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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There are states that you cannot exit without the friends’ help and there are states that depend on a person. How can you distinguish between the two?

Answer: Receiving from the group is like receiving from the Creator because He is dressed in all my external reality. If the friends simply impress me and inspire me, it is exactly as if the Creator awakens me.

But it isn’t my spiritual vessel. My spiritual vessel is the addition I receive from them for my demand, for my efforts in “buy yourself a friend.” Here everything works according to an accurate account: The more efforts I make, the more I demand from them, and the more I receive.

What I receive is thanks to our connection, our yearning for connection, and working above reason, and the more I see myself as less than everyone, as a zero, and the others as greater than me, as 1, accordingly I am evoked, like the 1 with the addition of many zeros, 1000000; this is how my spiritual vessel is measured.

Nothing is done by itself. Everything is done according to an accurate account: My desire is taken into account, the desire of the friends or the desire of the Creator, and the force that was received from me, from them, or from the Creator. Everything is calculated accurately.

But if I am awakened by accidentally hearing friends singing or talking, it isn’t counted as a result of my work. I can be impressed by it and ignited to want spirituality, to want to connect with them, but it will all be on their account. It is registered on my account only if I develop my yearning by myself when I don’t feel any interest and would rather not get out of bed, and not move at all. Still I must worry about how to add a certain movement on my part towards them. Otherwise it won’t be my vessel.

Therefore, it may seem to a person that he has done a lot, but if he could see the actual account, he might find no “income” in it. The spiritual world exists only as a result of the acceleration in our efforts. But if I move at a constant speed, it is as if I am standing in one place. Only the addition counts, the coefficient, the acceleration.

The acceleration shouldn’t be constant either, because it may be counted as a stop. There must be a constant addition. If we could calculate this “formula,” we could see that we didn’t invest very much into our account.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/16/12, Writings of Rabash

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