The Response To The Plea

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to pave the way to spirituality in a way that the disturbances will be of assistance and not seen as obstacles that we can’t respond to?

Answer: The problem isn’t the obstacles. You reveal exactly what you can overcome. We are speaking of a systemic formula of the connection between the Lights and the Kelim (vessels or desires). No one here decides anything according to his understanding. After all, the Creator is Nature. In the opposition between the right and left lines, you are always given from above the middle line, and you need to build from below an identical relation to what is happening.

If this doesn’t happen, then that’s another matter. But in general, everything is realized optimally, according to various calculations. We live in a perfect world, in a complete system. At each moment, the best conditions for correction are created for me. Even if I forget and detach, it comes from me because this is the way my situation has to be right now. Thus, whatever comes to me, the problem is: How do I respond to it?

It could be that my lack of response comes from not worrying about the group, about the factors that need to awaken me.  But from above there are no delays and postponements. Ein Sof (Infinity) operates us. All of our requests (MAN – Mayin Nukvin – Female Waters) come from there. And all the answers (MAD – Mayin Duchrin – Male Waters) descend from there, at each moment. This connection never stops, but all the time the Reshimot (informational genes – reminiscences) are renewed. We envision a very long line of connection that goes through all the 125 levels, but actually everything is much simpler.

Question: What should our response be to the actions of the system?

Answer: We need to raise a plea for correction, MAN, and not more than this. I ask from the system to be similar to it, and I ask this according to my powers. After all, the entire system of Ein Sof is the Creator, perfection. We only yearn to Him.

Question: Let’s suppose that I encountered a serious problem: money, health or family. How should I respond to this with a correct request?

Answer: You need to operate on the physical plane in order to solve problems that awaken, even though it is clear to you that everything comes from above and that everything will be solved at the spiritual level. It seems to us that we encounter corporeal problems, but actually, it is certain that their background is spiritual.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/13/12, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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  1. Please explain again on your answer it wasn’t clear. You said to operate on the physical plane in order to solve problems. Yes its clear to me that everything comes from above so now what with problems? I mean do we react to it or how do we react to them???? Whats strange is a family problem came up and its regarding my children and I found myself at peace to where as before I would of lashed out . The only thing I can think of doing when problems comes up is just pray to the most high to show me what to do and say…..maybe I just answered my on question???

  2. I’m sorry if my comment looks all over the place. I’m learning Kabbalah and boy am I on a journey! I’ve never been more in love with the most high until now. When I pray I thank the most high for hard times because it strengthens our bond our marriage its so beautiful…

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