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The Ideal Woman At A Convention

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should a woman ideally carry out her role at the three upcoming conventions?

Answer: The ideal woman includes all of the women of our world group within her. All of the women are connected together; they nullify their ego, their desire to gossip, to criticize, and their mutual disdain.

And it is not that they have forgiven each other’s shortcomings; rather, they truly feel that we are becoming one body. Our intellect and emotions detach us and bring us out of this common collective body by giving each one the illusion that she exists separately from the others.

We come to the convention in order to discover the truth, to see with the undistorted view that the whole world is one system. There is only matter that was created by the Creator “from nothing” in which the power of “something from something” dominates. Only love and connection dwell in the world. And that it seems to us otherwise is only because we are not like this ourselves. If I change myself in order to connect with others, then I will directly feel the upper world, here and now. Nothing else is needed other than changing our perception.

The ideal woman of Bnei Baruch feels this higher system, is included within it, and looks at the world with corrected eyes. I dream to see such women.

Question: How do we do the maximum? How do we focus on the inner work in order to attain this ideal image most rapidly?

Answer: We start from here, that all of the particular problems that exist in a group begin to be perceived and corrected as a common problem in a family. And we are even more than a family, we are one body. Even a hundred years ago Baal HaSulam wrote that the world of today is one family, one system. But we didn’t see this until now. We hope that now our Bnei Baruch group will ultimately become one united woman and one united man. And then these two halves can connect with an immense merger in which the Creator is discovered. We are already very close to this condition; so come, let’s hasten our advancement towards this.

I expect to see everyone as great as a result of the convention. And the women will play an even more important role here than the men. We know that women quietly determine the whole order of our lives. Therefore, I very much hope that the women will help us to rise over the course of the next two weeks in a meaningful way. After the convention we will already meet on the next level. I wish all of us success!
From Kab TV’s Preparation to the Convention 1/24/14

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Everyone Is Traveling To The Convention

Dr. Michael LaitmanI am filled with anxiety about our convention in February. We are given work from above, an opportunity, responsibility for the souls, as if they are put into our hands in order to take care of them. This is a dear and great responsibility.

The Creator wants to be discovered and places before you conditions so that you must relate to this vessel as you would relate to the Creator. For precisely the right integration between all parts of the vessel, all parts of the Divinity, constructs the form of the Creator.

All of these desires that arrive from all ends of the world are the base; they are the area in which He is revealed. They invest so much, they are with us all the time. Many groups simply lock up their centers and come to the convention in full force.

And this imposes upon us a great responsibility. This is not talking about the organizational part, but rather, how we embrace and absorb them immediately and are absorbed within them. We are not hosting them; rather, we include them among us without any difference, in a completely new general condition that doesn’t exist in us or in them at the moment.

They are making supreme efforts, arriving from the most distant places, loaded with an unprecedented intensity, and we must reach a new state for connection, for the yearning for mutual bestowal within which the Bestower will be revealed.

Question: If we succeed in melting into one another and becoming integrated within an immense common desire, will this create a world vessel on a new level? How will we not waste the opportunity? This is the realization of everything that we have been waiting a lifetime for.

Answer: We must awaken one another, be responsible for each other. Each one is now determining his fate.

Question: It is up to us to acquire the deficiency of the friends. How do I pay for this?

Answer: By renunciation of the ego. There is no other price. It is as if we peel the shell from the heart in order to adhere to the friends until we feel their desire as our desire. We connect the desires that yearn for the discovery of the Creator. We connect and expect the arrival of the Light that Reforms, the power that will connect us and be revealed in us as the power of bestowal. And then we will flow within the characteristic of bestowal. From now on, all of our deeds are derived only from this feeling; We feel that we are in a sea of bestowal. It envelops us in warmth from all directions and obligates us with subtlety to carry out our obligations. I nullify myself and then this characteristic of bestowal works through me.

But this is only mutual integration. And after that it is up to me to grow like an embryo, to hold the characteristic of bestowal within my ego. It is like a boat set into the sea; I want to increase the activity of the general bestowal that is revealed in me on the first level, the initial stage of the Light of Nefesh de Nefesh”. Through my willing combination with this characteristic, I strengthen the action, they say 620 times in 125 spiritual levels. And all of this is the result of my participation, of my efforts in a sea of bestowal in which I discover myself like an embryo in the water’s of its mother’s womb.

In the beginning I give myself up over the growing desire to receive, nullifying it in order to dwell within the characteristic of bestowal, identifying with it. And this is active work, active nullification of myself, and is realized over an opposing ego. The “flesh” that is added to the embryo awakens opposition and it is as if it builds from itself a negative image of itself.

Question: So how do we attain all of this? How do we acquire the deficiency of the friends?

Answer: This is through faith above reason. I want the characteristic of bestowal to dominate in me above all of my intellect and feeling. I already understand that I am not the master of my own house. In every moment of my life something dominates me that is revealed against my will. But there is also free choice. I choose the dominance of the characteristic of bestowal. In the face of all the desires that are revealed in me and arouse rejection, indifference, and additional negative things in me, I want bestowal to dominate in me.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/19/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Deceiving The Teacher – Laitman Unplugged

Poison That Heals

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is nothing besides the Torah and prayer, that is, the discovery of the shortcomings that I must clarify, sort through. I must connect with the friends in order to create the right deficiency that is imperative for the correction that will take place through our closeness, our integration with each other, the connection and adhesion of all the shattered parts.

As a result, we reach the inability to connect, and we clarify that there exists some kind of obstacle among us that disturbs us. It could be that the Creator won’t allow us to do this or it is our egoistic nature itself, which was also created by the Creator.

In other words, we discover disturbances on the way towards connection, correction, and restoration of the whole vessel, the one collective soul in which we can discover the Creator as a single power, and in this manner we realize the goal of creation, this being our personal goal as well.

If we work on all of this, then we reach our true shortcoming: our inability to attain connection. And about this it is said: “The One who makes peace on high will make peace for us,” will complete our unification, and will connect us. A prayer like this will be accepted immediately and we will merit an answer to the prayer.

The answer to the prayer arrives in the form of the Light that Reforms that connects us. This Light is called Torah. Therefore it is said, “I created the evil inclination,” the desire that separates us and doesn’t allow us to connect. At the moment that we want to connect, to be included with each other, to melt into one another, we discover the evil inclination that is awakened in us. And before that it doesn’t show itself.

It is concealed inside like a snake and we don’t feel it. But the moment that we begin to approach each other with the intention to connect, then the snake shows its head and doesn’t allow it. It secretes its poison, and then we understand, feel, and discover what that “evil inclination” is.

But against this evil inclination, the Light that Reform comes and transforms it into the good inclination. That is, without this ego we would not succeed in reaching connection; it is specifically the evil inclination that becomes the good inclination. It is like snake venom, which on the one hand is poisonous but on the other hand is used as a remedy. Every remedy is a poison, but a poison taken in a very small dose that can be used to treat the disease.

Poison is at the foundation of every remedy, but not every poison is a remedy. If we match the poison of the snake to the poison within us, then the Light of correction is revealed within. That is how we reach the Torah; that is, we already have Torah (the Light that Reforms) and prayer.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/21/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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How Can We Turn The Night Into Day?

Dr. Michael Laitman“Introduction toThe Book of Zohar,” “The Torah and a Prayer”, Item 182: Come and see an advice for a person: when he goes to bed at night, he should take upon himself the kingship of above wholeheartedly and come early to deposit his soul to Him. …

And when he does so, the governance of the night cannot blemish him any longer and arrest him from the pleasantness of the work of the Creator, for to him, the evening and the morning are one day, and the night is only a real part of the day. Hence, he is immediately saved from any bad illnesses and from all the evil spirits, which do not control him, for his night has already parted the domain of the Sitra Achra, since nothing can ever part him and the holy Divinity, and the forces of the Sitra Achra and the Din do not govern him any longer.

How can we turn the night into day? Of course there is no night or day, and it only seems that way in my corrupt desires. If additional deficiencies are evoked in me and it is time to correct them, I feel darkness in them, night. Night is lack of unity, lack of the revelation of the Creator, the force of bestowal that should fill all my vessels.

My vessels are my reality. The whole world is my vessel, all of the still, vegetative, animate nature, and human beings are inside me. If this vessel is filled by the force of love and mutual bestowal that unites everything into one whole, then there are no big or small, distant or near; everything is one. Because love covers all the sins and erases all the differences. This means that I discover the Creator, He fills me, and I unite with Him.

But there are still more uncorrected desires in me that I have never felt and seen, and they suddenly begin to rise and to appear. So I begin to think badly about the friends, the group, the teacher, and the Creator. I am thrown from side to side until I ascend to the last ultimate level of the end of correction, and until then I discover deeper and worse levels of my ego of increasingly greater Aviut (coarseness). I am thrown very far from spirituality or even become totally unaware that I was ever in spirituality and that I have left it now. The coarse levels of the corrupt Aviut that are revealed in me will be so coarse that they can totally disconnect me from the feeling and recognition I had before.

Then I feel night in these desires. Night is the force of separation and it isn’t just darkness and loss of interest in spirituality and the goal. I am either thrown to a state of total helplessness or I disrespect the spiritual goal and the group and I am aware of that, or I may totally lose this recognition and descend back into this world worrying only about my corporeal existence, which means that I lose even the human level of this world and descend further and further down to the animal level until I totally fall unable to move, like a corpse.

All these forces that separate me from adhesion to the Creator, from the one force that dominates and fills all of reality with the attribute of love and bestowal, are called darkness and night. But there is an angel called night that actually brings the drop of semen to the Creator and asks, “What will be born from it?” This means that night is actually the force that brings the drop of semen from which a human develops. A person is reborn every day and has to determine his own fate: whether to be wicked or a righteous.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/20/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Rendezvous At The Dump

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “Letter 29”: And the idea is that work that is usually done with trees is also done with a person in order to train him. Things are brought that are required for working with the tree, and from that, we learn about working with a person. First of all, there is manure.

The work of the person on himself begins from this. After he makes a choice and is going in the right direction by deciding that he will ascend and be involved with his soul, he serves the soul and not the body. We don’t abandon the body. We require it, but only to the degree that it helps with the work on the soul.

We fertilize, we bring manure to them. Likewise the person must bring manure into himself, meaning garbage, the despicable qualities in a person. But the person doesn’t need to bring manure from outside as he would with the tree; rather, he must bring in the manure from the hidden to the revealed; this means within his emotion, so that he will feel the degree of the contemptibility of his despicable qualities. Otherwise he is not prepared to correct his deeds.

We should not be afraid of all that “garbage” that floats up to us from within. We are talking about a person who does good deeds, who always is yearning for the good, meaning, for bestowal and connection. However, it is precisely through this that he awakens and brings up all of the garbage that is hidden inside of him that he must clarify and correct. This is the first stage of the inner work.

We don’t need to be afraid that within everyone a sack of stinking garbage is discovered. As long as you haven’t discovered it, it doesn’t stink. However, you must discover it in order to carry out your first spiritual work, which is “fertilization.” All respect is due to those people who, in spite of all the stench that they discover in their egoistic characteristics, continue to strengthen the understanding within them that this comes from the Creator. The Creator arranges this so that they always can make the right choice and advance onward.

The tree lives thanks to this manure only, so fertilize! It is amazing how, through the right use of the right garbage recognized by a person as fertilizer for growth, he is elevated through faith above reason, helping him to advance. This is not simple work, but very respected. The sorting of our internal garbage and its correct use makes it possible for us to rise to a higher and higher level all the time.

The higher we rise, the more vile garbage and filth we discover within us, and on the highest levels, such characteristics begin to be revealed in a person which shock him, “Is all this really found within me?” Yes, in every person are hidden the most disgusting characteristics, and only our connection can save us. Only the connection with the friends directs a person correctly. We hope that we will succeed in raising all of our inner garbage to holiness!

We must understand that Mount Sinai is a mountain of garbage, and it is precisely upon this that we must go. There, at the peak, above all of our garbage, exists our encounter with the Creator, really in the middle of the central garbage dump. The main thing is not to be afraid of this garbage and not to hide it, rather to see that it is possible to correct it with the help of the friends. It is impossible to do anything in spirituality alone, not even a single step. However, thanks to the friends, you will transform this stench into a pleasant fragrance.

Everything depends only on the direction. If the direction is egoistic, then we smell a terrible stench, and if it is in order to bestow, then this smell suddenly becomes fragrant incense.
From a Talk during the Meal 1/17/14

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The Forum In Davos

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Michael Khazin, economist): “The Forum in Davos is no longer such an interest to the public. The economy is in the stage of recession, and businessmen and politicians know that very well. It is necessary to discuss what and how to change, but there is a need for people who can do that, but such are not visible in Davos.

“Today’s Davos is called a ‘post-crisis’ forum, which is funny and silly: the reduction in private demand and the disappearance of the middle class indicate that the crisis continues. The refusal to discuss the real problems of the modern economy produces illusions that the crisis is over. As a result, the discussion in Davos, as in the recent years, gives no real solution to the situation in the world economy.”

My Comment: In general, everyone is in low spirits and continues in the old way, and habit creates the illusion of a normal state. But nature (the forces that manage humankind and our developing properties) does not stay still; everything in it is developing towards general harmony, and humanity’s delay in becoming similar to nature, in moving towards a harmonious (integral) state will be felt as a growing all-encompassing crisis.

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Nothing In The World Is Superfluous!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why are we sometimes shaken to the extent that we simply cannot tolerate our condition? We wake up in the morning and everything is against us…

Answer: These “shakes” are not against you, but rather they give you a chance to wake up. Would you want to climb a steep hill if you woke up in the morning and saw birds singing, the sun shining, everything blossoming, green grass around you, and caressing waves splashing against the seashore?

How can anyone advance without resistance? You have to understand that we really are in need of the left line! We should never cast it aside or cancel it, but rather work with it and bind it to us as if it’s written in stone in our brain: “Nothing is extra in this world.” We should be thankful for going through even the worst things and encountering terrible enemies. Those who prevent us from disseminating Kabbalah, who slander us, are vitally essential to us. Without them, we won’t be able to stabilize ourselves correctly.

It’s impossible to shape ourselves without destructive forces that press upon us. Because of them, we can format, build, and frame ourselves. We cannot advance without the second alternative force and only by being under the influence of one force, the force of benevolence. We would go crazy if the only force we encountered would be a good, benevolent power that has no limits.

We always act inside certain boundaries. Going beyond the limits would mean positioning the entire left line against the right one. At this time, we are only beginning this work and that’s why we should regard it in a very simple way: “From this moment on, I should bear in mind that my life is the intertwining of two opposite forces; it’s extremely important that we accept that both of them compose my life .” We shouldn’t expect the forces that we dislike to suddenly disappear. It just won’t happen.

Look how our bodies work. Life is possible only where there is interaction, connection, digestion, and metabolism.

Comment: I can comprehend it with my brain, but when the Light starts pressing on me even a little harder, I cannot stand it.

Answer: There is only one recipe: cling to the center of the group. Now you already see that you need a “shield,” otherwise you will never be certain of what will happen to you the next moment, or else, you be in genuine fear instead of playing with the toys that you are given at this time. Deliverance can be found only in the center of the group. If you hold onto it, you will be saved.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/27/13, Shamati #72 “Confidence is the Clothing for the Light”

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Yearn And Everything Will Open Up!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Should a person study the Torah literally?

Answer: No. Interestingly when a person reaches internal attainment he begins to see what the Torah says, although he may not have even read it.

The whole Torah appears before him. He understands that he should say certain things and that if he looks at the book, he will actually see that. In our world people read the Torah and don’t understand what it is about. A person who attains spirituality, however, reaches this internally.

It is all the revelation of the spiritual basis inside him, since all the desires, the intentions, the attributes, and all the Light exist in one single volume. Now, too, we are in the world of Infinity, but to the extent that a person discovers himself and adapts himself to the world of Infinity, he sees volumes, depths, and heights that are much greater and he sees it in all the revelations.

Kabbalists have revealed everything that they describe. A person even begins to understand which of the Kabbalists a certain revelation belongs to: this, for example, was written by Baal HaSulam, and this was written by the Ari. Everything depends on a person’s soul. Ramchal, for example, could fully describe the Temple since this was his level of attainment. By the special power of the attribute of his soul he simply discovered it inside him and described it.

Question: Often the mind prevents us constantly resisting, saying: “You must memorize, you must understand.”

Answer: This is totally wrong. There should be no memorizing here. Even without perceiving the words or the phrases of the Torah, and even by revealing the text, a person still attains it if he works correctly. He receives everything that he needs.
From Kab TV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/19/13

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