Immigrants Assimilate Europeans

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Voice of Russia): “The scandal that erupted in Britain around Muslim cashiers who refuse to serve the native British who buy pork and alcohol is just another harbinger of irreversible demographic and cultural shifts, approaching Europe.

“In general, European society has already reached the realization that the situation formed by the policy of multiculturalism transcends common sense. On the other hand, the process is already running. The irreversible demographic changes are taking place.

“If in general, the proportion of Muslims in Europe is not large yet, then in the next twenty years, the demographic situation will begin to change.

“Meanwhile, the real facts show that the radical Islamists of the number of Muslim immigrants are already attacking Western values and the very way of life of native Europeans: they cannot drink beer, mini-skirts or shorts are forbidden. Muslim radicals carry out raids in the tourist area of London Brick Lane and threaten owners of local bars and shops with punishment for selling alcohol. Muslim extremists in Belgium promise to eventually throw Belgians out of the kingdom of Belgium.

“All these incidents that we are witnessing now are only harbingers of ideological, demographic and cultural shifts, caused by the policy of multiculturalism. Over time, immigrants in Europe will undoubtedly assimilate Europeans.”

My Comment: Similar processes accelerate the recognition of egoism as evil and are positive. Thanks to them, humanity will quickly realize the limit of its egoistic civilized development and the need to find another way. And it can only be in rising above our nature through the method of integral re-education.

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  1. Hello Rav!
    Is there a difference between integral education and integral re-education? What does the prefix “re” mean before education?
    Thank you so much.

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