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“Europe’s Woes Worsen”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Wall Street Journal): “Greek gross domestic product fell 7% in the fourth quarter from the year-earlier period, the country’s statistics agency said, bringing the total GDP drop since the end of 2007 to more than 16%. Greece’s statistics service hasn’t issued quarter-to-quarter data for the past several quarters because of methodological problems adjusting for seasonal swings in activity….

“The steep contractions are fueling criticism of the strict austerity policies adopted across Europe’s periphery in response to the debt crisis. A number of economists argue that continued government spending cuts will make it even harder for the most vulnerable countries to recover.”

My Comment: Economics is not a science, but assumptions and hypotheses, but are not enough to see the logical following consequences.

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Questions About Connection With Society And Visiting South Africa

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I feel that all the systems of society and the world are corrupted, and by participating in them, we become its partners. Would not our connection with society, involuntarily involve us in these systems and interfere with our correction, which we must realize? Were the Kabbalistic groups that lived earlier separated from the corrupt systems of society? Shouldn’t we live separately as a society of correction? Or will it be a regression and sever connections?

Answer: We can correct ourselves only by helping others! The corruption of the world was set initially in order for us to feel it, become aware of it, and find the way to correct it. Correction means bringing everyone into a single integral system; read what Baal HaSulam writes about it.

Question: What is needed for you to visit South Africa in the near future?

Answer: This is what is needed: the group is waiting for me there, students, and many people who are ready to hear me. If you have this, I am ready!

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“The Financial Collapse Of The West Is Coming”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Giulietto Chiesa, Italian journalist and politician): “I believe that now dominates the chaotic state of society and all this in a huge crisis that is unprecedented. There are forces who seek to destroy the States. The more fragmented populations, the more money they can make. …

“They have their own country, which has no borders, and two capitals-Wall Street and the City of London. This is financial, they were not more than 500 people. In person we know at least one of them. But we know the names of some of their organizations are big banks…They control the Government, could appoint a Prime Minister. …

“The main feature of the crisis is the accumulation of debt. Over the past 10-15 years ‘they’ created a daring financial system. Wealth is increased in accordance with the amount of money that they produce. Over the past 10 years they have produced 15 thousand trillion of virtual money, which are essentially. None of the States could pay that debt. All the banks will soon collapse because their assets-only paper. … Financial collapse of the West. This crisis is approaching. … What’s next, nobody knows.”

My Comment: The next will be the enlightenment of humanity, planned from Above.

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Introductory Lecture “To Be A Man, The Future Of Education” – 02.28.12

Kabbalah for the Nation Introductory Lecture Series, “To Be A Man, the Future of Education”
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Historical Dates

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Could you please give some historical dates for a better orientation to the history of Kabbalah?

Answer: Adam: 5772 years ago, or 5772 – 2012 = 3760 BCE – the date of his revelation of the upper world.  Hebrew chronology begins from this point.

It should take 6000 years for all people to reveal the upper world; that is, all of humanity will reveal the upper World in the remaining 6000 – 5772 = 228 years.

Additional Dates:

    1392 – 1272 BCE:  Moshe (Moses)

              1312 BCE:  Mount Sinai – the Revelation of the Creator

   1354 – 1244 BCE:  Joshua

    1244 – 889 BCE:  The Elders

      889 – 352 BCE:  The Prophets

      352 – 312 BCE:  The Members of the Great Assembly

                  1-2 CE:  Rabbi Akiva

            2nd Century:  Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, the author of The Zohar

 312 BCE – 218 CE:  The drafters of the Mishnah

         218 – 636 CE:  The drafters of the Talmud

        636 – 1140 CE:  Gaon.

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To Think, And Not To Know!

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Radio Netherlands Worldwide): “Western schoolchildren are up to three years behind those in China’s Shanghai and success in Asian education is not just the product of pushy ‘tiger’ parents, an Australian report released Friday [February 17] said.

“The study by independent think-tank The Grattan Institute said East Asia was the centre of high performance in schools with four of the world’s top systems in the region – Hong Kong, South Korea, Shanghai and Singapore. …

“The study said that while many OECD [Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development] countries had substantially increased funding for schools in recent years, this had often produced disappointing results and success was not always the result of spending more money. …

“The report said the best systems focused on a relentless, practical focus on learning and teacher education, mentoring and professional development, rather than greater spending.”

My Comment: Education is inseparable from upbringing, and if there is no upbringing, then education cannot be good. Education means learning the skills to think, and not to know.

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The Last Gate

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe see that in their explanations Kabbalists always return to the same principles. There aren’t many rules in spirituality. One and the same state of ascents and descents, as well as their reasons, comes back to us in different ways, but essentially, it’s the same principle all the time. We don’t receive a new force until we reach a true deficiency.

A servant of the Creator is a person who constantly looks for new ways to come closer to Him. This coming closer involves the acquisition of a new vessel, the desire to bestow, which goes against our desire.

A person who begins to study doesn’t really understand yet what “for” or “against” the desire means. It goes on until he begins to see that to acquire spirituality is actually both easy and difficult. A lot of time passes until he begins to hear what it is about.

It is a kind of latent, internal period that transpires secretly within, whereby a person participates in spiritual work rather passively. He still imagines spirituality as something pleasant to his egoism, an acquisition that will give him knowledge, greater power over others, and will fulfill his desires. This is actually what he comes for, having lost his hope to fill himself in this world. This is why he decides to receive spiritual fulfillment.

Everyone thinks that way. Otherwise, why study? This is how it is arranged from Above, by nature, so as to attract a person. And even if you tell a person something else, he doesn’t hear you. But this beneficial lie holds a person during this period in the feeling that he is about to acquire more and more in his desire to receive, in his ego. He doesn’t really hear what he is being told, and although he repeats the words “the desires of bestowal,” “faith above reason,” he does not truly realize what it is.

He ascribes to these notions his own internal interpretation, and he is unable to perceive otherwise. This goes on until eventually, thanks to the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah and some light blows here and there, he begins to somehow understand the true meaning of such concepts like the desire to bestow, love of the other, and rising above egoistic goals.

He begins to hear more and is ready to reach bestowal. First, it is a general, theoretical agreement, something abstract: bestowal upon the whole world, humanity, the Creator… These concepts are rather vague; they are distant from a person himself, his circle, and actual realization.

This is why he is ready “to bring contentment upon his Maker.” But when it comes to practical actions and him needing “to love the other,” the friends, he is not ready for that. Again, a lot of work is needed here.

And again the upper Light operates upon him, changing his vessels, until he actually begins to hear that bestowal is realized within the group. The Creator demands that we actually realize the love of others, as much as we can.

This is of course a lie, but it’s a start. By that a person becomes a servant of the Creator—if he actually performs actions that eventually lead to the desire to bestow. Of course, a person does not create this desire to bestow himself, it is not a direct consequence of his actions. He as if plants the seeds and sees that nothing sprouts. And then again he starts with no results, which brings him many disappointments.

At the same time he sometimes sees some partial success: a bit more understanding and feeling. Eventually, however, he comes to “those who sow in tears” and sees that his work doesn’t really lead to anything but the demand, a request, a prayer, to the Creator. When he comes to this state, it is called “a prayer of the many,” and it opens up the gate of Heaven. All the gates are closed except for the gate of tears, which opens up. This is what a person discovers.

“Gates” (“Shearim” in Hebrew, comes from the same root as the word “assumed” – “Meshuar”) and  indicates the way a person imagines the expected reward. He wants to receive something in all these gates, anything but bestowal, and about bestowal he cries only because it is clear to him that he cannot reach it by himself. He also doesn’t really want to attain it until he understands its importance.

So a person actually sheds a lot of tears until he builds the gate of tears, until he finally finishes building it by wanting bestowal and not being able to reach it. And this is why he is forced to turn to the Creator. Until this time he had no need for Him, but now he sees that the Creator is necessary.

So as a result, he wants bestowal and he can receive it only from the Creator. He comes to all this in the group because it’s impossible otherwise, and then he “reaps the fruit.” The Light that Reforms comes and connects him with the friends, and within them the Creator becomes revealed. Then a person “rejoices” in the fruit of his spiritual work. This is the path of the Creator’s servant.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/27/2012, Writings of Rabash

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Turning Fantasy Into Reality

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe authors of The Zohar attained the spiritual degrees and describe them to us, arranging them so that the flow of the impact of the Light from the description of our state will benefit us as much as possible and help us realize the state we are in.

They are in the system called the world of Infinity, a corrected, working system. However, it is concealed from us, and we don’t know where we are. We are like babies who don’t know what state they are in, in what world, what is going on, who is taking care of them and how. It is as if they receive everything ready made, but they don’t know where it comes from. They have a world of their own that they can feel, and they live in it.

We, too, are still detached from the actual reality; we are in a kind of fogginess, concealment, like in a dream. If we can picture the spiritual state to some extent, no matter how accurate it may be, and try to be in it, we summon the Light that Reforms from that state.

But it isn’t enough to just imagine some spiritual state, even if this view is more authentic: that humanity is united together, in the desire to bestow upon one another, in mutual guarantee, in different correct forms of connection, and even in the desire to reach the comprehensive property of bestowal, the Creator. It isn’t enough because all the descriptions that we try to imagine are nothing more than our imagination, they are no different than our earthly fantasies.

If we want these images to be realized and to take on a more realistic, sensible form, we need a force that will influence this imaginary picture of the upper degree and will turn the fantasy into the actual spiritual reality, a force that will realize it in practice. This force is called the “Light that Reforms.”

This is why we read The Book of Zohar, since reading it, we summon upon ourselves the Reforming Light in the most beneficial and strongest way. It doesn’t matter what we read. What’s important is to what extent we want to be in that feeling, in that intention, in that state, like the authors of The Zohar who tell us about it in words that are beyond our comprehension. But if we want to be in the same circle with them, it works, it influences us. This is how we attain the power to develop.

In our world, a child who makes efforts summons the developing force from nature as it is arranged for him by the system. Be it a young puppy or a small child—the same law applies to everyone. They are both little beasts, animals.

In the spiritual world, however, everything follows the intention. There we have to make great efforts to draw the Light that Reforms. This is called “engaging in the Torah.” We start reading The Book of Zohar by our free choice, with the help of the friends, the group, and great inner work and preparation, wishing to draw from it the Light that Reforms.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/27/2012, The Zohar

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The Fading Shadow Of The World Of Egoistic Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe most important thing is to start feeling that there is no world separate from us, and that the entire world is one group. The group consists of many parts: desires and thoughts, which we need to bring closer and work with each one of them.

All of nature, other than people, depends on our state, on the degree of shattering and confusion in our human thoughts and desires, on how far we are from participating in the work of the common system as its partners. The entire world, except for man, is its imprint, its consequence. The parts that exist around the inner desire called “man ” or Adam, are merely its copy, an addition that ascends and descends together with the movements of a person who works on connecting himself into a single system.

We are already able to see that the development of humanity, together with everything that happens to it, is headed in this direction. The world is advancing toward this goal, subconsciously carrying out the program of creation. Right now, we are in its very advanced stage, at a special transition between subconscious and conscious realization.

This is why we are experiencing a crisis in the world on every level. In our state, we also feel it on the human level. The rest of the world is experiencing the crisis on the animate, vegetative, and still levels. The purpose of this crisis is to bring us toward the realization of the entire process that is happening to us.

By the same token, the world we perceive is the projection of our consciousness. It does not exist on its own; it is imaginary, illusionary. Our consciousness will continue to rise, and we will begin to feel how parts of a divided, broken desire connect together—that’s the extent to which we will perceive the world through this desire in particular. We will sense all the other parts that surround its matter only as the shadow of this desire that temporarily exists in our perception and gradually keeps disappearing.

This process that we experience is unique and incredibly important. Most significantly, it drives us to discover the engine that moves the entire process of development, its program. After this, we will discover the upper force, the Creator, who arranges all this so that we will begin to know Him at the end of this process, as if He were coming through a fog, a cloud.

It is as if we are regaining consciousness, taking certain actions after being unconscious. It is as if we are coming out of the fog and now are able to connect separated and broken pieces of perception between us, turning them into a single image and thus forming our understanding and perception of the Creator. The image of the Creator manifests within us, as it is said: “Call yourself by His name.”

In this way, we acquire a quality of connection, mutual bestowal, a very strong connection and understanding, like being one person. This is called love. The separate parts that we are, where every part has its own function in the common system, merge into one whole that exists for a single goal: to reveal the upper force and let it manifest within us.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/26/2012, Writings of Rabash

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