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Desires Going Faith Above Reason

laitman_608_01Torah, Numbers, 14:36 – 14:38: As for the men whom Moses had sent to scout the Land, who returned and caused the entire congregation to complain against him by spreading [a slanderous] report about the Land. The men who spread an evil report about the Land died in the plague, before the Lord. But Joshua the son of Nun and Caleb the son of Jephunneh remained alive of the men who went to tour the Land.

Joshua and Caleb are those desires within us that can still rise above reason. They are needed for the connection with the land of Israel.

Since they are righteous, they remain in the generation as a spiritual record (Reshimo) of what they saw in the promised land. This is why the entire generation of the desert dies except for those two.

Like everyone else, they wander in the desert for forty years. At every level, it is necessary to go through forty rungs in order to rise to the property of Bina from the Malchut, which they just revealed as being incapable of working with egoism. After all, they cannot cross the borders of the land of Israel without gaining the property of Bina.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/6/15

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The Sixth Sense

laitman_276_01Question: Is there any connection between Kabbalah and religion? Is Kabbalah a religion?

Answer: Kabbalah is not a religion; it is a science. Kabbalah is about the part of reality that is hidden from us but with which we have an opportunity to work, like in science. Therefore, Kabbalah is called a science.

Through special actions that we perform on ourselves, we can reveal our senses for perceiving a higher level. We have five corporeal senses—vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch—through which we perceive this world, but in a very limited form. Yet we perceive it to some extent and live accordingly.

We cannot even imagine that in this world around us there are so many other phenomena because our senses do not reveal them in a manner similar to that we cannot see what happens far away without binoculars, or without a radar we don’t see what exists in the air except the sound waves that are in our voice diapason, and so on.

We have so many instruments that we created in order to broaden the range of our senses. But they can only expand them while the science of Kabbalah creates an additional sense, “the sixth sense,” through which we can reveal the rest of reality, which is hidden from us. Then we know what we live for and how to live correctly. This is precisely what a person needs to attain.

Question: What kind of additional sense is it?

Answer: This sense works like our corporeal senses, only our five senses act in the form of receiving, consuming, attracting within all the data that is outside. And this additional sense, which we develop through Kabbalah, operates according to the desire to give, bestow, and love.

We come outside of and rise above ourselves, and thus we are not limited by our body with its five senses. Our spiritual sense exists outside of our corporeal body. It is like we deploy this sense onto all of reality. Then we can perceive everything. In fact, this sense is the soul.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/9/15

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The Refugee Crisis In Europe

laitman_273_01Question: A gigantic flood of asylum seekers overwhelms Europe. Last year alone, 260,000 immigrants and refugees reached European shores. They flee wars, genocide, humanitarian crises, and bad lives.

As a result, the immense wave creates a tremendous tension and makes the situation uncontrollable.

It is especially hard for the countries that are already under the blows of the economic crisis. Middle Eastern problems disturb Europe and do not let it live quietly.

The question is how to cope with this disaster. There are numerous opinions about this issue. Some of them demand solidarity with the displaced masses of people, others plea to stop their invasion. What do you personally think about this matter?

Answer: Let those who agree with migrants open their doors and take care of them directly.

Maybe, this will resolve the problem.

People are supposed to stand behind their own ideals rather than affirm values that eventually are imposed on other people’s shoulders. If one thinks that displaced individuals should be taken care of, one has to do it personally. Any other behavior is just about lofty words.

Ambiguity has to be stopped immediately! Who else must implement one’s principles instead of the one who asserts them? If I support hospitality, I have to bear the burden on my own shoulders too.

Question: Still, don’t you think that a broader approach to the problem should be exercised? Whole countries seek help from the European Union.

Answer: Governmental institutions are useless here. Why talk about Greece if the richest countries such as France or Germany are not able to accomodate the flow of immigrants? There is no feasible solution even in the long run, especially taking into consideration the upcoming crisis.

So I repeat: each one who declares solidarity with migrants must personally implement it to life. If so, the resolution might be as follows: infiltrators are stopped at the borders, a line that moves forward to the degree of local Europeans’ desire to take personal care of displaced families should be formed. After getting permission to enter and stay in the country, refugees should go directly to concrete addresses.

For instance, when my family and I repatriated to Israel more than 40 years ago, we were given IDs in the airport and told exactly where to go. Moreover, there was a car that picked us up with our luggage and took us to Karmelia hotel in Haifa.

Is today’s Europe capable of accommodating migrants the same way? Can it provide work places, national insurance and other benefits to them? If not, then their arrival to Europe is totally unpredictable.

This explains why the only alternative today is the help of the private sector, community organizations, state bodies, and immigration offices that take full responsibility for refugees’ absorption. It must be done in an orderly way.

However, the situation is already in progress no matter that there is no feasible solution that works today, might work tomorrow or the day after. If migrants were stopped at the borders in the beginning of the process, if they were not allowed to  enter the European Union, no new waves of refugees would emerge. Only after taking an adequate decision on their accommodation will it become possible for them to reside in the countries of their destination. It’s a two-way street: no solution, no infiltration.

Acting otherwise is just impossible. If someone thinks that it is viable, let them implement their ideas literally and personally.

Instead of finding a solution, Europe allows unwanted guests settle in the parks, beaches, and temporary improvised shelters. Then what?

Anyone who claims that we should help the refugees is welcome to open his home to them. Words will not help here. The problem isn’t only in Greece but even in stronger countries like Germany and France, which cannot take care of the refugees.
(Rav Michael Laitman in a talk with Oren Levi and Tal Mendelbaum Ben Moshe).


Anyone who claims that we should help the refugees is welcome to open his home to them. Words will not help here. The problem isn’t only in Greece but even in stronger countries like Germany and France, which cannot take care of the refugees.

Why is this happening today? The reason is that the world is taking on a new form, without boundaries, where everything is mixed and everything is round. Imagine meeting strangers in your kitchen or someone sleeping in your bed. It is scary! There is nowhere you can escape to. There is no place on this planet where you can be alone, not even 10 quiet square meters.

Why do we feel this way? So we will acknowledge our obligation to change our nature, to break out of our internal boundaries. Nature obliges us to develop to a level on which we will feel that we are all one heart, one body, and one thought. The corrections that we don’t perform in the relations between us are forced upon us by the steamroller of evolution.

It is actually the individualist Europeans who are given this crisis with the refugees since nature forces us to change our attitude to strangers and to regard them as if they were our children, “love thy friend as thyself.” There will also be financial blows and different natural blows that will teach us that we are all in one boat and that’s it!

Then the world will come to the nation of Israel and demand the solution from us, because the solution is found in the wisdom of Kabbalah, the wisdom of connection.

The refugee crisis in Europe is not a temporary crisis but actually part of a series of intentional blows that will force us to correct ourselves. The waves of immigrants that will lead to the mixing of populations will flood the world: from South America to North America, and Moslems all over the world. The Europeans will feel that they cannot go on living unless we change our attitude towards others. Then they will be worthy of the correction of human nature and will feel that the nation of Israel has the method for correction.

When we develop the ability to feel that we are all one family, life in our world will be Heavenly.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/27/15

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