Nothing In The World Is Superfluous!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why are we sometimes shaken to the extent that we simply cannot tolerate our condition? We wake up in the morning and everything is against us…

Answer: These “shakes” are not against you, but rather they give you a chance to wake up. Would you want to climb a steep hill if you woke up in the morning and saw birds singing, the sun shining, everything blossoming, green grass around you, and caressing waves splashing against the seashore?

How can anyone advance without resistance? You have to understand that we really are in need of the left line! We should never cast it aside or cancel it, but rather work with it and bind it to us as if it’s written in stone in our brain: “Nothing is extra in this world.” We should be thankful for going through even the worst things and encountering terrible enemies. Those who prevent us from disseminating Kabbalah, who slander us, are vitally essential to us. Without them, we won’t be able to stabilize ourselves correctly.

It’s impossible to shape ourselves without destructive forces that press upon us. Because of them, we can format, build, and frame ourselves. We cannot advance without the second alternative force and only by being under the influence of one force, the force of benevolence. We would go crazy if the only force we encountered would be a good, benevolent power that has no limits.

We always act inside certain boundaries. Going beyond the limits would mean positioning the entire left line against the right one. At this time, we are only beginning this work and that’s why we should regard it in a very simple way: “From this moment on, I should bear in mind that my life is the intertwining of two opposite forces; it’s extremely important that we accept that both of them compose my life .” We shouldn’t expect the forces that we dislike to suddenly disappear. It just won’t happen.

Look how our bodies work. Life is possible only where there is interaction, connection, digestion, and metabolism.

Comment: I can comprehend it with my brain, but when the Light starts pressing on me even a little harder, I cannot stand it.

Answer: There is only one recipe: cling to the center of the group. Now you already see that you need a “shield,” otherwise you will never be certain of what will happen to you the next moment, or else, you be in genuine fear instead of playing with the toys that you are given at this time. Deliverance can be found only in the center of the group. If you hold onto it, you will be saved.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/27/13, Shamati #72 “Confidence is the Clothing for the Light”

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