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Correction Isn’t For Us, But For The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Should we feel responsible for the world? What desire can we get from the world today to aspire to the quality of bestowal among us?

Answer: The world needs correction, and we have to take care of it. And for that we have to correct ourselves in order to be ready to bring the method of correction to the world. This is the first reason we are going to the Arava desert.

After all, the Creator wishes for the correction of the vessels or desires that are farthest away from Him, until they all gather into one whole. And we have to understand that we are envoys carrying out His will, workers, mentors, educators. In short, we are working in a world that is intended for correction, and everything depends on us.

As we prepare for conventions, we must underline this responsibility we have for everyone. The women’s part of our world group is also very concerned with this work and takes part in it, ready to help us in any way possible. Women are getting ready for our trip and are always with us with their entire heart and soul.

We cannot forget about any of this. After all, our entire correction is necessary in order to pass it on to the world.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/9/12, “Introduction to the Study of Ten Sefirot”

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The Bad Serves The Good

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to organize clarification in the group correctly in order not to be involved with our ego and not turn the bad to Klipa (shell)?

Answer: When I clarify my relations with you, I only reach the point of breakage, and immediately ask for correction. And the group needs to participate in this. After all, I don’t just discover the bad between you and me, but I want it to be a general gain so that we will discover the connection between us.

It is specifically that these transgressions are the place where above it love is discovered, and without transgressions, there can’t be love. The entire system of work in the three lines is assembled from this, which doesn’t appear in any religion or faith. We use our ego, specifically use it, and don’t destroy it.

And in principle, the Klipa is the lack of desire to use the ego. All the mistakes made by religions, faiths, and in general, all mistakes in life are summed up by a person not understanding that in the force of bad lies the secret of life. It is forbidden for you to cover this up, to erase or change anything. You only need to cover it with a good attitude and that’s all. The forms of the bad remain; you only cover them with the attribute of Hassidim (mercy) and receive the Kli of holiness, the Kli of bestowal.

But I don’t simply need to awaken the bad in me: “where is my hatred for everyone?” The correct approach is that we long for the good, and don’t descend to the bad. There is no Mitzva (commandment) to awaken quarrels. We need to add to the longing for connection, and then certainly we will discover the impairment. Only longing for ascension is needed, and according to that we will discover the descent.

But if we don’t long for what is above, then from above we will be shown the corruptions, and they can be of different sorts: sudden unpleasantness in the family or between friends of the group; anything is possible. But all of these are signs that the group doesn’t strive upward, and then problems and tragedies are revealed at the corporeal level. Even if the group is not united enough, but aspires to unity, then the deficiency of the connection will be revealed. And if it doesn’t yearn enough for the upper level, then deficiencies at the corporeal level will be revealed and even lower than that.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/6/12, The Zohar

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From Dry Seed To Fruit-bearing Tree

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person goes through different stages in his spiritual development. At the beginning, while on the still level, a person isn’t capable of independent action, he doesn’t understand where he is; therefore, he includes himself in the group and it begins to effect his development.

A few years go by until a person realizes that his active involvement is required. There’s work for him and he needs to be active. He always has to clarify in what direction he’s headed. From that moment on, he advances from the still to the vegetative level. He begins to grow as a result of taking care of himself, connecting with others, following the teacher’s advice, and paying close attention to the path he’s on.

He submits himself to the influence of the environment because he realizes that a group isn’t just a gathering of people but that it possesses a unique inner force, which he needs in order to develop. He becomes a “plant” and the group becomes his “soil” from which he draws the strength to develop and to further include himself in the group. He realizes that only an adult tree can produce fruit and that a tree can grow only if a person includes oneself in the group.

Upon growing, he wishes to receive the fruits, which are connection, love, and the revelation of the force of mutual bestowal, where the Creator is revealed. For the time being this is all on the vegetative level.

Then there is the animate level. This is when a person can influence things and partially takes it upon himself to care for the connection between everyone. He is no longer a “tree” that’s stuck to the ground and that is passive in relation to the one taking care of it.

The human level within a human is where one takes care of the tree. But the animate level within a human is more than a tree because it also strives to grow and actively participate in the whole system. A person sees general flaws and tries to fix them. He sees not only how to correct himself and to passively include himself in the system, but also sees how to help others; thereby, he enters into general connections and corrections. This can be attributed to the animal level.

The human level is where one adheres to the Creator as a result of his actions. So it turns out that the basis for our development is in caring for the “tree”

Primarily it’s enough to divide your life into corporeal and spiritual. You should give to the corporeal what is necessary, no more and no less, and give the rest to your spiritual work without any limitation.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/8/12, Writings of Rabash

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First Steps

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The difficulty lies in the fact that the collective consciousness is governed entirely by egoism. Twenty years ago, when psychology was just emerging in Russia, it was regarded with disdain, but this attitude gradually changed. I hope that if we continue to promote our methodology of integral upbringing and education, the force of nature will help us implement it soon. At this stage, however, it’s still not evident.

Answer: If we are talking about the first implementation step, then first and foremost we need to assemble a good, serious virtual forum of scientists and experts on various areas, people who understand that the need for integrality is a law of nature and an ascent, an elevation. Man’s ascent towards this state is our mandatory next degree, the next stage of development.

We need to start promoting the general opinion of experts who are talking about this based on their own research, including their research on the crisis, which clearly demonstrates the origins and consequences of the crisis and confirms that only by curing the egoism within us can we transform it from a point of wreckage into a point of ascent. When we will combine all this together and will be able to explain it to everyone, to wide circles of society, then psychologists will receive a green light to begin shaping a desired influence on people, which will be received as such by society itself.
From “Lessons About the New World” #6, 12/14/12

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Questions About Inner Work And The Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the post “Call Upon Him While He Is Near” you say “not to miss the opportunities as they arise” and to “react properly.” Could you give an example of an “opportunity” and a “proper” reaction to it?

Answer: Aspire to feel yourself connected to the Creator each moment, and then you will develop a new sensation. After all, you are connected to the group and study together with us. However, you lack constant effort to keep yourself connected and feel that this is how the Creator is “talking” with you.

Question: I am wondering whether animals have souls, and if they do, whether they have the possibility of development?

Answer: Only the one who reaches the property of bestowal has the soul, and only to the extent that he masters this property.

Question: Are the friends my point in the heart? Does linking my desire to theirs reveal bestowal?

Answer: A point in the heart is one’s “Self,” and the soul is one’s aspirations to bestowal (the Creator), received from the environment and corrected by the Light.

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Belgium Hit By General Strike

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The New York Times): “Belgium was paralyzed by a national strike Monday [January 30th] as unions, angry over austerity measures, timed the protest to coincide with a one-day meeting of European Union leaders here in the capital.

“The rail network was shut down and flights were severely disrupted…Tram, bus and metro services in Brussels were suspended, transportation officials said. High-speed international trains, like the Eurostar from London and Thalys from Paris, were among those canceled.

“Belgian news media reported that most government buildings and many schools were closed and that postal services were not operating. Many stores were closed, and striking workers erected barriers to block access to industrial zones. …

“Belgium is one of many European nations struggling to control its budget, and unions are angry over plans to cut spending and raise taxes. “

Comment: Everything is possible to accomplish through simple discussion, gentle explanation, and public agreement at the round table, as one family, which people in general want—and come to the need for integral education in order to achieve equitable distribution.

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Reflections Of Fidel Castro

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Granma): The 85-year old Fidel Castro published a series of materials, “World Peace Hanging by a Thread,” in the leading Cuban newspaper Granma.

“…conflicting interests and the enormous profits gained by arms merchants led to the fabrication of even more cruel and destructive weapons, until modern technology provided the means and materials which, if employed, could lead to extinction.

“I hold the opinion, undoubtedly shared by all people with an elementary sense of responsibility, that no country, large or small, has the right to possess nuclear weapons….

“But the United States, the strongest and richest power, imposed the line to be followed on the rest of the world. Today it possesses hundreds of spy satellites and polices all inhabitants of the planet from space. Its naval, air and land forces are equipped with thousands of nuclear weapons and it governs, as it pleases, the world’s finances and investments through the International Monetary Fund….

“One even feels pity for those soldiers, separated from their families and friends, thousands of kilometers from their own homeland, sent to fight in countries which they maybe never even heard mentioned as students, where they are assigned the task of killing or dying in order to enrich transnational enterprises, weapons manufacturers and unscrupulous politicians who, every year, are squandering funds needed for the elimination and education of the countless millions of hungry and illiterate people in the world.”

Comment: How touching and true! But what did Fidel Castro do in his country during his many years of rule?

The correction of the world is not to change from one egoistic policy to another, but to eliminate the root of evil—human egoism—under the influence of an appropriate environment.

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The End Of The Thread

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The Kabbalists are telling me about the property of bestowal, but I don’t sense it. I don’t even have the end of the thread…

Answer: When you experience the need for bestowal you can understand what bestowal is like. Try to bestow to your friends and you will see that you don’t want it. From this you will understand what it would be like if you possessed the property of bestowal. Then you will start guessing what you lack.

The reasoning is as follows. I want to achieve unity with my friends. They are united with one another while I am detached from them. Honestly I don’t want this unity, I am incapable of doing this, I keep forgetting about it. The sparkle of my desire dims. I can revive it only when I am with my friends, when I connect to them even because of shame.

I become closer to them, I work in the group and I begin to understand how much I need love. The sketches of my efforts gradually depict a picture of bestowal. I think about its benefits and this way I form a vessel, desire. Perhaps it’s still unreal and only preliminary. However, with every effort I draw the upper Light, which is built according to my desires. It is coming from perfection, from Eternity, to the very breakage, to this world. Perhaps like a child I play a guessing game, but the Light is doing its work. This makes it possible for me to move toward bestowal.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/2/12, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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The Wonderful Metamorphosis Of A Notorious Egoist

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I am very interested in the new, corrected relationships between people that you describe. As a father, I am especially impressed by your examples of children and the difficult situations in schools. I would really love to live in this world as you have outlined. But at the same time, I am engulfed with doubts because it is written “the human heart is evil from birth.” And you want a person to suddenly become good. How is it that this notorious egoist undergoes such a metamorphosis?

Answer: A person will enjoy using his ego in its opposite form. He will see examples around him and do the same. In order to bring a person to use his egoism in a good way, we need support from society, meaning the influence of good and evil, that is, reward and punishment. We need to establish support for children so that they respect or don’t respect their parents according to these qualities.

We play with human egoism in various forms by organizing the environment around a person. There are a few levels in this environment because a human being is comprised of four levels, thereby requiring these same levels to be built in circles around him. A person should be influenced by his children so that he feels that his children evaluate him by how much he gives to society. A child’s opinion is very important to parents.

The next circle is neighbors, the third one is co-workers, and the fourth one is the nation; they all evaluate him according to the same principle. Such an environment should be built around a person, but unlike a prison from which he wants to escape, it takes into account our egoism because this is our nature.

We have to understand how much we gain by learning not to suppress our egoism, but to use it correctly. For example, if I can use my big egoism to earn a fortune for my children, everyone is happy. The problem is not in egoism: It can be of great benefit to everyone. The only question is how I use it. If a society obliges me to use it for the benefit of all, then I do accordingly. And if I am not successful, then I strive to correct this. It all depends on the social framework; a person is a product of his environment. That’s why we need to act without any pressure and violence.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 6, 1/3/12

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