The Bad Serves The Good

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to organize clarification in the group correctly in order not to be involved with our ego and not turn the bad to Klipa (shell)?

Answer: When I clarify my relations with you, I only reach the point of breakage, and immediately ask for correction. And the group needs to participate in this. After all, I don’t just discover the bad between you and me, but I want it to be a general gain so that we will discover the connection between us.

It is specifically that these transgressions are the place where above it love is discovered, and without transgressions, there can’t be love. The entire system of work in the three lines is assembled from this, which doesn’t appear in any religion or faith. We use our ego, specifically use it, and don’t destroy it.

And in principle, the Klipa is the lack of desire to use the ego. All the mistakes made by religions, faiths, and in general, all mistakes in life are summed up by a person not understanding that in the force of bad lies the secret of life. It is forbidden for you to cover this up, to erase or change anything. You only need to cover it with a good attitude and that’s all. The forms of the bad remain; you only cover them with the attribute of Hassidim (mercy) and receive the Kli of holiness, the Kli of bestowal.

But I don’t simply need to awaken the bad in me: “where is my hatred for everyone?” The correct approach is that we long for the good, and don’t descend to the bad. There is no Mitzva (commandment) to awaken quarrels. We need to add to the longing for connection, and then certainly we will discover the impairment. Only longing for ascension is needed, and according to that we will discover the descent.

But if we don’t long for what is above, then from above we will be shown the corruptions, and they can be of different sorts: sudden unpleasantness in the family or between friends of the group; anything is possible. But all of these are signs that the group doesn’t strive upward, and then problems and tragedies are revealed at the corporeal level. Even if the group is not united enough, but aspires to unity, then the deficiency of the connection will be revealed. And if it doesn’t yearn enough for the upper level, then deficiencies at the corporeal level will be revealed and even lower than that.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/6/12, The Zohar

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