Feeling The Friend’s Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe can talk about numbers, about what can be measured. We can talk about the influence of the Light as about some force, about the informational genes, about quantity, about something that can be measured without any connection to the desire, to the vessel.

Everyone should climb all steps of the spiritual ladder, but each one goes through them from his personal point in the heart, and so it is possible to measure his impression only by general assessment that relates to everyone. The personal feeling, however, is not passed on to anyone. It is impossible to explain in words how white white is or how black black is, how dark darkness is or how sweet, bitter, salty, warm, moist, or cold something is.

We can’t measure an impression because it is personal. You can weigh things: how many pounds, what informational genes, or what the force of the Light is. However, since others have a different desire, a different element, it is impossible to convey an impression to them, even if one can measure it internally. Therefore, a person, being in the same conditions as another, is impressed differently, in his own way.

We have to take this into account, although we cannot correct this until we reach the universal inclusion into one another. When everyone is included in everyone, which we call “as one man with one heart,” when all the desires and thoughts become interwoven, the Light of  “Rav Pealim Mekabtziel” arrives and welds everyone into one integral system.

We don’t know what it will be like, but it could be that we will all begin to feel what others feel then…. Until then it is absolutely impossible. Only by quantifiable assessment can we somehow estimate what happens with others. But in the meantime it is impossible to feel that.
From Preparation for the Lesson 2/13/2012

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  1. A fool who cares not for himself, is more dangerous to everyone than one who at least wants to live, alas, the dangers of restricting and constricting people. Instead, if we grew outwards, towards one another, we could know and feel more than ourselves. The data is out there, and the carrying mechanism, reality itself. Why does our brain let us feel only ourselves? Something is blocking it, which means it is dangerous. It is possible to feel others though.

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