Turning Fantasy Into Reality

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe authors of The Zohar attained the spiritual degrees and describe them to us, arranging them so that the flow of the impact of the Light from the description of our state will benefit us as much as possible and help us realize the state we are in.

They are in the system called the world of Infinity, a corrected, working system. However, it is concealed from us, and we don’t know where we are. We are like babies who don’t know what state they are in, in what world, what is going on, who is taking care of them and how. It is as if they receive everything ready made, but they don’t know where it comes from. They have a world of their own that they can feel, and they live in it.

We, too, are still detached from the actual reality; we are in a kind of fogginess, concealment, like in a dream. If we can picture the spiritual state to some extent, no matter how accurate it may be, and try to be in it, we summon the Light that Reforms from that state.

But it isn’t enough to just imagine some spiritual state, even if this view is more authentic: that humanity is united together, in the desire to bestow upon one another, in mutual guarantee, in different correct forms of connection, and even in the desire to reach the comprehensive property of bestowal, the Creator. It isn’t enough because all the descriptions that we try to imagine are nothing more than our imagination, they are no different than our earthly fantasies.

If we want these images to be realized and to take on a more realistic, sensible form, we need a force that will influence this imaginary picture of the upper degree and will turn the fantasy into the actual spiritual reality, a force that will realize it in practice. This force is called the “Light that Reforms.”

This is why we read The Book of Zohar, since reading it, we summon upon ourselves the Reforming Light in the most beneficial and strongest way. It doesn’t matter what we read. What’s important is to what extent we want to be in that feeling, in that intention, in that state, like the authors of The Zohar who tell us about it in words that are beyond our comprehension. But if we want to be in the same circle with them, it works, it influences us. This is how we attain the power to develop.

In our world, a child who makes efforts summons the developing force from nature as it is arranged for him by the system. Be it a young puppy or a small child—the same law applies to everyone. They are both little beasts, animals.

In the spiritual world, however, everything follows the intention. There we have to make great efforts to draw the Light that Reforms. This is called “engaging in the Torah.” We start reading The Book of Zohar by our free choice, with the help of the friends, the group, and great inner work and preparation, wishing to draw from it the Light that Reforms.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/27/2012, The Zohar

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