Questions About Inner Work And The Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the post “Call Upon Him While He Is Near” you say “not to miss the opportunities as they arise” and to “react properly.” Could you give an example of an “opportunity” and a “proper” reaction to it?

Answer: Aspire to feel yourself connected to the Creator each moment, and then you will develop a new sensation. After all, you are connected to the group and study together with us. However, you lack constant effort to keep yourself connected and feel that this is how the Creator is “talking” with you.

Question: I am wondering whether animals have souls, and if they do, whether they have the possibility of development?

Answer: Only the one who reaches the property of bestowal has the soul, and only to the extent that he masters this property.

Question: Are the friends my point in the heart? Does linking my desire to theirs reveal bestowal?

Answer: A point in the heart is one’s “Self,” and the soul is one’s aspirations to bestowal (the Creator), received from the environment and corrected by the Light.

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