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Alarming Rise In Bacteria Resistant To Antibiotics

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Independent):Britain is facing a ‘massive’ rise in antibiotic-resistant blood poisoning caused by the bacterium E.coli – bringing closer the spectre of diseases that are impossible to treat.

“Experts say the growth of antibiotic resistance now poses as great a threat to global health as the emergence of new diseases such as Aids and pandemic flu. …

“The ‘slow but insidious growth’ of resistant organisms was threatening to turn common infections into untreatable diseases… ‘It is a worldwide issue – there are no boundaries’…”

My Comment: If we continue not taking any actions for our balance with nature (connection with each other into one whole, balanced receiving and giving between us and nature, reasonable economic consumption, uniform distribution, and integral education), disturbances in natural balance will lead us to the state in which we will not be able to exist because our bodies also exist due to the same balance like within themselves and the environment.

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The Wind Of Light Raising Waves Of Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is said “the Light stirs up desires.” This means that it separates desires into all kinds of different types, organizes them, and connects them in various forms.

The Light does all of this due to the fact that it gives each desire its special expression of bestowal, more in some ways, less in other ways, which manifests in some way or another. Thanks to this, the desires begin to fluctuate, ripple like waves in the sea, and experience various changes.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/21/12, “Study of the Ten Sefirot

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The Pyramid Of Mutual Guarantee

Dr. Michael LaitmanMalchut is separated into two levels of desire that differ by how quickly they react to the influence of the Light. All of the desire in Malchut needs to be corrected and returned back to Keter. This is called the nine Sefirot of the Reflected Light, the work of the creation. And when the construction of the whole upper system is completed, all the worlds and restrictions, all the examples of the relationships between Keter and Malchut, establishing complete conformity from above to below from the side of the Light, then it is creation and humanity’s turn, in other words, the total Malchut begins to awaken from the state most distant from the Creator.

In this awakening some awaken sooner and some later according to the law of similarity of qualities. The upper Light influences us and gradually strengthens its influence on the general Malchut, which is split apart.

Those parts that awaken before everyone else are called Israel, meaning those who aspire “straight to the Creator” (Yashar-El). While those who are not yet awakened due to their great depth of desire, for the time being are called the nations of the world. However, in the end everyone will arrive at unity with the Creator, as it is said: “And there shall be no outcast rejected from Him” and “Everything must return to its root.” However, there is a defined order according to which a part of the souls awakens earlier, and those awakened first are obliged to work on themselves and be a conductor of Light for the rest who are not able to awaken by themselves.

They will never awaken if the part of the souls that is awakened thanks to the Light does not exert influence on them. So it turns out that there is a part of the souls located under the direct influence of the Light and for this reason can awaken, while the other part can awaken only due to the influence of the Light through higher parts of the soul. This is how the Light gets to everyone.

That is why we separate these two groups in our dissemination. There are those, who awaken by themselves towards the Light and their relationship to it is studied by the science of Kabbalah. They need to take this system with its laws and explain it to the others using the language of that earthly system where we all are, using the language of “mutual guarantee.” And the relationships of everyone else to each other will not be called by the terms of the science of Kabbalah, but of the mutual guarantee.

In fact, this is the same science, the same methodology, but on two levels. The level for those who consciously aspire toward the Light is called Kabbalah. The level for those who simply long for a happy life is called mutual guarantee. But both of these parts are moving and getting closer to each other, egoistically (Lo Lishma) at first, and in the end will reach bestowal (Lishma).

That is why the problems and sufferings they experience are also different. Those who are in connection with the Light receive suffering relative to the Light called the sufferings of love. They are constantly judging themselves, searching and clarifying their relationship to the Light, how connected they are to it, and whether they love it or not.

While those who are at the other level will be obliged to check themselves relative to the mutual guarantee, whether they want it or not, whether they love each other or not. This is how the same aspirations, the same stages are realized in a concealed way, only on a lower level, in a somewhat similar way. Then they will at levels more advanced, more conscious and will even reach the revelation.

That is why for those, who are already in touch with the light, the following condition is given: “Be unto Me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation.” Meaning that they must be in complete bestowal, in faith, “Lishma,” in unity with the Light, with the Creator. They are obliged to be the “servers of the Creator” relative to those, who are lower than them and do not have the direct connection with the Light, meaning, they have to be the teachers, educators, organizers of the whole necessary system of correction, to care about others. Thanks to this they will reach unity with the Creator. There is no other purpose of the people in whom the urge for spirituality awakens, besides working with the others and to serve as a transfer buffer for the correction of the world, and only due to this to become worthy of unity with the Creator. After those, who are called Israel, the whole of the world will arrive at such a union. This is how the world is built.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/19/12, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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The Emptiness Inside Is The Embryo Of The Spiritual Vessel

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot,” 100: …The Zohar tells us that we should not even consider that the Creator wishes to remain in the Providence of concealed face from His creations. Rather, it is like a person who deliberately hides himself, so his friend will seek and find him. Similarly, when the Creator behaves in concealment of face with His creations, it is only because He wants the creatures to seek the disclosure of His face and find Him. …

We are talking only about those who receive, that is, the created beings that have feelings towards the Creator. There is a created being: a body, a head, arms and legs, everything is in its place. But is he automatically called a “created being?” No.

The created being is the desire to receive that feels the Creator, or that feels a deficiency in him. By that deficiency, I can be called a “created being” in relation to the one who is the “Creator” for me. If I don’t feel this deficiency for the Creator, then I cannot be called a created being because I don’t feel that I am part of something or of someone, and I stay on the developmental level of a “beast.”

The created being, a man, begins the search for his source, for the Creator. Only then is a spiritual vessel born in him, the deficiency and the need to reveal the Creator. Until then he goes through the stages of preparation as he hasn’t attained the fourth phase of his desire yet.

On the whole, it is only about the intensity of the desire to receive, about its “coarseness” and about the new attribute that guides a person in his search for the source. When this new desire is born in a person, he begins to feel that he is in concealment. Thus the concealment is also a stage of the revelation: I discover inside me that something is concealed from me, and it isn’t trivial. If such an “appetite” is evoked in us, some deficiency, if emptiness is revealed inside me, a deficiency for something, it is already an embryo, a beginning of the future vessel. Its further development depends on my efforts, but its beginning, the end of the string, is placed in my hands.

Therefore, we should love and respect the concealment and not reject or disrespect it, but rather we should know how to work with it. This is our craft, because the concealment leads us to revelation. Furthermore, the revelation will also come to a person in a concealed manner if the Creator creates a veil for him, and then the person builds it by himself and discovers the Creator in it.

The Creator shows him that He is concealed from him: He places a “partition,” hangs a “curtain,” between them, so that a person would feel His presence in the concealment. Here a person should make calculations: This is happening because I am in my egoistic desire. If I create that curtain now, not over my recognition but only over my ego, then I will be able to partly ascend above that “curtain,” above the Masach (screen), and there I will discover the Creator. Only my ego will remain in the lower part that is below the Masach, the desire to receive in order to receive. When I build such a Masach, such a curtain above my ego, I unveil the curtain that conceals the Creator.

Therefore we work in concealment and do not annul it immediately. All the Masachim (screens) are concealments: I check what I should cover and what I should reveal and to what extent and in what way. This is all my work.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/22/12, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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“Tomorrow” Means “Never”

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot,” 100: In other words, there would be no way or inlet for people to attain the Light of the King’s countenance had He not first behaved with them in concealment of the face. Thus, the whole concealment is but a preparation for the disclosure of the face.

Yesterday I spoke with a man who practically knows everything that is in our books. He really made great efforts in his study. His question was simple: “What’s the use of having studied all that?”

The point is that the revelation of the Creator doesn’t depend on the amount of knowledge and the number of years one studies. It only depends on the intensity of the mutual connection among us. This is the whole problem. Our spiritual vessel is called “mutual guarantee” and it depends only on how much we can connect with one another so that each one can depend on the other and trust him. It can even be a “baby,” in other words, a person who just started studying. Seniority has no meaning.

We study the material and “chew” it, but don’t think that if you study a certain additional number of pages you can discover the Creator. If you can’t do it now, you won’t be able to do it later either. You mustn’t postpone the redemption. We should expect the coming of the Messiah at any moment. The revelation doesn’t depend on anything physical.

Baal HaSulam says in letter 17: … when today will become tomorrow, and instead of now you shall say later. And there is no remedy for that except to make an effort to understand this mistake and this distortion, that the one who is saved by the Creator, is saved only as someone who needs help today, and if he can wait for tomorrow he will understand things at the end of his life.

And this is because of your negligence to fulfill my request and to make an effort in the love of friends, which I have explained to you in 70 languages (in every possible way), that this virtue is enough in order to complete all that you lack.

This means that a person didn’t do what he had to do and remained empty. He will only understand his mistakes at the end of his life, when it is too late.

So don’t think that we should study some more, or we should work on ourselves some more. Every person, even the newest student, must see himself as ready and worthy. The Creator Himself built the present situation for us. It isn’t my caprice. Until about a year or two ago I didn’t think about it, but now, when the external conditions have been revealed, when we must fulfill them, it is a sign that we are ready.

Even if I don’t understand and don’t feel what Kabbalists say, it isn’t an obstacle. When a person feels that he is empty, then it is the truth and is good. This is because our spiritual vessel is not in any of us at all, but only among us. Everyone feels the spiritual world outside him, in his mutual connection with others.

If we calculate things now and check how much more effort and preparation we need, then actually everyone thinks about his own deficiencies, and with himself one cannot have any calculations. No matter what is inside you, it has nothing to do with spirituality. This is your “beast.” The spiritual world is among us, in the space of our mutual connection. It is there that my spiritual vessel is found. Actually it is all of Ein Sof (Infinity).

You may ask: “So what have we done until now?” We worked in order to understand this, and not more than that. The understanding takes years, and all the rest is practical work when a man’s soul teaches him. It is written: “Love will cover all the sins.” “Will cover” means that it will complete everything. You don’t need anything more.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/22/12, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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Detector For Revealing The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe upper Light is absolutely still. We are in an ocean of Light, like in an electrical, magnetic, or some other kind of field. It does not matter what kind of Light we have here. It exists; I do not need to create this second force, I just need to reveal it.

It turns out that every time we need to achieve a connection between us to form a detector, an instrument for revealing the field in which we exist. This detector is a desire, a need, which is sensitive to the field I am going to reveal: the quality of bestowal.

In other words, I must feel a need, a desire, to reveal the quality of bestowal. This is the only thing we lack, nothing else. As soon as we together reveal the need for the quality to bestow, we reveal it. That is, we must calibrate ourselves in relation to the quality of bestowal, to manage to reveal it without being in it, but only through an idea of what it represents. This is exactly what we are asking: to know what the quality of bestowal is, to be able to connect with one another the right way for the desire, the need, to bestow to appear in the connection between us. And that is all! This is the Kli (vessel) for revealing it.

We please the Creator with this attitude toward the quality to bestow, this field, the Creator. This is not that difficult and not so far away. All the effort needs to be in the thought: What is the detector of the quality of bestowal? And there is nothing else.

Baal HaSulam wrote in the book The House of the Gates to Intentions: There is a Creator and a creation, and he continues to explain that the creation’s entire problem is to reveal the Creator within which it exists. There is nothing else.

For this reason, when a person concentrates on the question: “How do I build the vessel for revealing the Creator, the quality to bestow, so it would reveal in me?”—he understand that this quality cannot reveal in him because he does not have a vessel for it, he lacks sensitivity for this quality.

Sensitivity to the quality to bestow can only appear from our revealing the desire for it together in our connection. My vessel gains sensitivity to the extent of our simultaneous rejection of one another and the desire to reveal the quality of bestowal between us. So I increase the extent of its sensitivity. And that is it.

Question: Why do I need to want to reveal the need for the quality of bestowal instead of revealing the actual quality?

Answer: There is no point to my revealing the actual quality to bestow: It exists. There is a treat in front of me, which contains everything. Everything in the world is in front of you. But you do not have an appetite for it and you cannot taste it. For example, if I am sick and have not eaten for two days, what do I think about? Revealing tastes? No I think about my need, my desire because, in fact, this is what I lack. Everything else is ready.

The upper Light is absolutely still. We are inside it. Increase your sensitivity, from opposition to it, from the negative, at least make it zero, and keep increasing it little by little until you reveal it.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/22/12, The Zohar

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The Measure Of My Exertion

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: On one hand we say that we should demand revelation now, regardless of our length of study, and on the other hand there is the notion of the necessary measure of exertion, which must be made in the preparation stage. How do the two things go together?

Answer: Reaching the necessary measure means reaching the true necessity. None of us can even begin to feel this. We simply feel bad in our ego and so we are ready to escape it to some extent. Not more than that.

Spirituality begins from the revelation of our mutual connection. We haven’t started that yet and haven’t reached it. We haven’t started this process and haven’t touched the vessel among us.

In each of us there is only emptiness, nothing. It isn’t a vessel, but merely a point. Besides that, everything else in you belongs to the beastly level and has nothing to do with spirituality. The “human” in you is just a point within which there is nothing. This point develops only by connection with other points, and thus it puts on “flesh” and creates a spiritual “body.”

The preliminary work for attaining the necessary measure is only needed in order to begin uniting with the friends. None of us has anything; no one understands anything. We come out of Egypt like some “crowd” escaping without knowing where to, in total darkness covering all our desires, thoughts, and intentions. This is the escape of the slaves of the egoism. Otherwise they cannot leave it. They are taken out after being in a state of having no choice, and nothing more is demanded of them. Then they start complaining to Moses, they build the golden calf, but this is actually the road to spirituality, otherwise you will not be born.

Therefore the measure of exertion is when you understand that the spiritual vessel is connection with others. It doesn’t belong to you. It is a very hard moment, because here you begin to enter through the wall in order to reach the spiritual world. On one side of the wall you are in the ego, in your individualism; and on the other side of the wall it will be clear to you that the spiritual “you” is what is between you and the others to the extent that you are in them, in their desires and their thoughts, when you leave your own thoughts and desires behind that wall.

Only the Light can do that for you, but you should imagine this and think about it. Nothing more than that is asked of you.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/22/12, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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You Will See Your World In Your Life Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creature is the force of our shared desire to enjoy, standing opposite the force of bestowal. These are two opposing forces, like “plus” and “minus,” the north and south poles of a magnet. The entire universe is the result of the interaction of these two forces.

And if these two forces meet and unite to carry out the work, to receive energy, it results in the form of the still, vegetative, and animate levels in our perception as they create the reality that is called our world.

But if, as a result of our development, we begin to feel the need to use these forces not with the force of reception ruling over the force of bestowal, but with the force of bestowal taking precedence over reception because the possibilities in this case are limitless, then our development will raise us to the level of the force of bestowal and we begin to feel the higher system, the upper world.

But instead of this, we still see the picture of this world, feeling the power of the egoistic force, and instead of forces, we imagine the material world. The egoistic desire paints for us the pictures of still, vegetative, and animate nature, which we call this world. From all this, it is difficult for us to imagine a spiritual reality.

The one who has experienced this revelation explains that it is not necessary to wait for natural development to occur, which will be achieved eventually by everyone: all parts of the desire to enjoy. But we can accelerate our development to reach the desired state in a matter of days, months, or years. As it is said: “You will see your world in your life time.”

Everything depends on how we try to reach unity, and not to reach unity in order to gather a greater collective force, but in order to achieve the force that is above us.That is, we unite not in order to add together the forces of all the participants, like in a sports team or military unit. In our connection, we want to reveal a new quality, which none of us has and which is called the property of bestowal.

If we reveal this property between us, not within everyone, but in our yearning towards others, which is called the Reflected Light, Hassadim, then in it we will discover the force directed at us, which is called the Creator. Inside the Light of Hassadim, the Light of Hochma is revealed; in the force of bestowal, coming from us, we discover the higher force of bestowal.

Thus, it all depends on how much each of us strives to exit himself and rise to the level of bestowing on others. You shouldn’t delude yourself that we are able to exit ourselves, unite with others in order to bestow, and reveal the upper Force in our aspiration to exit ourselves. It is impossible because we do not have these qualities in us, and none of my efforts can extract from me what I do not have. I do not have bestowal!

And what is inside of me? It is the directly opposite property, a consequence of the breaking, which was created in my root before my creation for this purpose. All of this was in order to reveal this contrast in me, for me to demand the real property of bestowal. I must demand it from the upper force because only It is able to turn my egoistic force, my ego, into bestowal and love,so the hatred will turn into love. But most importantly is that in the course of this work, I establish connection with the correcting force—with the Creator.

From the 1st part of the Daily Lesson 2/22/12, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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