The Benefits Of Evil

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen we look around, we see the evil in our development. We can assume that we also had a chance to develop in a better way, to walk on two legs, meaning to expose a bit of the evil and then get back on the right track, and then back again, over and over. All we need is to fulfill the recognition of evil and its hidden parts correctly, to advance step by step, to realize our mistakes and to immediately correct them. Like a child who is allowed to break apart a toy so that he will learn to put the broken toy back together. We allow him to do something wrong so that he will understand what is right.

It’s exactly the same here. We must change our attitude and understand that our life is organized in such a way that evil is necessary. But let’s start learning its essence, getting to know our ego, learning the wrong use that we make with the options that we have especially in technology, science, in the potential that is above the animate level, on the human level.

If we use all our treasures correctly while constantly checking what is right and wrong, we’ll be able, based on this test, to switch from evil to good every time. We’ll develop in alternating phases of shrinking and expanding, like the organs in our body: the respiratory system, the heart, etc. It is also like a bicycle wheel that has one part moving forward while the other moves backward. In every development there are two forces that operate in harmony and complete one another.

There is no need to destroy anything in our world. Until now our development was forced and essential. From now on we should have a more critical approach to what is happening. We should analyze everything that happens now wisely and draw conclusions about the future and, time after time, follow that way of corrections. Then all the evil turns into an important assistance. We use both forces in order to advance. Actually there is no good or bad. These two forces are like reins that help us move forward.

Suddenly we begin to understand that all our egoistic nature is actually good because, thanks to it, we’ve developed the ability to analyze and correct ourselves. From now on, by our correct mutual actions, we will move fast forward, like a locomotive towards the goal, until we become a “ripe apple,” a prosperous flourishing society in which there are good relations.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 10, 1/8/12

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  1. yes the ego showed us what we don’t want to be like but if the quality of bestowal is not reached the person always find himself tormented again and again by other egos that are stronger, have MORE, cause more harm, take more, have no regard for the lesser beings (animate level): Nature provides but man isn’t happy with her provision: HE will rape everything and leave nothing in return even for his own offspring: I know how the creator handles egos because he handled mine 20 years ago and I wan’t even in power or had any influence in the world: HE DID THIS so COULD WARN OTHERS of his power…………and NOT more than TWO persons even try to hear or believe that the creator can INTERVENE in man’s development in an instant, suddenly ENTERING the heart of man, leaving him terrifed for years(even though he also sees the light that apprehends him): If ONLY I saw one other soul who made this claims in the world, but nobody believes or understands; Im afraid for the world if the creator suddenly does to others what he did to me 20 yrs ago: It will cast the whole world into chaos; HURRY and pray, pray, pray to RISE above…………nature is getting ready to show her other side in a much more violent way than she has and it will clean egos off th face of the earth quickly:

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