Clothing Woven From The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanExcerpt from a lesson by Rabash: The analogy is somewhat complicated. What is clothing in corporeality? When a person is naked, he is lacking. If he is clothed in any clothing—that’s his filling so he won’t be naked.

The lesson is: Previously, man was naked and had no Light. The vessels were empty. Now, the Light comes from the lower one and fills him, as if filling his deficiency, not a hundred percent, but in a certain way it resembles the upper clothing. Similar to a person who lacks clothing fills his lack; likewise here, the Lights from the lower one fill the empty vessels.

In what way does it resemble clothing? I wear clothing; I cover myself with clothing. That is why I say: “When I’m naked, it’s a deficiency for me, it’s not nice, I am ashamed. If I have clothing, I cover the deficiency I had when I was naked.”

What can we learn from that regarding spiritual work? Just like clothing fills the deficiency of the upper one in corporeality, arousing the aspect of shame in him; likewise, the empty vessels are the aspect of deficiency. And when the Light comes and fills it: it is like clothing.

Corporeal clothing is similar to spiritual clothing from a certain aspect, since we wear it as a result of shame. Without that, we feel a deficiency in our egoistic desire. We want to maintain our honor, pride, and protect our ego; that’s why we need corporeal clothing.

Whereas spiritual clothing is the screen and the reforming Light with which I want to clothe the upper one in order to enable His revelation in me. I suffer and am included in the lack of the upper one and it becomes my primary desire. I begin to love the others even more than myself, and their desire becomes my desire. The significance of spiritual clothing is that instead of my individual ego, I begin to appreciate the upper one, who becomes more important to me.
Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/9/12

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