Perfection Is The Opposite Of The Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have a great opportunity. Looking at millennia of human development, we can understand what our current problem is and how to solve it without waiting for any additional hints or blows. We can listen to clever people who point out the need for a good environment that will develop us ideally and will lead us gently from one stage to another in a nice and easy way.

So what do we get from a good environment? With the help of a good environment I begin to recognize the evil in me. I learn that I am an egoist and don’t want to unite, that I am lazy and actually indifferent to my own development. There are many attributes in me that I am not eager to develop. Based on this, I understand that I have to create a better environment.

It is the same with an idler who joins a football team and needs much more intensive pressure to be constantly pulled in, egged on, and pushed into the thick of the game, into the center of the field, and so on.

So we need not only an environment but a “diligent mother” who takes care of everyone and ensures that no one is lazy and stays in this “game.” Small children grow and become wiser and stronger thanks to games. Likewise we will reach perfection thanks to our games in the group that advances us forward. By moving above all the crises, we will acquire a good life.

So we need a society, an environment that will play with us like with small children. Who can provide us with such an environment? Wise people who understand the way, like a baby’s parents. Let them build an environment that will influence us. My future form is in this environment, and when I incorporate in it, I will begin to change accordingly. Thereby I hasten my development. After all, I will have an example, which will be an attractive one, and I will certainly try to enter this environment by transforming myself.

The perfect form of human development is opposite to all the crises: There is no divorce, everyone lives happily, children don’t leave their parents, everyone is at peace. There are good stable relations among nations and peoples and in all of humanity. There are no fears or wars, no weapons and terror, no drug addiction, and so on.

So let us create a model environment that will influence us. I need its values. I want it to convince me, to “re-format” myself so that I resemble it.

How can we achieve that? Perhaps it should be a virtual environment. After all, we are all connected to the Internet. Perhaps the media will provide this environment because we all absorb our values from them. Perhaps this environment should be created not for adults but only for children—in kindergartens and schools so that we will educate the next generation. Or maybe it should include adults too as the number of unemployed people is growing worldwide. Maybe parents don’t know how to educate their children and their hearts ache when they see what is happening to their children. In this case they will be glad to learn, for example, through TV series and programs that we will film. This will serve as a model for them, and they will be able to influence their children.

After all, the higher the level of development, the more extreme and opposite to perfection are the states we encounter on the way to the finish line. In the last phase we should develop ourselves, and here very dramatic states await us.

Up until now nature pushed us from behind and we couldn’t develop independently, consciously taking part in our development, influencing its pace and form in any way. But now, both the pace and the form depend on how much we acknowledge the next stages of our development and advance toward them.

This is the reason that the global crisis that stopped our development began. We will stand in the same place until we internalize that our desire and the recognition of the importance of our future development must precede every future phase. From now on we can’t develop instinctively, like before; an additional acknowledgment is required on every level from now on. This is called the human level of development.

At first all this seems like some vague philosophy to the general public, but we need to explain it gradually, to chew over these things in long talks.

Gradually people will understand what this is about. It doesn’t matter if they forget—it will still remain in them, as the degree that they have attained and understood once. It hasn’t become their “substance” yet and it is therefore forgotten, but they’ve already understood, learned, and agreed with something. It is already in them.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 2, 12/28/11

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