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Unemployment: The Threat Of Global Scale

Dr. Michael LaitmanPeople today are afraid of the future. We know that many people today are losing their jobs, and even more people are afraid of losing them and are especially worried that they won’t find re-employment and be able earn an income to meet their needs. Many thousands in the USA lost their homes because of the real estate crisis, and we can only guess in what conditions they live and how difficult their situation is.

As part of my teaching activities, I visit many countries and see how people are oppressed by lack of work and income. There are two issues.

First: A person does not know how to provide for his family that could consist of a wife, children, home, debts, and aging parents. Perhaps, he is close to retirement age. He has to help his grandchildren. A number of people depend on the working family member.

The pressure is growing and becoming a common concern of the masses. As economists and sociologists calculate, soon the army of unemployed may be joined by hundreds of millions of people who will have nothing to live on. According to statistics, nearly half of the population of the USA require some kind of assistance for their livelihood, be it food stamps, hot meals, and so forth.

Second: People who lost their jobs do not know what to do with themselves. Areas affected by unemployment are transformed into centers of organized crime, prostitution, drug addiction, and so on. As a result, society pays a higher cost for this than it does for creating jobs.

As we know, after spending several years without a job, a person cannot return to the labor market. Even the educated, middle class loses its ability to work hard over time. They lose the right attitude. They no longer feel the need to leave the house every day and return after a workday to talk about their work, etc.

Thus, it is not personal, individual problems, but social distress that will hit the public like a boomerang, and society cannot cope with this problem. In addition, there may be unrest, riots, revolutions, and other troubles that arise when hundreds of millions are suddenly left behind.

This creates a wave that is rolling through the world like an epidemic. We see today that the problems that originate in one country, either accidentally or deliberately, are passed on and infect others like viruses.

Thus, the problems with the unemployed are not limited to the cost of living, hot meals, and second-hand warm clothes, nor can a society keep that up for years. One year passes or two at maximum, and a person is told, “Take care of yourself.” So far, there are not too many such people, but what will happen when the masses will be out of work?

The problem here is not so much financial, although they will not be satisfied with mere necessities. However, when there are plenty of them, they will gain power in the elections, as well as in demonstrations and riots. We have already seen what might happen. The examples are before us. The “Spring” can be not only Arab, but also European, American or any other.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 7, 1/13/12

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TV Program “Foundations Of The Integral Society” – 02.12.12

TV Program “Foundations of the Integral Society”
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Revealing The Pattern Of Development

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday we will talk about the single general law of nature, which we are a part of. As we advance, we see that there is a certain pattern to the development. Generation after generation, for the duration of thousands of years there was the appearance and development of the still, vegetative, animate, and human levels of nature.

Our development occurs gradually. From generation to generation, year to year, and even from day to day, we develop more and more, but where are we going? In order to answer this question, we must clarify what this law is that acts upon us?

We see that there exists a sort of a mechanism, which is located above us and develops the whole nature in a particular direction, making it ever more complicated, of higher quality, better formed and interconnected in all of its parts. Whether we want it or not, we are forced to obey the orders of this law, which influences us and makes us develop.

This is one common law. All that exists is under its influence: everything we see on our planet, everything that is born and moves in some direction.

We study the laws of nature using science, and if we want to achieve something, the knowledge of these laws helps us achieve success. We begin to better understand how to avoid the bad and to draw nearer to the good, how to decrease the amount of mistakes and blunders.

That is why if we would know this common law, which includes all of the rest of the laws (physics, chemistry, zoology, biology, botany, astronomy, medicine, psychology, the little bit that we are already aware of and all that we are yet to discover for ourselves), this knowledge will help us succeed.

Science helps us make our life better and more comfortable. Before, a person would work from morning until the night, as it is said “by the sweat of your brow shall you eat bread” (Genesis), but now one person can feed a thousand people with bread thanks to the development of technology, chemistry and the whole of farming industry. The same goes for the clothing industry, construction, education, culture, everything!

It would seem that today, with our current understanding of all of the laws and the strength that we possess, we would be able to set up a splendid, wonderful life for ourselves! Knowing the current state of the world and the characteristics of its population, we see that we produce such a quantity and assortment of products and things, which can provide a normal, poverty-free life for the entire population of the world.

The problem lies only in the fact that the human is egoistic and he cannot manage to correctly use all of that potential, which he is getting from the knowledge of the laws of the nature. We are given abundance, but some are holding great powers in their hands: money, equipment and everything else, while others, as a result of that, are not getting even the bare necessities for life.

So it means that it’s all within human nature, which does not let us create a good, comfortable, calm, confident life on a beautiful, prospering planet. That is why our goal is to understand human nature and understand how we can improve our lives so that we would want to create a good, prosperous life for ourselves and for others.

This is possible through the knowledge of the law, which is only now, in our time, starting to become revealed in nature. This is the law of the global force, which includes the rest of the forces inside of it, and regardless of our desire (because we do not want this), it forces people, countries, and civilizations to be more connected and in need of each other.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 4, 1/1/12

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The Opposite World Through The Eyes Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What do I have to do if I realize that when I am praying for my friends I am in fact praying for myself?

Answer: This is called “Lo Lishma.” You think of others because without them you can achieve nothing. It is an egoistic intention since you pray for everybody else only because you can’t manage without them. So, this means that you are really praying for yourself, “Lo Lishma.

We pray to get closer to the Creator and to “bestowal.” But do we clearly realize what bestowal is? For us, bestowal is a pleasant sensation, some kind of positive acquisition, a present!

Does it have anything in common with actual bestowal? No, it doesn’t. It’s a lie, but with good intention. So far, we sense that concealment is given to us from Above to make us think of various spiritual concepts as if we were little children. A child looks at each garbage truck with delight thinking that it’s God’s chariot that descended from the skies; he regards its driver as an angel and envies him.

The deceit is organized by nature so that a child learns to respect anything that is higher than him and thus learns to strive and achieve an upper level, otherwise he won’t grow. The same scenario works with all of us: We have to worship the group because only with its help can we achieve the spiritual world and attain bestowal.

We regard bestowal as a process of giving to us, rather than our giving to others! This is how we view bestowal; if not for that, we would have run away a long time ago. However, the force Above overturns the deceit completely and presents it to us in a totally opposite way, thus making us wait for a present. Sweet treats stimulate our growth.

Therefore, our current concepts are wrong; they are the reverse side of reality. That’s why our world is called “opposite” and deceitful. When we advance towards spirituality, we become opposite to it. But those who lead regular lives are not considered opposite to spirituality whatsoever; they are simply cut from it.

We are aware of our oppositeness to spirituality since we educate ourselves. We try to be in control of our divergence as much as possible by restricting ourselves. If we can understand where actual truth is and where deception is and if we manage to expand the boundaries of sanctity by giving up on something we like, then to the extent of our efforts we will advance.

Everything depends on the degree to which we are able to give correct sensory definitions to spiritual concepts in order to start sensing bestowal, in other words to start realizing that for us it is similar to death and that there is nothing worse than that.

It’s even worse than death, since death is a complete discontinuation after which there is nothing at all, whereas here our lives are taken away from us and we become the Creator’s slaves; we can only torture ourselves from morning till night by working hard against our own will; we can neither compliment our egoism nor die.

It is opposite to such an extent that one cannot even imagine it. Oppositeness unfolds only when we acquire the property of Bina, the readiness to suffer until that suffering turns into the opposite of its opposite state: into love.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/26/12, The Zohar

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The Precious Gem

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot,” Baal HaSulam raises the question: How is it possible to reach love without the revelation of the Creator? This question baffles us, because if the Host is before me and treats me with love, then I can also show the same feelings towards Him. But what can I do if He is concealed? How and who, can I love in this case?

I must have some kind of revelation, some perception, some understanding, an image and a direction in order to develop the love in me. Otherwise, how can we reach the vessels of bestowal in our world? Is it possible? After all, they are so different from my nature, from my character. It is like transcending from a protein form of life to a silicon form of life that is based on totally different elements. Actually it is simply impossible.

We count on the upper Light, but it operates only when we want it. So how can we want it, and to want it even more strongly than we want to exist in our present state? How can we yearn for something without seeing, feeling, or understanding anything?

I start from my ego, from my desire to receive. How can I kill it? I am ready to do so only in return for a greater ego. Otherwise I don’t have the power to do it. So where can I get the third force? After all, without it I can’t reach a decision and I can’t fulfill it.

To answer that Baal HaSulam gives us that we have a “precious gem” that enables us to transform ourselves so that we will be like the Creator.

But first we have to understand the question itself. It is depicted by the example of the rich man and the poor man: If the rich man loves the poor man, the poor man begins to take advantage of the situation and to “manipulate” the rich man; “If he already loves me, then I can receive from him.”

But where can I find this love, so that I can start to act? Where can I feel that the Creator loves and bestows so that I can start manipulating if not Him then myself? One way or the other, I need the connection. How is the Creator revealed to me? How does He enable me to perceive the precious gem and to succeed? We should ask ourselves this question.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/2/12, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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Double Concealment

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen a person despairs from his life, he begins to search for a way to justify his existence, for a reason life is worth living. Actually, what motivates him is the ego, the pride that hides within, which demands an explanation: How do I exist if it’s not worthwhile living?

I must find something to exist for. Everyone, constantly, searches for this justification for himself. It doesn’t matter who he is. The pride from the feeling that he is a person, derives from the point of creation itself, “Something from nothing,” from the contradiction of the “something” and this “nothing.”

This brings him to search for the meaning to which accordingly he chooses the way of life, the profession, and the style of behavior at each moment. This point motivates him during each moment of his life. And when this question becomes real, then the person finds the wisdom of Kabbalah, and enters the influence of the Light that reforms and begins to develops.

This first question: “What am I living for,” “Is life worthwhile living,” “How can I justify my existence,” matures into a very clear question about the meaning of life. And then a person begins to study, is included in a group, and receives the books and the teacher.

And gradually he begins to feel that he is in concealment. It is as if something is hidden from him, even though he doesn’t understand what concealment and disclosure are. He simply feels changes in his mood in relation to others, in measures of patience and annoyance, as much as he understands or not until he finds himself in a fog and is confused. In this way these states change within him.

And of course, the relation to life is constantly changing. Sometimes he feels that it is worthwhile to exist, that life is shining on him to the point that he is ready to sing from happiness, and sometimes he feels the opposite. All of this is the work of the Light that awakens and moves the person and in this way builds in him the spiritual Kelim (vessels, desires).

And the Kli is measured according to the size of the gap between the highest and lowest points in relation to the feeling, the understanding, recognition, and values from how the person examines the closeness or distance of the desired goal.

Thus he progressively advances. In the beginning he evaluates his state only according to his mood, if it is good or bad. And later, he already begins to examine it according to more accurate criterion: how much he succeeded in understanding and feeling, more or less. The mood doesn’t worry him so much, but the most important thing is to understand, to feel and to advance. The truth becomes for us more important than the pleasure.

In this way he advances, until he feels himself in double concealment.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/7/12, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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The Request That Includes All Conditions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What conditions should we fulfill so our request is accepted by the upper one?

Answer: The request should match the abilities of the lower one. If a small child asks according to his conditions and makes efforts, then he grows by getting the answer, illumination. Besides that, we aren’t required to do anything else but to ask according to our degree, our internal state and external conditions, which are given to us.

We need to consider both the internal and external conditions. We think only about ourselves, but it is wrong; we should take into account the entire world, all the conditions. So it works in the material world, and in the spiritual one.

In the spiritual world, the soul is an internal component, and the worlds are the external one. If the souls do not bring themselves in balance with the external system, the worlds, then no action is possible. We still do not understand this in our world, and I am sometimes amazed when I hear from some students that they are not concerned about dissemination, the connection with the world.

But what is the world? It is our external vessels. You cannot address the upper one correctly without considering both the internality and externality.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/9/12, “Study of the Ten Sefirot

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What If I Am Falling Asleep?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I use The Book of Zohar to wake up the group for the attack before the convention in the desert?

Answer: We need to ask for a desire. We are constantly falling asleep in our life. It is no coincidence that our heart becomes burdened by the constant growth of the receiving desire. It has to grow to infinity, and thus we should react to this correctly. The desire becomes more and more violent and egoistic, more demanding and burdensome.

It is good if we try to bring it to correction, that is, to unity. And if we do not try, we experience troubles and misfortunes, which will force us to think about life only not because of the goal, but because of pain. Thus, we advance.

As for The Book of Zohar, it is possible to ask for the Light, which you lack.

Suppose, you are sick. You have fever, chills, you do not feel well, and want nothing, but to lie down and close your eyes. What do doctors recommended in this case? Indeed, you should not tire the body with physical activity; you need rest. You lie in bed, good for nothing, and even cannot eat; you lose your appetite, any food seems disgusting. But what can you do? Then, do the following: Open a cookbook, read the recipes, look at the photos in color, and gradually your appetite returns.

It is the same here: You are sick, you are sleepy, so open your book. Not necessarily The Book of Zohar, any book that is close to you and to which you respond. Depending on conditions, I use different books: The Gates of Intentions, Gate of Reincarnations, the 16th part of TES, and Shamati. Everyone is awakened by something else. It could be Psalms. It is written: “A man learns where his heart is.” The main thing is that they are our materials.

If a person is completely confused, the sages advise that he should think about the day of death. He can go to a cemetery and reflect on graves. Of course, this is just an example, but the point is to throw the body some calculations and shake it. In fact, it is not about physical death, but the death of the egoistic desire.

However, the most obvious of all the means is the group, the impact of the environment. If a person works in a way that he should be included in the others, it is very effective. As a rule, it helps a lot to organize an event for the public because he receives people’s desire and power to move forward.

Dissemination is the most effective method and the best solution. When one participates in it, he feels how much strength it gives.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/9/12, The Zohar

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“Eurozone Unemployment Hits New Record”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from BBC News): “Unemployment in the eurozone hit a record high at the end of last year, the Eurostat agency has said.

“The jobless rate in the 17 countries that use the single currency was 10.4% in December, unchanged from November’s figure which was revised up from 10.3%. …

“Unemployment has been rising throughout 2011, as the debt crisis in the region has continued. In December 2010, the unemployment rate in the euro area was 10%.”

My Comment: You should immediately begin to create educational centers for the unemployed and those who wish to receive integral education and upbringing. This will calm society and create a good positive atmosphere. Otherwise, conflict is inevitable!

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