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Lecture In Beijing: “The Three Apples That Changed The World”

Lecture in Beijing

A series of lectures introducing the wisdom of Kabbalah is starting in Beijing. The lectures, “The Three Apples That Changed the World,” are organized by our Chinese friends in collaboration with the bookstore Kubrick (Hong Kong). The first lecture will be held on Sunday, February 19, 2012, from 9-11 (IST).

The series consist of three lectures:

1. The First Apple: What is the hidden force that has led to the huge success of Steve Jobs and Apple, as well as the tendency of social development in the light of Kabbalah?

2. The Second Apple: From Newton to Einstein, to quantum physics and to Kabbalah: the mystery of the perception of reality.

3. The Third Apple from Adam and Eve: What is the true meaning of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?

Information about the lectures: Here.

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My Country Is My Family

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we achieve unity in such a diverse world?

Answer: There must be a new principle here: unity above all the differences. We are not trying to correct the differences among us or to delve into details of different streams, different parties, or any differences. There can be many peoples and cultures in one state, and that shouldn’t disturb us. European history, for example, is full of wars, hate, and mutual claims that go centuries back. But above all the differences and the conflicts, we open an umbrella of unity. We know that we are all different, and we work on a very high level.

It should be a systematic approach, on the level of a national plan: We cut down the edges from above and from below and gradually reach a fair and equal distribution of resources. Even if it happens two hundred years from now—it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that the process has begun. First we must raise all the poor above the poverty line. Let’s take care of this.

Education is necessary here. If we begin to save nationwide just as we save at home, we won’t need more than that. It will be enough to raise everyone above poverty. As for the economic resources there are very interesting data: For example 17% of the food produced is discarded while still in the original packages.

So it is all about attitude: If we provide a general “umbrella, then there will be some order. We must only change our attitude: The nation is the family. In the family I save, I worry, I keep, support, concede…this is how we should live on a national level, but without isolation and parasites, without waste and protectionism. Everyone is equal, and everyone connects to the common line.

Question: Can this connection start in Israel?

Answer: Not only can it start here, it must.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/16/12, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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The Difference Between An Inanimate Rock And A Living Seed

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll of our study and work are dedicated to the clarification of our deficiency, the clarification of our goal in life, to what it will lead us, and who I want to be. This is all a person is. Everything is determined only by a person’s deficiency, and only what one adds to what was received from nature.

If certain desires are simply evoked in me to go somewhere, to do something in the group or to connect with friends, these are not my desires. I am incorporated in a group that influences me now by its desire to go to the desert; I am impressed by the friends, but it isn’t me. In that I am like a rock. Does it receive anything from the environment?—almost nothing.

But if I want to invest my powers and am in the right environment, I begin to grow in it like a seed that was planted in the ground from which a whole tree will grow. I only need to add my own efforts and not just wait for those around me to wake me up.

I evoke myself and the others. I rouse all of them so that they will influence me. And what I receive from them is my spiritual vessel. A spiritual vessel is always received from the environment, and it is always the result of a person’s inspiration and working for the society.

There are those that are in the society but are totally isolated from others, as if they have surrounded themselves with electrical tape. So how can they benefit from the environment? In such a case, a spiritual vessel will not be formed in a person. He will be impressed together with the others from the general mood that the environment will put him in and will be swept away by it, but his individual spiritual vessel will not develop.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/16/12, The Zohar

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Entries To Our Spiritual Account

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There are states that you cannot exit without the friends’ help and there are states that depend on a person. How can you distinguish between the two?

Answer: Receiving from the group is like receiving from the Creator because He is dressed in all my external reality. If the friends simply impress me and inspire me, it is exactly as if the Creator awakens me.

But it isn’t my spiritual vessel. My spiritual vessel is the addition I receive from them for my demand, for my efforts in “buy yourself a friend.” Here everything works according to an accurate account: The more efforts I make, the more I demand from them, and the more I receive.

What I receive is thanks to our connection, our yearning for connection, and working above reason, and the more I see myself as less than everyone, as a zero, and the others as greater than me, as 1, accordingly I am evoked, like the 1 with the addition of many zeros, 1000000; this is how my spiritual vessel is measured.

Nothing is done by itself. Everything is done according to an accurate account: My desire is taken into account, the desire of the friends or the desire of the Creator, and the force that was received from me, from them, or from the Creator. Everything is calculated accurately.

But if I am awakened by accidentally hearing friends singing or talking, it isn’t counted as a result of my work. I can be impressed by it and ignited to want spirituality, to want to connect with them, but it will all be on their account. It is registered on my account only if I develop my yearning by myself when I don’t feel any interest and would rather not get out of bed, and not move at all. Still I must worry about how to add a certain movement on my part towards them. Otherwise it won’t be my vessel.

Therefore, it may seem to a person that he has done a lot, but if he could see the actual account, he might find no “income” in it. The spiritual world exists only as a result of the acceleration in our efforts. But if I move at a constant speed, it is as if I am standing in one place. Only the addition counts, the coefficient, the acceleration.

The acceleration shouldn’t be constant either, because it may be counted as a stop. There must be a constant addition. If we could calculate this “formula,” we could see that we didn’t invest very much into our account.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/16/12, Writings of Rabash

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Perfection Is The Opposite Of The Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have a great opportunity. Looking at millennia of human development, we can understand what our current problem is and how to solve it without waiting for any additional hints or blows. We can listen to clever people who point out the need for a good environment that will develop us ideally and will lead us gently from one stage to another in a nice and easy way.

So what do we get from a good environment? With the help of a good environment I begin to recognize the evil in me. I learn that I am an egoist and don’t want to unite, that I am lazy and actually indifferent to my own development. There are many attributes in me that I am not eager to develop. Based on this, I understand that I have to create a better environment.

It is the same with an idler who joins a football team and needs much more intensive pressure to be constantly pulled in, egged on, and pushed into the thick of the game, into the center of the field, and so on.

So we need not only an environment but a “diligent mother” who takes care of everyone and ensures that no one is lazy and stays in this “game.” Small children grow and become wiser and stronger thanks to games. Likewise we will reach perfection thanks to our games in the group that advances us forward. By moving above all the crises, we will acquire a good life.

So we need a society, an environment that will play with us like with small children. Who can provide us with such an environment? Wise people who understand the way, like a baby’s parents. Let them build an environment that will influence us. My future form is in this environment, and when I incorporate in it, I will begin to change accordingly. Thereby I hasten my development. After all, I will have an example, which will be an attractive one, and I will certainly try to enter this environment by transforming myself.

The perfect form of human development is opposite to all the crises: There is no divorce, everyone lives happily, children don’t leave their parents, everyone is at peace. There are good stable relations among nations and peoples and in all of humanity. There are no fears or wars, no weapons and terror, no drug addiction, and so on.

So let us create a model environment that will influence us. I need its values. I want it to convince me, to “re-format” myself so that I resemble it.

How can we achieve that? Perhaps it should be a virtual environment. After all, we are all connected to the Internet. Perhaps the media will provide this environment because we all absorb our values from them. Perhaps this environment should be created not for adults but only for children—in kindergartens and schools so that we will educate the next generation. Or maybe it should include adults too as the number of unemployed people is growing worldwide. Maybe parents don’t know how to educate their children and their hearts ache when they see what is happening to their children. In this case they will be glad to learn, for example, through TV series and programs that we will film. This will serve as a model for them, and they will be able to influence their children.

After all, the higher the level of development, the more extreme and opposite to perfection are the states we encounter on the way to the finish line. In the last phase we should develop ourselves, and here very dramatic states await us.

Up until now nature pushed us from behind and we couldn’t develop independently, consciously taking part in our development, influencing its pace and form in any way. But now, both the pace and the form depend on how much we acknowledge the next stages of our development and advance toward them.

This is the reason that the global crisis that stopped our development began. We will stand in the same place until we internalize that our desire and the recognition of the importance of our future development must precede every future phase. From now on we can’t develop instinctively, like before; an additional acknowledgment is required on every level from now on. This is called the human level of development.

At first all this seems like some vague philosophy to the general public, but we need to explain it gradually, to chew over these things in long talks.

Gradually people will understand what this is about. It doesn’t matter if they forget—it will still remain in them, as the degree that they have attained and understood once. It hasn’t become their “substance” yet and it is therefore forgotten, but they’ve already understood, learned, and agreed with something. It is already in them.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 2, 12/28/11

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The Response To The Plea

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to pave the way to spirituality in a way that the disturbances will be of assistance and not seen as obstacles that we can’t respond to?

Answer: The problem isn’t the obstacles. You reveal exactly what you can overcome. We are speaking of a systemic formula of the connection between the Lights and the Kelim (vessels or desires). No one here decides anything according to his understanding. After all, the Creator is Nature. In the opposition between the right and left lines, you are always given from above the middle line, and you need to build from below an identical relation to what is happening.

If this doesn’t happen, then that’s another matter. But in general, everything is realized optimally, according to various calculations. We live in a perfect world, in a complete system. At each moment, the best conditions for correction are created for me. Even if I forget and detach, it comes from me because this is the way my situation has to be right now. Thus, whatever comes to me, the problem is: How do I respond to it?

It could be that my lack of response comes from not worrying about the group, about the factors that need to awaken me.  But from above there are no delays and postponements. Ein Sof (Infinity) operates us. All of our requests (MAN – Mayin Nukvin – Female Waters) come from there. And all the answers (MAD – Mayin Duchrin – Male Waters) descend from there, at each moment. This connection never stops, but all the time the Reshimot (informational genes – reminiscences) are renewed. We envision a very long line of connection that goes through all the 125 levels, but actually everything is much simpler.

Question: What should our response be to the actions of the system?

Answer: We need to raise a plea for correction, MAN, and not more than this. I ask from the system to be similar to it, and I ask this according to my powers. After all, the entire system of Ein Sof is the Creator, perfection. We only yearn to Him.

Question: Let’s suppose that I encountered a serious problem: money, health or family. How should I respond to this with a correct request?

Answer: You need to operate on the physical plane in order to solve problems that awaken, even though it is clear to you that everything comes from above and that everything will be solved at the spiritual level. It seems to us that we encounter corporeal problems, but actually, it is certain that their background is spiritual.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/13/12, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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A Desire For A Deficiency

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn order to acquire the attribute of love and bestowal, we have to undergo a certain preparation. We have to gather together, to influence, to encourage, to spur each other to activity, that is, to do everything so that the Light will begin to awaken us according to how we awaken each other. It’s possible.

And for this we need a great deficiency for bestowal, for love. There needs to be a longing for it, meaning a desire for a deficiency. This is called “a prayer before a prayer.”

It is a little misunderstood in our world since we usually long for fulfillment, and here the fulfillment is the deficiency. This means that if I want to bestow and love, that is enough for me.

Imagine to yourselves that you love someone. What brings you fulfillment? It is your relation to your loved one, and that is enough for you, it fills you. And this is the attribute of the spiritual world, the attribute of bestowal, the attribute of love. Thus the desire to obtain a deficiency for bestowal, the desire to obtain a deficiency for love, is, in fact, our preparation for the convention.
From the Lecture on Unity Day “To Acquire a Desire to Give” 1/29/2012

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No More Distances

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I suddenly understand that we are in a convention every day. Is this the surrounding Light? How can we pass it on to the friends who are around the world?

Answer:  Everyone is mutually connected and they feel it. I am in contact with many people and they tell me about very strong impressions, about great hopes, about the concern, about their intentions… and its good.

I am happy about our serious approach towards what is expected. It is unlike any previous convention. Today it takes on a totally different form. It is hard work, including the time of preparation. We have to make great serious efforts, and be aware of the special responsibility we have. The convention is becoming more a place to exert ourselves than a place for entertainment, and I am very happy about that.

Everyone feels that. Hundreds of friends are coming from abroad for the three days of the Arava convention. It isn’t about the number of days, but about the quality and the essence of the designated activity. I am very impressed and moved by this response. There is a week left, and we should use it for preparation. We have to bring all the hopes together, as clearly as we can.

Actually, it isn’t the physical participation that counts. It doesn’t matter where the friends are; they will try to perceive the general frequency and won’t have to buy plane tickets. We will still feel that we have gathered in one place, because a “place” is a desire. If it is truly one, you don’t feel the physical distance at all. You will forget about your body, just as you forget about it in rare moments of awe, when only the spirit remains.

I really hope that we will connect, and will stop depending on the kilometers that separate our bodies. In every place in the world you can dance with us in the desert and be with us in your heart and soul. It is really so. There are no distances. Everything is determined by the desire.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/15/12, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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Faith Above Reason

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have a Kli (vessel or desire) and the fulfillment is above it, not within it. The Kli is composed of broken pieces that we need to glue together. These pieces are my friends, however not just their bodies but the desires to connect together. We must connect, and to the extent that we connect together we actually realize and feel our connection, and thereby attain the corrected state.

Faith Above Reason

It is in this manner that we receive the general desire to enjoy: We connect and receive the desire of the friend, meaning I feel them within me, am impressed by them, and grasp them as mine. In this way I “buy” friends and acquire a bigger desire. All of this I do rationally “within reason” as is said, ” A judge has only what his eyes can see.” This Kli becomes my work tool, like a screwdriver, pliers, or hammer.

However, the surrounding Light (the Light that reforms) is on a level higher than me. The Reshimo (reminiscence) of the dressing is always found one level above the Reshimo of Aviut (coarseness): Dalet (four)/Gimel (three), Gimel/Bet (two), and Bet/Aleph (one). This is found ” above my reason” according to the extent that I give more value to the upper Light and adhere to it above my intellect, since that is, after all, another level.

This means that the Kli has greater value according to the extent that we did more within the intellect in order to build it: we connected together, adhered to each other, we glued our bowl together. Whereas in the relation to the Creator, it’s preferred that He invite more problems, questions, fears, thoughts, doubts of His providence, and I, in spite of everything, will respect Him and try to adhere to Him. To the extent that my faith above reason is greater, it’s more valuable and I am attracted more to a higher level.

The greater the gap is, the greater the delta (∆ – difference) between the Light, the Creator, and the Kli, the desire. It’s more respectable this way. We must constantly maintain this relation and to see the friends as the greatest of the generation. I must feel, understand and see them only in this way.

While in relation to the Creator, everything is the opposite. The fewer doubts I have in relation to the friends, it’s better. And the more doubts I have in relation to the Creator (yet in spite of that I am attracted to Him), the better. In relation to the Light that reforms, it doesn’t matter how high it is. I am ready to adhere to it, to be impressed by it, to be assimilated in it, above reason. This is because I see that the Light that reforms will bestow on me, will control and execute changes in me.

But with everything that belongs to the Kli, meaning everything except the Creator, I must accept it within reason, in the clearest, most comprehensible, and examined way.

And thus the Creator will be revealed to me, each time more and more clearly within the Kli, and I will need to ascend and want to be higher in my relation to Him, to value Him even more than before.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/15/12, Writings of Rabash

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