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Leave Your “I” At Home

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I want us to carry out the work at the Convention in the Arava desert in the best possible way. How should we act on the inside to attain success?

Answer: This is difficult. I must constantly conduct an analysis, ask questions and look for answers to them, fall and rise. And I must solve all problems only by uniting with the friends. In this way, I want to show an example for everyone.

Success is impossible for one person. It must be achieved for everyone together. And that means I only care about the common desire. What’s important is not what I feel, but what we feel. It’s not me who rises above something and reveals something, but we rise and reveal it. It’s always we, while I do not exist at all. I want to live in this “soup.” The word “I” and the sensation of oneself must be left behind at home.

Moreover, we is not just a gathering of friends or a “special forces unit.” All of that are toys, while in reality, “we” is a soul. It does not have any parts that join with one another; everyone in it are fused together into one. And this bears no relation to what we are today. This is a new creation that has just been created.

After all, the spiritual essence that we want to form did not exist before. Previously there was only a broken Reshimo leading to it. And today, with our efforts we are trying to form a soul from the world of Nikudim, which was supposed to be corrected at this phase, but was deliberately broken for our sake.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/8/12, “Introduction to the Study of Ten Sefirot”

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Attack With A Song

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What am I attacking at the Convention in the Arava desert? And how can I help the friends prepare for the right attack?

Answer: I am attacking my laziness, indifference, and confusion. I try to stay constantly focused on the right idea about “us.” We are as one man with one heart, in mutual guarantee, in mutual disavowal, in unity, in order for the common vessel to be revealed.

In this vessel, everyone is included in one another to such an extent that I do not feel “myself, uniting with the friends,” but us. I have to rise above my individual self-awareness to the common feeling, which lies above us and which we have to acquire.

Question: What should the right cry be at the Convention?

Answer: I am not in favor of screaming for the sake of screaming. Rather, we need song, love, hope, confidence that reigns above a great desire. Stated differently, we need both emptiness and firm ground.

Before crossing the Red Sea, when the quality of judgment is revealed, there is room for cries, but now is not that time. I am concerned with unification among everyone so only goodness would be revealed. We need inspiration and ascent, without any left line. We are standing before the Light that must become revealed, and therefore there is no critical examination here.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/8/12, “Introduction to the Study of Ten Sefirot”

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Psychological Development

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A psychotherapist’s work consists of continued evaluations of a person’s problems, at the end of which he begins to understand what is happening with him.

Answer: Your job is not to turn a person into a psychologist. Your objective is to give a person a specific correct advice, a prescription that he can use, and then everything will be good at this given stage. But he will possibly be back in a couple of months or years because he is always changing and problems and circumstances change. He will need you.

Basically, that is a very different approach. You are a professional and he comes for advice. Briefly speaking, you just give him medicine and that is it.

But our objective is to turn every person into his own specialist because he constantly needs to work with himself.

He constantly finds new unfamiliar inner areas inside of him, he reveals cavities, egoistic qualities, thoughts and desires. And as they all change they put him into specific new positions in relation to the environment. This is why a person needs to be constantly developing psychologically. He needs to be a master.
From “Lessons About the New World” #7, 12/14/12

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A Small Part Of An Enormous Mechanism

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What needs to change in me for me to become a properly operating cogwheel in a common mechanism?

Answer: A cogwheel supports the movement of the entire, cohesive mechanism instead of becoming a small useless wheel in it. Right now we spin in it against our will, this is why our lives are full of suffering. And if we were to spin with understanding, with a song in our hearts: What would happen then?

The fact is that when man connects correctly to the entire mechanism, since he affects it, gives it his thoughts, feelings, and his effort, he actually begins to spin this mechanism himself. He becomes like the Creator of this mechanism. He rises to the level of the upper force of nature, its design and its plan. And then a completely different level of existence, understanding, perception of eternity and perfection, which permeates all of nature on its higher level, appears in man. This is where we are going.

We are heading towards a state we cannot imagine. We cannot imagine what has been prepared for us. But this is the next stage, far from modern practical psychology.

Question: How can I become this good and proper cogwheel?

Answer: You first need to go through a certain number of classes, assimilate them, preferably in a group where people correspond to you in their development, mentality, etc.

Then, you can begin practical work through discussions and debates under the guidance of the instructors.

Then you need to create your environment, which will influence you and you will influence it. And in this way you will gradually build this system.

We must understand that mankind has gone through all the stages of its previous development in a gradual manner over hundreds of thousands of years, and this stage we can literally pass in one generation. We see the way everything develops today, how quickly it develops, because egoism has grown qualitatively, and there is high frequency of changes on its highest levels.

We have begun our talks with the idea that we have certain knowledge provided through a collection of lectures, through which you should receive certain knowledge, and then skills. And this in turn is followed by practice and their realization in life.

We cannot simply “throw” a person into the world; after all, we spend twenty years preparing an infant for life. We at least need to spend half a year working with a person so he could begin to realize himself.
From “Lessons About the New World” #7, 12/14/12

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Rising Above Our Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the action of rising above egoism? Is it a thought process or activation of a certain intention? What is it?

Answer: You can try to reveal your essence either independently or with the help of psychologists. Just reveal yourself; it is like surgery, laying your essence down before you in all its qualities, desires, thoughts.

Qualities are given to us by nature, desires are formed under the influence of the environment, and thoughts form in order to execute and realize these desires, to attain the desired. This is the way we are made.

When you see the entire picture of your psychological inner world before you, you can be objective towards it, as if it were not you, and work with yourself.

If at the same time, you connect to a special goal, which you want and can attain; begin to work correctly with your inner data, the qualities obtained from your parents or ancestors; work with the desires acquired from the environment during the upbringing process; and aim your thoughts for the purpose of realizing these qualities and desires as much as possible; and if you see a certain, very serious, big, and grand goal before you—this means that you can objectively begin to work with your properties with the purpose of attaining this goal.

This goal is supported by the surrounding society. You can begin to work with it with the help of the society, with its judgment and approval; this is the “pump” that provides strength and energy to start this work. And this society will always show you the precise direction toward the goal, because the goal is inside the actual society, your inclusion in this society as a harmonious element.

In this case you rise above yourself and look at yourself from aside, from the point of view of this society, this goal. And you naturally begin to change yourself correctly and objectively; moreover, you change independently from what you feel in your egoistic desires, thoughts, and qualities. Your main test is in your integral connection with the society, and coming even closer to your goal.

If this is so, you absolutely stop caring what you do with yourselves. This is called “to rise.”

A person must come to this goal, this level on his own. This is because every one of us must consciously achieve the state of integrated interaction with others through the use of all the internal and external social and personal resources at the same time. But the person must actually change instead of just popularizing this method.
From “Lessons About the New World” #7, 12/14/12

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Different Strokes For Different Folks

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Should there be different books or textbooks in the integral education course? Or should there be one textbook for all, translated to different languages?

Answer: When a person begins to ascend, he loses his identification with the corporeal world: “your tribe,” the people, the clan to which you belong, your upbringing.

This does not matter because when you direct everything towards the good of others, you must understand the others: What does it mean “for the good”? Maybe it is not at all for their good? Basically, you cannot be the judge of that.

For example, when I like a certain food and it is good for me, I might cause harm or unpleasant sensations to another person by offering it to him because there are many opposite tastes and opinions.

This is why integration assumes both, the feelings of the other person and the inclusion of his desires and thoughts, and using yourself for his fulfillment. Basically, in this case I must constantly control myself, but not in accordance with my desires and thoughts: not that whatever is good for me is good for others, and thus “pushing” whatever I wish for myself at them. This sometimes happens with us, and it usually causes conflicts between parents and children. On the contrary, I must enter this person, feel his desires, and fulfill them with the help of my desires.

This is the right connection of cogwheels. Thus every one of us is working for everyone else, like cells in a body.
From “Lessons About the New World” #7, 12/14/12

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The Purpose That Gives Strength

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the difference between a good integral environment and an incorrect one?

Answer: Only the desire to ensure that we attain the perfect level of our state and nothing more.

In other words, people who understand that there is no other choice and that we must come out of the crisis, and preferably without a war or horrible dramatic events come together. It is best if we artificially direct ourselves toward this and start doing it. We study this system, try to realize it, and thus influence each other. There is nothing else. But at the same time we rouse the power of the goal they strive to, which is concealed in nature, and this goal seems to shine at them from afar. It emanates its power, its perfection, and this is their life. And this is why they acquire new strengths.

Any great goal has power. And those connected with it can overcome enormous work.

Question: Is this aspiration to the goal the “ascent”?

Answer: Yes, every time we ascend specifically in relation to the goal. But when we are in the group, this small community, we can coordinate ourselves correctly.

How can I know what this goal is, where it is, what mutual participation of the cogwheels in the mechanism is, etc.? I can see the way I apply myself in the group: whether I behave correctly inside this small community, with maximum integration and kindness towards all. I must study the consequence of all my thoughts: thoughts, not just actions. The thought is the action.

Our thoughts and desires play the same role on the next level of our existence (on the level of “Human” (Adam), the level of the integral system) as actions do on our current corporeal level.

This is why we must reach the control and correction of our desires and thoughts. This is the main thing. Actions can remain just as harsh and cruel as in an operating room, but they will be directed towards the good of others. The main transformation takes place in desires and thoughts.
From “Lessons About the New World” #7, 12/14/12

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The Environment’s Amazing Influence

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I understand that I must not suppress my egoism. It is like the fuel I will use to change and transform. But I do not understand which action will turn me, an egoist, into a part of the integrated society?

Answer: The influence of the environment and nothing else. The only positive thing there is in you is the fact that you submit to environmental influence. And this is why only the environment can control you, and nothing else.

When the environment gives you a direction, the value of and the importance of certain qualities, behaviors, etc., you are obligated to follow it. You cannot refuse it because fame, power, jealousy, shame, these huge forces that drive us, will still obligate you to listen to the environment.

Question: Let us assume that we are studying the course about the evolutionary development of egoism. Is this enough to begin to behave in an integral manner?

Answer: No! This is just knowledge. But we also need to unite everyone into a group and turn it into a society, which will have the proper influence on every one of its members.

For example, when we put children into certain conditions under the guidance of specialists and educators who behave the right way in relation to them, when we bring older children in and they become instructors for the younger children, we get amazing results. This is because the younger child enjoys listening to the older child and tries to become like him. This is natural among children. They do not take the example from us, but from other children, who are 2-3 years older than them.

This is why we need to use the only opportunity that exists: the environment and nothing else.

Question: I enter an environment where people are warm and attentive to one another. I also really want to become a part of this system. Is my desire enough to eventually become a part of this system?

Answer: Your desire is optional. It would be a bad thing if your desire were necessary, because this would mean that the method would not work.

If we take any person in the world and place him in the right environment, there is no doubt that he will change.

There are many examples especially in psychology. Bring any person to a nude beach. Let him try to avoid taking his clothes off… Shame will force him to undress!

This is why the environment is the only method of correction.
From “Lessons About the New World” #7, 12/14/12

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A Game Arranged From Above

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can you make a faster decision, see what matters, and not waste more time on it than is necessary for its analysis?

Answer: For this we need the power of the group; a person alone is incapable of it. This is exactly why one person was not enough to correct the breaking, and he had to be divided into many pieces to learn what connection is from the lack of it.

Now we need to do this around the world. Today Pharaoh is being revealed in the world: the power of our breaking. We simply need to have the right attitude towards it, and then we will know what we need to do.

On one hand we need to reveal the breaking, and on the other hand, we need to understand that it is a tendency of nature; we can find the power that will correct it all and achieve connection. We are given all the means for this.

A person alone is incapable of this, but next to him he has friends and a teacher, whom he listens to. And this will awaken him and properly aim him toward solving problems, so he won’t treat them as personal problems, but instead, will only perceive them in the form of a subject for correction, as a revelation of the breaking, the Pharaoh.

Everything that happens is only given with the purpose of solving problems and reaching a corrected form. And under no circumstances should he delve into different egoistic calculations: Conversely, this will lead to even greater breaking.

It happens that not just one person, but an entire group can become so confused that it is unable to come out of its problem state. But there are other groups and a teacher to help them. It is impossible for them to remain in their same state if they are studying: The Light will still illuminate and evoke changes in them, and eventually they will understand that this is a game, which was arranged for them from Above. But if they are unable to come out of this state, they are probably not studying or listening to what is being said during the lessons.

Otherwise this would not be happening. Because when a person studies and does not deviate from his usual schedule, the Light influences and awakens him, and the Creator gives him the right point for analysis.

But there is nothing that can be done when people do not want to listen. They will go down the path of suffering, and then a part of them will leave and stop studying, a part will grow, and a part will drown in this swamp. This happens when you do not return to the principle of: “There is none else beside Him” and you do not go with Him to Pharaoh.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/6/12, Writings of Rabash

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