The Precious Gem

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot,” Baal HaSulam raises the question: How is it possible to reach love without the revelation of the Creator? This question baffles us, because if the Host is before me and treats me with love, then I can also show the same feelings towards Him. But what can I do if He is concealed? How and who, can I love in this case?

I must have some kind of revelation, some perception, some understanding, an image and a direction in order to develop the love in me. Otherwise, how can we reach the vessels of bestowal in our world? Is it possible? After all, they are so different from my nature, from my character. It is like transcending from a protein form of life to a silicon form of life that is based on totally different elements. Actually it is simply impossible.

We count on the upper Light, but it operates only when we want it. So how can we want it, and to want it even more strongly than we want to exist in our present state? How can we yearn for something without seeing, feeling, or understanding anything?

I start from my ego, from my desire to receive. How can I kill it? I am ready to do so only in return for a greater ego. Otherwise I don’t have the power to do it. So where can I get the third force? After all, without it I can’t reach a decision and I can’t fulfill it.

To answer that Baal HaSulam gives us that we have a “precious gem” that enables us to transform ourselves so that we will be like the Creator.

But first we have to understand the question itself. It is depicted by the example of the rich man and the poor man: If the rich man loves the poor man, the poor man begins to take advantage of the situation and to “manipulate” the rich man; “If he already loves me, then I can receive from him.”

But where can I find this love, so that I can start to act? Where can I feel that the Creator loves and bestows so that I can start manipulating if not Him then myself? One way or the other, I need the connection. How is the Creator revealed to me? How does He enable me to perceive the precious gem and to succeed? We should ask ourselves this question.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/2/12, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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  1. Is there not a single thread that hangs down from olam ein sof? It is keenly related to truth, which leads us to the undeniable nature of reality. This discovery remakes a man, as suddenly a king emerges within him, to lead all the desires forward.

    David melech Yisrael chai, chai v’kayam

    David, the king of Israel lives forever in the hearts of our people. David is the force of the moshiach, no?

    Before that time, our parts are like conflicting political parties, they can not agree to a common direction, and pull in different directions, much like the world. Neuro scientists have confirmed this analogy. Where is the king? It emerges when we discover true meaning and purpose, which does exist. The problem is we have to notice it, for unless we focus on it, and want it, it goes by like an animal searching for truffles in the mud, and ignores the dia-mond, the god of the world.

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