The Wonderful Metamorphosis Of A Notorious Egoist

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I am very interested in the new, corrected relationships between people that you describe. As a father, I am especially impressed by your examples of children and the difficult situations in schools. I would really love to live in this world as you have outlined. But at the same time, I am engulfed with doubts because it is written “the human heart is evil from birth.” And you want a person to suddenly become good. How is it that this notorious egoist undergoes such a metamorphosis?

Answer: A person will enjoy using his ego in its opposite form. He will see examples around him and do the same. In order to bring a person to use his egoism in a good way, we need support from society, meaning the influence of good and evil, that is, reward and punishment. We need to establish support for children so that they respect or don’t respect their parents according to these qualities.

We play with human egoism in various forms by organizing the environment around a person. There are a few levels in this environment because a human being is comprised of four levels, thereby requiring these same levels to be built in circles around him. A person should be influenced by his children so that he feels that his children evaluate him by how much he gives to society. A child’s opinion is very important to parents.

The next circle is neighbors, the third one is co-workers, and the fourth one is the nation; they all evaluate him according to the same principle. Such an environment should be built around a person, but unlike a prison from which he wants to escape, it takes into account our egoism because this is our nature.

We have to understand how much we gain by learning not to suppress our egoism, but to use it correctly. For example, if I can use my big egoism to earn a fortune for my children, everyone is happy. The problem is not in egoism: It can be of great benefit to everyone. The only question is how I use it. If a society obliges me to use it for the benefit of all, then I do accordingly. And if I am not successful, then I strive to correct this. It all depends on the social framework; a person is a product of his environment. That’s why we need to act without any pressure and violence.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 6, 1/3/12

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  1. The blade is not vile, but how it is used.

    Science is the perfect example of egoism. Do we use it to solve all the worlds problems and speed us towards the goal, or to dominate and rule in hell?

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