The Light Will Answer All

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt doesn’t matter how much a person understands where he is or in what state; those states also continuously change according to his degree. The higher we ascend, the more frequently the states shift, and within each one of us there are also ascensions, descents, and different fluctuations in equivalence with the degree in which we’re situated.

That’s why it doesn’t matter in what state or degree or instance we’re in; rather, it’s important to request assistance. That is because all the changes arrive only through the reforming Light. I can be like a baby who doesn’t understand anything and has no perception of what’s being done to me: They perform all kinds of surgery, actions, and treatments upon me, give me a little food, and force me to do something. In general, those are confusing and unpleasant states, in which there are more questions than answers. Yet, the reforming Light must give me an answer for everything. I have nowhere else to turn, no one to ask for anything, only It.

This Light is concealed in our bond, in the center of the unity of people longing for the Light. It is amongst them. To the extent they want to be included in that Light that exists amongst them, they reveal It.

That’s why we’re going out to the desert, secluded far from the rest of the world, and want to attain internal concentration.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/7/12, The Zohar

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