Faith Above Reason

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have a Kli (vessel or desire) and the fulfillment is above it, not within it. The Kli is composed of broken pieces that we need to glue together. These pieces are my friends, however not just their bodies but the desires to connect together. We must connect, and to the extent that we connect together we actually realize and feel our connection, and thereby attain the corrected state.

Faith Above Reason

It is in this manner that we receive the general desire to enjoy: We connect and receive the desire of the friend, meaning I feel them within me, am impressed by them, and grasp them as mine. In this way I “buy” friends and acquire a bigger desire. All of this I do rationally “within reason” as is said, ” A judge has only what his eyes can see.” This Kli becomes my work tool, like a screwdriver, pliers, or hammer.

However, the surrounding Light (the Light that reforms) is on a level higher than me. The Reshimo (reminiscence) of the dressing is always found one level above the Reshimo of Aviut (coarseness): Dalet (four)/Gimel (three), Gimel/Bet (two), and Bet/Aleph (one). This is found ” above my reason” according to the extent that I give more value to the upper Light and adhere to it above my intellect, since that is, after all, another level.

This means that the Kli has greater value according to the extent that we did more within the intellect in order to build it: we connected together, adhered to each other, we glued our bowl together. Whereas in the relation to the Creator, it’s preferred that He invite more problems, questions, fears, thoughts, doubts of His providence, and I, in spite of everything, will respect Him and try to adhere to Him. To the extent that my faith above reason is greater, it’s more valuable and I am attracted more to a higher level.

The greater the gap is, the greater the delta (∆ – difference) between the Light, the Creator, and the Kli, the desire. It’s more respectable this way. We must constantly maintain this relation and to see the friends as the greatest of the generation. I must feel, understand and see them only in this way.

While in relation to the Creator, everything is the opposite. The fewer doubts I have in relation to the friends, it’s better. And the more doubts I have in relation to the Creator (yet in spite of that I am attracted to Him), the better. In relation to the Light that reforms, it doesn’t matter how high it is. I am ready to adhere to it, to be impressed by it, to be assimilated in it, above reason. This is because I see that the Light that reforms will bestow on me, will control and execute changes in me.

But with everything that belongs to the Kli, meaning everything except the Creator, I must accept it within reason, in the clearest, most comprehensible, and examined way.

And thus the Creator will be revealed to me, each time more and more clearly within the Kli, and I will need to ascend and want to be higher in my relation to Him, to value Him even more than before.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/15/12, Writings of Rabash

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