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A Springboard To Ascend To The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I ask for help if I don’t feel where it can be requested?

Answer: That’s true. But does the baby who has just been born and cries feel whom he’s calling? He just screams.

That’s called concealment. I am situated in the upper Light. This upper Light doesn’t depict any image of reality to me, as yet. Imagine a baby who has just now emerged from his mother’s womb: He is simply content or not. Besides that, he doesn’t feel anything. He doesn’t feel the reality surrounding him.

That’s how we are: We’re content or not. From where and why, that we don’t feel. Afterward, we begin to recognize this world, become familiar with it, and respond to it; hence, we begin to develop.

In spirituality, we develop in the same manner in our relationship with the Creator. Now, I don’t feel it, understand it, or know anything about it, whether it exists or not. Yet, the Kabbalists tell me: Pay attention to what’s taking place behind the scene of this world before you. Indeed, this world is situated before you in order to begin to develop the connection with the Creator through it. The Creator created you in such a way so you’d cling less to this imaginary reality. It is imaginary, because instead of the Creator, instead of the upper force, you depict something inside you in the meantime. Different waves of liquids paint the image of reality for you, like in a dream. That’s why it has been said about this world: “We were as dreamers.” Indeed, a dream also seems true to you. It’s the same thing now, as well.

Hence, in order to awaken and emerge from this dream, this bubble, we need the reforming Light, the spiritual force. Does it exist or not altogether? I don’t know, I don’t feel it. I’m told: “Would you like to try? Be my guest, you have the opportunity; you have been given this world along with the means through which you’ll be able to begin to feel something above this world. Would you like to use this means? Go ahead! You don’t? Try to turn down receiving it. Just like you reached this means against your will, with no choice, out of pressure of all sorts of physical or emotional misery, that is how you can also attempt to escape.”

However, we see how all of humanity is gradually advancing and can’t escape. Why? What is this crisis? It’s being revealed to humanity that there is no choice other than revealing the comprehensive system, the force governing and activating all, the upper force.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/7/12, The Zohar

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The Light Will Answer All

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt doesn’t matter how much a person understands where he is or in what state; those states also continuously change according to his degree. The higher we ascend, the more frequently the states shift, and within each one of us there are also ascensions, descents, and different fluctuations in equivalence with the degree in which we’re situated.

That’s why it doesn’t matter in what state or degree or instance we’re in; rather, it’s important to request assistance. That is because all the changes arrive only through the reforming Light. I can be like a baby who doesn’t understand anything and has no perception of what’s being done to me: They perform all kinds of surgery, actions, and treatments upon me, give me a little food, and force me to do something. In general, those are confusing and unpleasant states, in which there are more questions than answers. Yet, the reforming Light must give me an answer for everything. I have nowhere else to turn, no one to ask for anything, only It.

This Light is concealed in our bond, in the center of the unity of people longing for the Light. It is amongst them. To the extent they want to be included in that Light that exists amongst them, they reveal It.

That’s why we’re going out to the desert, secluded far from the rest of the world, and want to attain internal concentration.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/7/12, The Zohar

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Clothing Woven From The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanExcerpt from a lesson by Rabash: The analogy is somewhat complicated. What is clothing in corporeality? When a person is naked, he is lacking. If he is clothed in any clothing—that’s his filling so he won’t be naked.

The lesson is: Previously, man was naked and had no Light. The vessels were empty. Now, the Light comes from the lower one and fills him, as if filling his deficiency, not a hundred percent, but in a certain way it resembles the upper clothing. Similar to a person who lacks clothing fills his lack; likewise here, the Lights from the lower one fill the empty vessels.

In what way does it resemble clothing? I wear clothing; I cover myself with clothing. That is why I say: “When I’m naked, it’s a deficiency for me, it’s not nice, I am ashamed. If I have clothing, I cover the deficiency I had when I was naked.”

What can we learn from that regarding spiritual work? Just like clothing fills the deficiency of the upper one in corporeality, arousing the aspect of shame in him; likewise, the empty vessels are the aspect of deficiency. And when the Light comes and fills it: it is like clothing.

Corporeal clothing is similar to spiritual clothing from a certain aspect, since we wear it as a result of shame. Without that, we feel a deficiency in our egoistic desire. We want to maintain our honor, pride, and protect our ego; that’s why we need corporeal clothing.

Whereas spiritual clothing is the screen and the reforming Light with which I want to clothe the upper one in order to enable His revelation in me. I suffer and am included in the lack of the upper one and it becomes my primary desire. I begin to love the others even more than myself, and their desire becomes my desire. The significance of spiritual clothing is that instead of my individual ego, I begin to appreciate the upper one, who becomes more important to me.
Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/9/12

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Water The Field That Awaits The Rain

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Right now, before the congress in the desert and the beginning of a worldwide dissemination effort, what should our plea to the Creator be in order for it to be heard?

Answer: At the congress in the desert, we must feel the first degree of our connection and within it reveal our aspiration to bestow to the Creator so that this bestowal to Him would clarify the fact that only through our connection can we have a greater influence on Him.

Today we view the necessity to connect with friends and the opportunity to obtain a connection with the Creator through our connection with friends as two separate things. We perceive the connection with friends as book-learned, as though it’s a teaching for good children, where as connecting with the Creator is something everyone will agree too.

However, we don’t connect the two terms: One is a vessel and the other is the Light that fills it. The connection between us is the vessel and the Light that’s revealed in it is the Creator. Let’s hope that during this congress we’ll realize how inseparable these two conditions are.

This realization will leave an imprint that will allow us to advance correctly. After all, our work is left unfinished. We apply efforts, but each time they’re limited to a half or a quarter of the whole. But applying efforts to the full measure, even in relation to one gram, is greater than applying a partial effort measurable in kilograms or even tons.

After all, if there is not the full 10 Sefirot then you work and you scream, but it’s all in the wrong place! It is like it is said about the rainfall that goes to waste because it rains in an uninhabited desert. What difference does rain make if it falls into the sand? If at least 10% of that rain fell on your field, it would provide your livelihood!

The same thing happens with us. We cry out to the Creator, but we don’t do it through our connection, therefore these cries go unheard. We would already be in the world of Infinity with all of our work and screaming; however, we don’t cry out in the right way. We must fine-tune ourselves and then our cries will be heard.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/9/12,  “Study of the Ten Sefirot

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Close Your Eyes To Your Spouse’s Shortcomings

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Should I, as a psychologist, paint a realistic picture for people and tell them that it will only get worse in the future, while we offer them a solution?

Answer: If you’re talking about a family conflict and its resolution, here everything is very simple. I would organize courses to educate couples about their mutual psychology and human psychology in general.

Comment: But people can’t tolerate the truth….

Answer: I disagree with that. Truth can in fact be tolerated if I know that I am this way by nature: I love to deceive, steal, cheat others, and use them for my own benefit; I don’t want to acknowledge my shortcomings, but automatically notice the shortcomings of my family members, wife, and so on. And she has the same problems, like any other person. We need to talk all that over, to clarify everything. Perhaps along with that we need to produce films and television programs showing examples of spouses’ sincere revelations, where people open up to each other in absolute objectivity, without any shame or discomfort.

These two biological organisms, two psychological entities live together. They tell each other how each of them perceives and senses their own self and the other person. Such conversation ultimately let them objectively view themselves, their partner, and something common between them. Now everything needs to be brought to the kindest possible state with an understanding that this is nature and there’s nothing to be done about it. And if you’ll keep resisting, there’ll never be an end to this.

I live with my wife for over forty years. Naturally, during this time we repeatedly tried to point out each others’ shortcomings, reproached each other, but in the end each of us held our ground. This “ground” remains within a person, and we need to rise above it since it is impossible to change our nature. We need to educate people about all that.

By rising above it, you begin to see that by “colliding” correctly, all that is negative, all the individual and general shortcomings unite into something good. And it turns out that there is a reason why you are brought together and are completing each other. Above all the disagreements and contradictions you attempt to create a comfortable zone of inner existence for each of you, as well as a comfortable zone for your co-existence, the kind where you cannot even imagine your new suddenly emerging family.

In other words, each of us has something that is our own and this is given by nature. Each spouse accepts what exists in their partner, and together they build a mutual agreement, having risen above themselves. I believe that their agreement—above egoism, which they don’t touch—is entirely achievable. For that it’s not necessary to transform their environment and all the rest. It’s simply regular work with any couple.
From “Lessons About the New World” #6, 12/14/12 

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Questions On Perception Of Reality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How important is it to grasp that the whole of reality is inside of us only? Should we strive to connect the desires we know as external with those we attribute to ourselves?

Answer: To the extent that you work with yourself and the group, you will begin to feel that all of them and, in general, everything is within you.

Question: Can we say that the still parts in our physical world are a seemingly external picture of Behina Aleph (the first phase) of the four phases of the Direct Light?

Answer: Yes.

Question: If there is ego in the receiving part, there must also be ego in the creating part. There must be a Force above Heaven and Earth, although not “above” as we understand it.

Answer: It is our ego in its corrected form that creates bestowal.

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