Taking The Medicine Together

Dr. Michael Laitman with StudentsIt is said that if the method of Kabbalah if used correctly, it becomes the elixir of  life, and if not, it becomes the potion of death. A potion is not meant for pleasure, it is a medicine that can give us life or turn into a potion of death.

Question: How can I know that I am using the potion correctly?

Answer: If you take it together with all the friends, it helps you. Do you open your mouths together in order to receive the medicine from the Creator? Do you create a collective vessel for the potion of life? After all, “life” is the Light, bestowal, and so it can only be revealed in such a vessel.

Question: Does that mean that as long as I am in concealment I drink the “potion of death?”

Answer: No, you drink the potion of death if you want to use your friends only for your own benefit. The two concepts,”the potion of life” and “the potion of death,” refer to those who already have free will, those who study the wisdom of Kabbalah in a group with a teacher.

Question: How can we use this medicine in the Arava convention in order to live and not to die?

Answer: At the foot of Mt. Sinai the people of Israel were given the choice: If you unite as one man with one heart, you will receive the Torah, the Light that Reforms, and will aquire life. If you don’t unite, the Light of the Torah will become death for you and here will be the place of your burial.

Well, are you coming to Arava? Or are you scared now?

Question: But still, how can I check whether I am using the medicine correctly?

Answer: No one can know except you. Buy yourself friends and they will help you.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/15/2012, “Introduction to TES

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Feeling The Friend’s Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe can talk about numbers, about what can be measured. We can talk about the influence of the Light as about some force, about the informational genes, about quantity, about something that can be measured without any connection to the desire, to the vessel.

Everyone should climb all steps of the spiritual ladder, but each one goes through them from his personal point in the heart, and so it is possible to measure his impression only by general assessment that relates to everyone. The personal feeling, however, is not passed on to anyone. It is impossible to explain in words how white white is or how black black is, how dark darkness is or how sweet, bitter, salty, warm, moist, or cold something is.

We can’t measure an impression because it is personal. You can weigh things: how many pounds, what informational genes, or what the force of the Light is. However, since others have a different desire, a different element, it is impossible to convey an impression to them, even if one can measure it internally. Therefore, a person, being in the same conditions as another, is impressed differently, in his own way.

We have to take this into account, although we cannot correct this until we reach the universal inclusion into one another. When everyone is included in everyone, which we call “as one man with one heart,” when all the desires and thoughts become interwoven, the Light of  “Rav Pealim Mekabtziel” arrives and welds everyone into one integral system.

We don’t know what it will be like, but it could be that we will all begin to feel what others feel then…. Until then it is absolutely impossible. Only by quantifiable assessment can we somehow estimate what happens with others. But in the meantime it is impossible to feel that.
From Preparation for the Lesson 2/13/2012

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Abundance Is Limitless Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Study of The Ten Sefirot,” Item 96: And those that won can no longer retire from keeping the commandment correctly, as one cannot retire from a wonderful pleasure that comes to his hand. Hence, they run from transgression as one runs from a fire. This is so because now the branch is properly cleaved to its root, and life pours to him abundantly and incessantly from its origin.

In this state we can overcome, we can rise above egoism, but it isn’t easy: We don’t sit in a comfortable armchair and the delicacies don’t fly into our mouth. It’s thanks to the previous attainment that we can rise high, over all the obstacles.

The difficulties don’t disappear and the road doesn’t become easier—we have to constantly overcome the desire to receive. But the previous Partzufim that are stabilized inside the soul provide us with additional experience. There are those who are still climbing up to the “King’s palace” and are thrown back time after time, and there are those who have already entered and started working. But in any case, “there is none wiser than the experienced” because he already knows how to keep the direction towards adhesion.

Question: But still, the state described here is a good one….

Answer: It’s good since you have the opportunity to bestow limitlessly. You don’t exist, you are nothing. You only do good to everyone, including your greatest enemies, whom previously you couldn’t even think about without feeling repulsion. You worry about them in every possible way, and you don’t want to take yourself into account in any way. You are ready to work your whole life in order to bring at least one gram of pleasure to your greatest enemy.

Question: And this is abundance?

Answer: Yes. You are filled by being able to act differently and to treat everyone this way without exceptions. This means that you have transcended all your desires and that you receive in order to bestow. You are ready to give all of Infinity that you have just acquired to those who seem to you not only as zeros, but even as the greatest villains. This is the result of your work.

Otherwise, what is adhesion with the Creator? You become similar to Him in your attitude to others. There is no other way to become similar. It is said: “From Your actions we will know You.” And what are His actions? He reveals His love towards everyone, although they are opposite from Him in their corporeal desires. He loves them above hate, and you should resemble Him. It’s in this way that you reach adhesion with the Creator.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/14/2012, “Introduction to TES”

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What Do Mushrooms Think About?

In the News (from The Telegraph): “Toshiyuki Nakagaki, a professor at Future University Hakodate, northern Japan, cultivates the slime in petri dishes and has discovered how the brainless organism is capable of finding its way out of a maze.

“The brainless organism is able to “organise” its cells to create the most direct route through a maze in order to reach a source of food, according to his studies.

“The findings highlight how slime mould possesses information processing abilities shared by humans which are more sophisticated than the most advanced computers, according to Professor Nakagaki.

“’Humans are not the only living things with information-processing abilities,’ he said. ‘Simple creatures can solve certain kinds of difficult puzzles. If you want to spotlight the essence of life or intelligence, it’s easier to use these simple creatures.’

“Slime mould, a monocellular being that lives on rotting leaves and does not possess a brain, may not be the obvious subject of scientific research in relation to intelligence.”

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The Need To Follow The Laws Of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanSo far we have been discussing the process we are undergoing, where we actually are, and the opportunities that lie before us. We can see a lot of proof in literature about this, and there is plenty of opportunity for discussion, so we will gradually get back to this.

But the first introductory part of the course is intended to give us a general view of the development of our desires throughout our entire journey through history so that we can understand where we came from and when these desires become global. They have us closed in through common interdependence, and we have become one family on the verge of breaking.

Essentially, the crisis is happening in the family called humanity. And by fixing the relationship between us, we would fix all of life. There are some amazing studies, which assert that if people were to start treating each other like family then even nature, the climate, and other natural phenomena would also normalize.

Today many scientists are already discovering a connection between human society and other levels of nature: the still, vegetative, and animate. Animal and plant life will feel a big positive effect.

We need to explain to ourselves that we have no choice; we must come to negotiations and mutual understanding on a global scale. This is the first thing we must do.

Question: You have said that there are laws of nature, which pertain to human and social psychology, and we would achieve a good life if we were to follow them. What does this mean? I understand the laws of gravity.

Answer: We are also talking about the laws of inner, human nature: a person’s psychology, the psychology of the society and the family, relationships between parents and children, and relationships between children. It is necessary to know the psychology of all human relations, human animal nature: the small and the big, parents and children, the old and the young, all the human layers, in all directions. If I know human nature and the way to fix the relationships between us, I will be able to build a human society where everyone will be comfortable and happy.

Everyone will have to compromise. After all,everyone wants to be the king and to be worshipped by others. On the other hand, if we were to educate a person that he benefits and gains respect, support, and assistance when he is on equal terms with others, then he would gladly accept this. He will see that in a system where everyone depends on each other things cannot be any other way. We will have to achieve this by convincing people.

It is clear that the human ego will constantly try to fight it and will wish to rule over others. But on the other hand, there will be public opinion. After all, the environment has a strong influence on him and educates him. If society wanted to, it could keep a person inside a framework and protect him in order to prevent his ego from coming through. And when a person uses his ego for the good, he would be treated well by the environment and everyone in it.

Public opinion and the influence of society should immediately become the dominant and binding determinant.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 1, 12/27/11

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No Point Bluffing

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: No matter what I do, calculations of self-benefit will always be behind it. Thus, I’m opposite to the Creator. Does that mean I won’t be able to reveal Him?

Answer: No, now we’re going through the preparation period in a state of Lo Lishma (not for Her Name). Above us is the Machsom (the barrier separating us from spirituality). This is a very unique state. On one hand, on the way to the Machsom, you continuously aim to identify: What is bestowal? Is it good or bad? Who is the Creator? And on the other hand, you constantly think: “What’s in it for me?”

That is the state of Lo Lishma: You move forward and every time you need to justify that advancement in your eyes. No one is demanding us to take too big of a leap. Cooperation between the Light and the vessel, which began in the world of Ein Sof (Infinity), brought about the division of the system into two parts. It divided into souls and worlds, vessels and Light, and both those lines, in correlation with each other, cascaded down. Now I need to combine them into a middle line and use them like reins in order to return to the point of my birth in Infinity.

Clearly, the system suits all my present needs and states, it doesn’t require me to bluff. I truly am an egoist who wants to take advantage of the whole world for self-benefit, steal from everyone, lie to all, and so forth. If I haven’t yet revealed it, I’ll soon realize that everything is that way. I only need to build all those things correctly so that receiving and bestowing will be balanced in accordance with my present degree.

I’m willing to invest in a group in order to gain a positive future for myself, the spiritual world. I don’t shut my own mouth; rather, I conduct an examination. Indeed, we’re talking about permanent rules. Nature can’t be wrapped around my finger. We aren’t hiding anything from ourselves or from others; otherwise, our approach wouldn’t be serious or practical. We learn about the forces operating in nature upon ourselves, forces destined to lead us forward to the goal. We need to conduct that study without shame and without hiding anything.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/10/12, “The Peace”

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What Should I Take With Me To The New World?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What laws of nature are we referring to?

Answer: The first requirement for observing the laws of nature is studying the human being, his environment, and their influence on each other.

This also pertains to the laws of nature because we are a part of nature. So first, man needs to be studied. Every person must be a psychologist, both for himself and for human society, to know how to coexist with others and avoid throwing themselves at people without thinking about the consequences.

We first learn who man is, a human being, why we develop the way we do, and whether we have the ability to resist the development of the crisis. Will it benefit us to stop it? Maybe nature is advancing us towards something new, something even better? We simply need to understand what it is pushing us towards and willingly move towards this goal.

We also need to understand why we cannot see this future picture now. We used to always see a future, and developed according to our aspiration to reveal something new and rise higher. But today it is the other way around, we are becoming disappointed and constricted; we no longer want anything.

This form must be useful and desirable for future development, where we need to abandon our current state and rise to a completely different one. This is why we feel so much disappointment, tiredness, and weakness in relation to our current state, we do not wish to continue and remain in it.

The next state must be very different. It is like leaving the past, diving into a ritual purifying pool, getting washed, putting on new clothes, and coming out into the new world! We no longer wish to be connected to this world, we have soiled it enough; we have been divorced and harmed ourselves and others, those near and far from us.

If we were to take a critical look at this world, we would see that there is nothing in it we could take with us to the new good world. What would I want to take with me from this life when a beautiful perfect world awaits me? Do I have a family I could take? No. Children, friends, and work: no, no, and no. So what can I take then when I am switching to a perfect life?

This is why we critically reevaluate our entire life and overall do not find anything in it but disappointment. But maybe it is some kind of a transition toward a completely different state? But we don’t yet see it, and on the other hand we are already disappointed with what we currently have and no longer want it.

We do not see a solution for the current situation. This situation is happening around the world; more and more people are living in the moment without even planning for the future, following the principle of: We live because we live.

This is a special state; this is why we need to learn from our small experiment, where it is as if we were abandoning our entire past life and moving into a new dimension, a new level of existence. We are jumping to a new degree, being born in a new world.

There are other integral laws operating in this world; nature is already beginning to show us the interdependence of everyone and everything in a closed round world, a world of equality and connection, with laws that exist in a good, close-knit family. This is what we seem to be coming to now.

We will check: Is this just a dream or is humanity really moving forward; we must come to this either consciously or through forces that will obligate us.

Naturally, it will benefit us to study all these laws, since we will know how to transition from one state to another in the most favorable way. Until now we were developing by nature pushing us from behind, by adding new desires to the ones we already had.

But not today, today we have come to a dead end and we must evaluate our next step on our own: its purpose, the reason for it, and how to take it. Once we reveal it and see this new life, we will also need to look for ways to attain it.

In contrast to the past generations where the times of transition from one state to another and from one social formation to another occurred by instinctive development, today we must develop consciously. Our job is to understand nature and its laws, and we will transition to a new state once we carry out these laws with understanding and the knowledge of ourselves and of human society. It is as if we were giving birth to ourselves.

This time we must be on top, so we could look at ourselves and our state from above. This has never existed before. We have always flowed with the current of life, on and on: another revolution, another new car, and another new opportunity. But today we must rise above this life in our awareness to see the entire planet and all of human society with a global view, from above, and then we will evolve further.

This is the first time that nature demands us, all of us together and every one of us individually without exception, to attain the precise understanding of who we are, the world in which we exist, and the state towards which we are developing. This is the first time that I am required to be human, one who understands and knows the essence of life.

This is why our course is not only intended to simply occupy your time, but it must help us completely change our lives and raise it to a new level, towards perfection.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 1, 12/27/11

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 02.19.12

Preparation to the Lesson
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