who is not important at all in my eyes. But here this requires great effort. And so a group is given to me that requires me to increase the importance.

And all of this must be according to the knowledge of spiritual laws, and not from the desire to do good, to look nice, to love or not to love. We must be directly integrated into a system, hold onto it like gears, and be adjusted to it.

What else can we do? According to my character, I would close myself off in isolation. I also thought of acting like that: close myself off with books, go deeply into the material. I didn’t think that I would have students and I would be connected to people, but without a choice…
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/27/14, Topic of Lesson “Teacher”

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